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Coinwire Admin: Good day to you everyone, it seems like you are super excited for this AMA with BSCDaily and Crypto Galaxy! Today we welcome our guest: Mr. Jayden – Community Lead at Crypto Galaxy. What’s going on with you Jayden?

Jayden: Hellooooo guys, GM, GA & GN! I am feeling super cool rn!

Coinwire Admin: Amazing 🤩 We’re here to learn more about Crypto Galaxy, so if you’re ready, we can start the AMA 👌

Jayden: Yes of course, let’s go!

Coinwire Admin: That’s the spirit! So we have 2 segments, the first one is Q&A with me. Let’s go 💪

Q1: Please give us a brief introduction about yourself and Crypto Galaxy.

Jayden: Hey guys, I’m Jayden, community lead of Crypto Galaxy. Among everything in Web3 and Crypto, I have more interest in games and community work. When I was invited to join the Crypto Galaxy team for the first time, there was only a very basic product. It was really rudimentary, but somehow I saw special things in it: the interstellar theme operation, the SLG game, and the Core Combat gameplay, which looks a bit like StarCraft and Auto Chess. And assets can be accumulated and freely traded. You can operate dedicatedly as a builder, or loot others as a predator. I am a hardcore Game(Fi) fans, but recently I feel a little tired, as most of the GameFi projects collapse faster, almost every player tried to extract value from the games, and the reason they play has nothing to do with the game itself, which makes blockchain games, the category that should have created value in entertainment and victory/defeat, become a complete money-making scheme. The very idea of the game is lost.

What surprises me is Crypto Galaxy has a very rich game design. Users need to take their moves based on the understanding of the game and the prediction of the battle and opponent. There are some regularities, but also chaos and dynamics in different parts. This uncertainty brings the entertainment that should exist in SLG games.

The team continued to show me more, including how to distribute more benefits to users in a better way, and how to achieve “sustainability” as much as possible. I really believe our team can do it💪I am so glad I joined the Crypto Galaxy team, I feel really happy here😁😁

Coinwire Admin: This is what we need for sure, I would love to explore more on the systems implemented by the team to sustain Crypto Galaxy in the next questions. For now, you told us that Crypto Galaxy is an SLG game like StarCraft and Auto Chess? It sounds really cool

Q2: Have you completed it?

Jayden: Yes, the development work has been completed. Now we are intensively testing and reviewing our system to make sure it has reasonable parameters and without obvious bugs. It may be inappropriate to compare it with traditional games. The examples I gave just now are only for the Core Combat gameplay, and we have many other gameplays. The visual effects of the game are still rudimentary, which will be optimized after the game is launched.

Coinwire Admin: May I ask how long the game has been developed?

Jayden: According to my understanding, the gameplay has actually been discussed since the end of 21, and the development has been started since the beginning of January, So that’s already 6 months. I join the team in March 😁

Coinwire Admin: Ok gotcha. 6 months to fully complete the game, and now you’re in the testing phase. Not bad. Let’s get into more detail about the game now:

Q3: What are the specific parts of Crypto Galaxy? And why do you think it will attract gamers?

Jayden: Okay, let me give you a brief introduction. Crypto Galaxy is a Metaverse game based on the BNBChain. It has a set of its own worldview and operation rules: For starters, if you want to experience the game in a relatively complete way, you need at least five planets, which you can buy in-game or from other gamers in the marketplace. With five planets, you can place buildings on planet maps. The buildings can be demolished or upgraded, you can construct different buildings according to your needs at different stages.

Building types include: 

~Storage Tanks that store and provide resources for resource-consuming buildings while they are in working state, 

~Operating Buildings that obtain resources, 

~Troops Training Bases that provide soldiers and enhance CE in all Core Combat gameplay, 

~and Psychic Towers that provide BUFF.

Once the five planets’ buildings and soldiers are in place, you can form Planet Alliance to try more gameplays.

In the first stage, Crypto Galaxy will launch two gameplays: 

Galaxy Exploration and Galaxy Tycoon. Galaxy Exploration combines the “wolf” and “sheep” of traditional SLG games. Players can choose three difficulties: easy, normal, and hard. Different difficulties come with different resource acquisition speeds and will match with different levels of players to fight. Let me give you some details: With this gameplay, players can get “resources” whether through system rewards or loot from others. Resources are tokens that can be withdrawn. It is the fuel of Crypto Galaxy, which is needed for all construction and building efforts, and for maintaining buildings’ endurance (END), it will take a firm footing in the gameplay. And it can be traded.

Galaxy Tycoon includes two sections, Galaxy Auction and Occupy Star. Both are related to $BOX acquisition. The difference is that for Galaxy Auction, players can obtain $BOX output for a period of time by paying $BNB to bid on a Galaxy. And for Occupy Star, you will need to send a Planet Alliance to defend the star you occupied using PVP gameplay, and obtain $BOX. $BOX is the core token of Crypto Galaxy. You can stake it and share the game’s income, participate in governance and consume it in the game. The above are the highlights of Crypto Galaxy’s first stage. You will see more interesting gameplay in the future, so stay tuned ☺️

Besides gaming, Crypto Galaxy is also a self-evolving game community managed by DAO, most of the revenue of the game will be distributed to the community players or went to the DAO treasury managed by players, and the community will drive the investment and development of the game ecosystem.

Coinwire Admin: It sounds amazing! Multiple gameplays to entertain yourself with

Jayden: Haha yes, our gameplay is too subtle to finish in a few sentences

Coinwire Admin: You summarized it well, but the chat will need to research more before investing! #DYOR

Q4: When will the Crypto Galaxy go live? How can we join in?

Jayden: July, the full game is expected to be gradually unveiled after mid-July. Right now, we are giving airdrops to users of STAR Sharks, The Crypto You, BinaryX, Dinosaur Eggs, Radio RACA, and Stepn. The points-collecting period is only a week left. You can collect your points here:

After collecting points, please follow our Twitter ( ), there will be updates about the airdrop-claim time and game launch time. Following our Twitter now will give you an advantage at the early stage of the game launch🤩

Coinwire Admin: You heard the man! Join their Telegram + Follow their twitter in order to get the latest update about Crypto Galaxy, and be eligible for this AMA’s prize pool! I have a side question here if you don’t mind. 

What would be the ideal amount that we should invest in Crypto Galaxy initially?

Jayden: Haha of course not. As I just mentioned, you need to have 5 planets to play the game, so you can participate in the game by investing in 5 planets. Planets have different prices according to their rarity. A set of ordinary 5 planets does not exceed 1BNB, while rare ones will require more investment.

Coinwire Admin: Thank you for this

Jayden: I suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the gameplay through a set of planets , and then decide whether to invest additionally😊

Coinwire Admin: Ok, it’s time we move on to the next question here:

Q5: Do you have any partners at the moment?

Jayden: We have partnered with some DEX, DeFi, and NFT projects on BNB Chain.

Before the game launch, we will gradually disclose these partnerships on our Twitter👀 About partners, Crypto Galaxy’s hope is that we should be able to provide valuable scenes for each other. With this in mind, I believe that besides existing partners, Crypto Galaxy will have more friends on BNB Chain soon.

Coinwire Admin: Follow their Twitter and join their telegram now!!!

– Telegram:

– Twitter:

Jayden: Haha actually I couldn’t resist telling you guys the first one: Venus–the leading lending platform on BNB Chain🤓 

Coinwire Admin: Venus Protocol? Nice! For the last question of this segment:

Q6: How do you, in Crypto Galaxy, think about Pay-to-Earn?

Jayden: Quite a great question here. In Web2 games, developers, advertising platforms, and other channels have taken all the game revenue, and players earned little. P2E provides a feasible way to allow players to control their assets in the form of tokens and NFTs, and a way to distribute revenue to players. We have deeper thinking about this issue though, what is sustainability? Only staking and subsidizing with tokens are not enough. In our view, you also need gameplay and real spending needs, clear and transparent revenue sources, and distribution rules. But this is just the foundation.

If a game tells me: “You can make money here.” I will ask: “What money exactly?”

Of course, Crypto Galaxy agrees with P2E. But this is the foundation, not the selling point. Crypto Galaxy’s differences are: through different gameplays and rich game content, players can enjoy the fun of development, battle, and construction. If this can be done, it’s easy to know what exactly the money comes from by selling resources or selling game props, or staking BOX. For players with purpose or with higher pursuit, or players that hope to save time to reach certain levels and to try more gameplays, they will be willing to pay a reasonable amount.

Coinwire Admin: Traditional games have been operating like this. Users are attracted by the gameplay, not the ability to make money. So Crypto Galaxy is focusing on the gameplay, and then offers players that earning ability. I hope you can balance the earning mechanics, and build immersive gameplays to keep the players coming

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Crypto Galaxy🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Jayden: It’s been a pleasure, thank you BSCDaily. Remember to check out our Twitter and Telegram.

Coinwire Admin: Best of luck to you and Crypto Galaxy!