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Cryptodaily Admin: Well well well!

Good day everyone and welcome back to another AMA with PlayToEarnGames!

I’m Daley, your host for today, together with me is Ricktoshi from Cool Mining! Ricktoshi, how are you doing man?

Ricktoshi: Ayyyy what’s up folks! Thank you Daley, I’m doing great!

Cryptodaily Admin: Perfect!

Let’s start getting to know each other shall we?

Ricktoshi: Sure ❤️

Q1: Who are the brilliant minds behind Cool Mining? What are your prior experiences with Blockchain?

Ricktoshi: Well, hi all, I’m Ricktoshi, the chief designer of Coolmining. I started actively investing in crypto in 2017 and soon after began my own mining business. I’d love to share more about my team.

Our team is a group of early BTC adopters with backgrounds in BTC mining, solidity development and graphic design.

We share a common faith in the Proof-of-Work mechanism and have witnessed the development of Dapps over the years.

Inspired by all of that, we decided to combine these two exciting innovations and create a decentralized game so that all individuals are able to participate in BTC mining.

That’s pretty much it. Shall we move on to the next question? 😋

Cryptodaily Admin: You guys are serious miners with a real facility back in 2017 right? Or was it just a hobby back then?

Ricktoshi: It started as a hobby as I got my first miner, the Antminer S9. Soon I dug into it, started a serious investment into the business and met some great partners who I’m still working with today.

Cryptodaily Admin: Man I really admire the people who actually believe in Bitcoin , so much that they even start buying equipments, machines, etc to mine it

I joined crypto quite late and never have a chance to actually mine it seriously, so when I read about Cool Mining, I was intrigued

Ricktoshi: True, and great respect to those who invented the ASIC miner, really changed the mining history. It’s pretty fun actually, you should give it a try yourself!

Q2: What is Cool Mining all about? Give us a little summary

Ricktoshi: Great! So at a high level:

CoolMining is an on-chain simulation game based on real-life hash power.

All hashrate corresponds to the real-world hashrate we own.

And the most exciting part is:

It is the first Gamefi project with NFTs backed by real life assets. Players can participate as stakers, miners and mining site owners to savor the joy of creation.

As we’re talking about play-to-earn, right? Why not earn Bitcoin then? hh 🤑

Cryptodaily Admin: Yes, that’s what I’ve been telling myself too, we play and earn the Game’s token and then people start dumping the token, the chart looks real bad

So why not earn BTC or a stable coin instead?

Ricktoshi: Right the death spiral sucks

Q3:  I love the idea behind the project, to give that mining experience to ordinary users. But how does it work actually? What can users actually do in your game?

Ricktoshi: Okay, this is about the gameplay. Before that, I’d like to emphasize that, as a BTC mining game, it’s the real hashrate to ensure a solid foundation for the BTC reward issuance.

And there are currently two ways to enjoy Coolmining:

Staking through a mining pool. Put CoolHash, the hashrate token, into the mining pool to “connect” to the BTC network and start earning BTC rewards.

And it’s actually live now on our website.

But the next and the most important gameplay in Cool Mining is:

Mining using miner NFTs.

Players will need to collect miner accessories first to customize miners.

The miners help to accelerate mining by adding hashrate bonus, which will translate into higher BTC rewards for players.

All of our gaming mechanisms are realized on-chain through smart contracts.

It really took our tech team some heavy efforts to make it happen.

And I’m proud that the contracts have all been audited by Certik.

I hope this answers your question. 🥳

Q4: Let’s dive into your tokens CoolHash and CoolGas. Can you share with us your tokenomics? What are some of its use cases?

Ricktoshi: Right, actually there are more gameplays under development now. We’re working on it! Alright, let me introduce our tokens.

There will be 2 tokens circulating in the ecosystem, CoolHash and CoolGas.

CoolHash, aka COOHA, is the hashrate token. By design, it’s set to be 1 CoolHash = 0.01TH/s hashrate.

Players can use CoolHash to stake for BTC rewards or purchase mystery boxes and customize their own miners.

Also, as a decentralized game, COOHA is also the governance token for the CoolMining community.

CoolGas, aka COOGA, is the utility token. It’s really important to the Miner NFT gameplay.

We got the idea from ETH’s gas.

Players need CoolGas to boot the miners. At the same time, players receive CoolGas as mining rewards besides BTC rewards.

Q5: How do newbies buy your tokens to start playing?

Ricktoshi: Right now, CoolHash is available to buy on MojitoSwap (The dex on KCC network).

Our mining pool is now live on our official website. You can stake the CoolHash into our mining pool and start earning BTC and we actually are running a community campaign for players to win a special COOHA bonus.

And more excitingly, hopefully early next month, you may use the CoolHash to purchase the CoolPart mystery boxes to start the miners gameplay.

Customizing your own miners to accelerate mining and boost rewards.

We just want to make sure everything’s ready before we officially launch the miners.

Q6: Can you share with us about your NFTs? How many types are there, what are their functions and how can we acquire them?

Ricktoshi: In CoolMining, we have two types of NFTs, one is CoolMiner NFT and the other is CoolPart NFT.

It is worth mentioning that the CoolMiner NFTs, aka the miners, are minted/customized by players themselves.

Thus, we call our Miner NFTs customisable and upgradable NFTs.

There will be two types of mystery boxes then, at different prices.

And from these mystery boxes, CoolMining will only distribute CoolPart NFTs, aka miner accessories.

There are actually 4 types of CoolPart NFTs, namely hash board, control board, power supply unit and cooling system.

As a hint, players would need at least one hash board and at most four non-duplicated components, one from each type to mint a miner.

Each part has three levels of rarities and assigns different attributes to the miners.

For details, please check out:

It’s just like playing with the real miners! In a fantasy way probably, lol!

Q7: What have you achieved so far and what is waiting for CoolMining in the near future?

Ricktoshi: Now we have all our smart contracts audited and private beta testing in progress.

Our WLed IDO and launchpad was quite a success.

You can now buy CoolHash on MojitoSwap and start LP farming at a pretty nice APR.

More importantly, the staking pool on CoolMining is now live, which means staking COOHA gives you BTC.

The next step is to launch the miner NFTs gameplay, very soooon! We’re almost at the edge of releasing that. And, we are currently developing the miner hosting gameplay, hopefully in Q2.

For the further plan, we are considering deploying the game on other chains as well, just to offer the game to a broader community.

As the ecosystem grows, we are looking to partner with other major miners and add more hash power into CoolMining.

Cryptodaily Admin: 
Oh do you want to give us some hints about this game also?
Sure, I was thinking about what kind of characters players can play in this game as I was designing the whole thing.

Mining hosts are quite important in real mining business as they own the sites, provide the energy and other stuff.

They took a share of the profit and earned a pretty stable revenue.

So basically, the mining host gameplay is about players being able to open their own mining sites and provide the site to miners and earn profit while giving them a hashrate bonus.

Cryptodaily Admin: So, we’re like landlords in this game, nice

Ricktoshi: Right, it’s something like the landlords!

Q8: What about your partnerships and marketing plans? Who are your targeted users?

Ricktoshi: About the partners, we have been working closely with Kucoin Pool, KCC and MojitoSwap. Also, we’re talking with some strategic investors who are majors in the industry.

We have successfully launched several events such as whitelisted IDO, launchpad and airdrop.

Our marketing and operation team are coming with more community events to spread the impression of CoolMining.

And rewards of course!

There will be more events we are preparing to promote CoolMining as we close to the NFT launch!

We welcome anyone that loves GameFi, believes in BTC and wants to be a part of the mining business.

If you’re one of them, you’re our targeted user!

Q9: Where can we find out more about Cool Mining?

Ricktoshi: Wow, it’s the final one already? Come join our official groups at the following links:




Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Cool Mining 🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Ricktoshi: Thank you PlayToEarnDaily community for having me today!

It’s a great chance to talk to ppl about CoolMining and our vision!

So dear Gamefi Lovers! If you’re sick of the poor P2E models with tokens that have no value at all, check out CoolMining!

We’re distributing real BTC rewards!

And please join our official groups for more info!

See y’all around!

Cryptodaily Admin: Thank you Ricktoshi for being here with us and talking about Cool Mining!

On behalf of the PlayToEarnDaily community, I would like to wish you the best of luck

Ricktoshi: Thx man! Gotta go back to work as we’re planning to offer more to our supporters!

Cheers! 🎉

Cryptodaily Admin: Man you’re amazing! see you around, cheers!!

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