Our series campaign with MEXC has concluded, and the rewards have been distributed to the winners. Here are the detailed results:

Event 1: $10 Cash Airdrop! Register & KYC your MEXC Account Now. Limited to 50 Slots

Among the new eligible users, there are only 5 participants who met the conditions to qualify for 10$ Cash Airdrop. Below is the UID list:

  • 94727706
  • 41688342
  • 34318024
  • 96207942
  • 93648716

Event 2: $30 Bonus for 1M Futures Volume accumulated & Event 3: Community Power Unleashed

20240615 222413

The top 16 participants with the highest volume will receive rewards. However, the remaining 4 participants in the top 20 did not meet the required volume of 350K and are therefore ineligible for the prize. Coinwire will exclude these participants from the list.

Rewards are distributed to all winners. Congratulations guys!

If you have any questions regarding the final list, feel free to contact: