As we approach the final days (Deadline: June 14) of our ongoing exclusive campaign series with MEXC, we are excited to share the latest results:

Vn Kol Coin Wire Estimated Rewards

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Event 1: $10 Cash Airdrop! Register & KYC your MEXC Account Now. Limited to 50 Slots

Make sure you complete basic KYC on MEXC, net deposit > 50$ during event time, and make both spot & futures trading, volume from 100$ to receive 20$ bonus futures!

There are still around 20 slots available!

Event 2: $30 Bonus for 1M Futures Volume accumulated

For each 1M futures trading volume accumulated during event time, you get $30 Bonus Futures in return! Max $500/User.

Due date: 16:00, 14th June (UTC)

Event 3: Community Power Unleashed

Unite and Unlock Rewards with the Targeted Trading Volume below, apply for the Top 20: 

Ad 4Nxdlx Ftruato90Mneuj61Jrb0Lninz6Skgjura Uzstvpbci3Y Woj8Mkmhaytmevskzx8U271Ygjozulq86Lerqokm49X44Gmbkciva3Y6Aspxh78Pwly1X5Txt

Event Note:

  • Open to new & existing users under the Coinwire invite link.
  • Only volume futures takers with processing fees> 0 are counted.
  • Users with a volume > $500,000 are eligible to share the pool (3).
  • Prizes (1), (2), and (3) can be claimed together.
  • Prizes are distributed within 5 working days after the event ends.

The above information is just about the estimated rewards! To be eligible for claiming the rewards, make sure you fulfill all the requirements

For more details, kindly check here or contact @Jan_MEXC on Telegram if you need any urgent support from MEXC.