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The “crypto queen,” a 42-year-old German citizen of Bulgarian descent, is apparently back in the news as stories about the purported sale of a luxurious London penthouse take center stage.

Return of the Queen


According to reports, Ignatova, the so-called “missing crypto queen,” was the one who created the alleged advertisement offering a lavish penthouse flat in London.

The price of the aforementioned penthouse apartment in the Kensington neighborhood of London, England, which was first listed for sale at more than $15 million, has just been reduced to $13.6 million. On the other side, Gerald Ruebsam, a prosecutor, is of the opinion that the money made from the sale of the aforementioned penthouse would go toward compensating OneCoin’s victims. Nevertheless, he added that victims currently have little choice except to watch events unfold.

However, Jamie Bartlett, an investigative reporter, asserted that the aforementioned action is solid evidence that the crypto queen is still alive. She continued by saying that there might be records “out there somewhere” that reveal Ignatova’s current whereabouts.

The Ponzi Empire of the Queen

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Ignatove allegedly launched her company, OneCoin, in the middle of 2016, when Bitcoin was seen as a rising trend in the financial sector and investors were ready to capitalize on it. She promoted her business as a successful rival to Bitcoin in the developing cryptocurrency market.

The creator, Ignatova, allegedly vanished in the final quarter of 2017 while the aforementioned business was in the early stages of what would eventually become a $4 billion Ponzi scam. OneCoin and its creator Ignatova have been gone for five long years since that time. Additionally, they have appeared on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list. 

Ignatova and her business partner Sebastian Greenwood are accused of misleading cryptocurrency enthusiasts by marketing their project “OneCoin” as the “Bitcoin Killer.” It should also be recalled that Ignatova previously predicted that “In two years, nobody will debate Bitcoin anymore.”

According to IRS Special Agent John R. Tafur, the effort in question was allegedly founded with the express intent of scamming the cryptocurrency community.

Ignatova and Sebastian Greenwood, the co-founder of OneCoin and her business partner, have already admitted guilt to accusations of fraud and money laundering in New York, while the authorities are still seeking for the crypto queen herself. This was in December 2022.

The FBI’s Most Wanted list currently includes only Ignatova, the cryptographic queen. In reality, Ignatova is predicted to travel with armed guards and/or associates, according to a notice at the bottom of the FBI’s wanted poster. She might have undergone plastic surgery as well to change how she looked.