Are you looking for a way to earn some extra income with crypto? Do you want to join one of the fastest-growing and most trusted platforms in the industry? 

If so, you might be interested in using the referral code and getting up to a $50 sign up bonus.

What is the Best Referral Code?

Referral Code
Sign Up BonusUp to $50 CRO
ConditionsStake $5000 CRO tokens
Referral BenefitsUp to $2000 CRO (12 months)
Trading Fee DiscountUp to 50%
KYC Verification requiredYes is one of the best altcoin crypto exchanges that offer various trading options such as buying, selling, staking, trading bots, margin trading, and earning rewards. It also has its own native token, CRO, which is used for various purposes on the platform. You can read our review for a detailed guide on the exchange.

A referral code is a unique promo code provided by the cryptocurrency exchange platform. This referral link, such as, allows users to refer others who are interested in signing up for’s services. 

When a new user signs up using a referral code, both the referrer (the person who shared the code) and the referee (the person who used the code) can be eligible for rewards as part of’s referral program.

The invitation code you receive through a referral comes with extra benefits as well as free sign-up bonuses. You can enjoy a 50% discount on the fees when you trade, have the opportunity to get back up to 8% cashback with the Visa card, and even earn as much as 14% interest on the CRO you invest. Logo

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Earn $25 worth of sign-up bonus Exchange Referral Program Details:

  1. Sign-Up Bonus: New users signing up with referral codes can receive a referral code bonus of up to $50 in CRO (’s native cryptocurrency).
  2. Conditions: To qualify for the sign-up bonus, the new user typically needs to stake $5,000 worth of CRO tokens.
  3. Referral Benefits: The referrer can earn rewards of up to $2,000 in CRO over a 12-month period for successfully referring new users.
  4. KYC Verification: KYC (Know Your Customer) verification is usually required for both the referrer and the referee to participate in the referral program.

How to Use Referral Code?

Step 1: Create a account

You can create a account on the web or the mobile app. To create an account on the web, go to [ Exchange] and click on “Sign Up”. To create an account on the app, download the app from the [App Store] or [Google Play] and open it.

On both platforms, you need to enter your email and password. You also need to enter a referral code to get the bonus. 

One example of a valid referral link is If you use a referral link, the code will be entered for you.

How To Use Crypto Com Referral Code Step 1

Step 2: Confirm your identity (KYC Verification)

After creating an account, you need to confirm your identity to use all the features of To do this, you need to give some personal details, like your name, birth date, address, and phone number. You also need to upload a photo of your ID and a selfie.

The confirmation process may take a few minutes or hours, depending on how busy they are. When your identity is confirmed, you will get an email and a notification on the app. If you don’t want to submit your ID for trading, you can read our NO-KYC crypto exchanges article.

How To Use Crypto Com Referral Code Step 2

Step 3: Lock up CRO on the Exchange

The last step to get the bonus is to lock up some “CRO” on the Exchange. CRO (Cronos) is the crypto coin of that you need for many services on the platform. You can get CRO with fiat money or swap other crypto coins on the app or exchange.

To lock up CRO, you need to move some CRO from your app wallet or external wallet to your exchange wallet. Then, go to the “Stake & Earn” tab on the exchange and click on “Stake CRO”. You will see a list of options for different lockup times and rewards. The minimum lockup amount is 1000 CRO and the minimum lockup time is 180 days.

The amount of bonus you get depends on your first lockup amount. The table below shows the different bonus levels:

First Lockup AmountSign-up Bonus
1000 – 4999 CRO$10
5000+ CRO$50

The bonus will be added to your exchange wallet right after you lock up CRO. You can use the bonus to trade or stake on the exchange. But, you cannot take out the bonus until you unlock your CRO after the lockup time ends.

How To Use Crypto Com Referral Code Step 3

Step 4: Start Trading and Enjoy Benefits

The final step is to start trading and enjoy the benefits of using the referral code. You can trade various crypto pairs on the Exchange with low fees and high liquidity. You can also stake more CRO or other coins to earn interest and rewards. It offers many services such as:

  1. Spot & Margin Trading (5x leverage)
  2. Futures trading with up to 20x leverage)
  3. Earn and Stake with no lock-up period option
  4. Purchase newly-listed tokens at up to 50% off
  5. Automated trading bots and OTC trading

Moreover, you can also get a Visa Card that gives you up to 8% cashback on every purchase. By using the promo code, you can get access to many features and benefits that make your crypto journey easier and more profitable.

How To Use Crypto Com Referral Code Step 4

How to get Referral ID?

  1. First, sign in to your Exchange account. If you don’t have one, use our referral link You can get up to $50 in CRO as a bonus.
  2. Next, you need to go to the “Referral” page on the Exchange website. You can find this page by clicking on your profile icon at the top right corner and selecting “Referral” from the drop-down menu. This page will show you your referral code and referral link, as well as your referral statistics and rewards.
  3. Finally, you need to copy and share your invite code or link with your friends and family who want to join the platform. You can do this by clicking on the copy button next to your code or link, or by using the social media buttons below them. You can also scan or share your QR code if you prefer. By using your referral code or link, you and your referrals can enjoy various benefits such as bonuses, discounts, and commissions.
How To Use Crypto Com Referral Code Step 5

Benefits of the Exchange Referral Code

You can refer someone to the Exchange with your code or link. You will get:

  1. Up to $2,000 in CRO as a bonus based on their first CRO lockup amount.
  2. Half of their net trading fees for 12 months.

This is how you will get this bonus based on staking criteria:

Referral bonus – CRO(USD equivalent)Referee’s First CRO Lockup
$10Locked up 1,000 CRO
$50Locked up 5,000 CRO
$100Locked up 10,000 CRO
$200Locked up 50,000 CRO
$400Locked up 100,000 CRO
$800Locked up 500,000 CRO
$1,000Locked up 1,000,000 CRO
$2,000Locked up 5,000,000 CRO

They will get:

  1. Up to $50 in CRO as a bonus based on their first CRO lockup amount.
  2. Up to 50% trading fee rebate (depending on the referral code used by you).

You and your referrals need to:

  1. Verify KYC at the Advanced level
  2. Lock up at least 1,000 CRO on the Exchange Logo

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Earn $25 worth of sign-up bonus

Conclusion stands out as a premier crypto trading platform for purchasing, swapping, and trading crypto assets. The crypto exchange provides an extensive array of offerings suitable for both novices and specialists.

Additionally, it incorporates a generous referral program that enables the opportunity to acquire bonuses of up to $2000 as well as a 50% commission on trading fees for each endorsed individual. You can also join the affiliate program for more rewards and offers.

You have the option to insert our referral link and become eligible for a $50 bonus applicable to new users. You can also reduce your own trading fees by locking up and staking CRO on the exchange. If you want to join more exchanges, you can check our OKX referral code and Binance referral code guide.

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How do I get my $25 referral from

To get your $25 referral bonus from, you need to sign up for the app using a valid referral link

You also need to complete the KYC verification and stake at least 2500 CRO tokens. You will get your $25 invite reward in your CRO wallet right away after you do these steps.

What is the referral code for crypto $50?

The referral code for crypto $50 is a code that you can use to join the exchange and get a sign-up reward of up to $50 in CRO. You need to use this link when signing up. You also need to lock up 5000 CRO on the exchange to get this reward.

How much is the referral bonus?

The referral bonus depends on the platform and the amount of CRO locked up by the invitee. For the app, the referral bonus is $25 in CRO for both the inviter and the invitee. 

For the exchange, the referral bonus varies from $10 to $2,000 in CRO for both parties, based on the invitee’s first CRO lockup amount. The inviter also gets 50% of the invitee’s net trading fees for 12 months.

Can I withdraw Referral Bonus?

No, you cannot withdraw the referral bonus directly. The referral bonus is locked in your CRO wallet and can only be used for transactions on the app or exchange, such as paying trading fees, staking, or buying gift cards. 

You can also use it to upgrade your Visa Card tier by locking up more CRO. However, if you unlock your CRO or close your account, you will lose your referral bonus along with any other rewards or benefits. Logo

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Earn $25 worth of sign-up bonus

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