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Coinwire Admin: Good day to you ladies and gents! Welcome back to another AMA with BSCDaily 🙌 I’m your host Daley, and joined with me today is Mr. Mario Brown – CEO from Crypto Strike! Hello Mario, how’s your day so far? 👀

Mario Brown: Hello, very good! How’s yours?

Coinwire Admin: It’s been good actually! Excited for our AMA 100%. I love FPS games and am very curious to learn more about Crypto Strike!

Daley xxxNo DM for funds EVERxxx, [11/11/2022 8:03 PM]

So, are you ready to start our AMA?

Mario Brown: Yes I am. Whenever you are ready

Coinwire Admin: I am right now! With that being said, let’s kick this AMA off with our 1st segment: Q&A with the host. 

Q1: Introduce yourself and Crypto Strike in brief please! What are the visions behind creating a Web3 FPS Shooter Game?

Mario Brown: Crypto Strike is a First person shooter game based on counter strike series and other famous FPS games with a play to earn function that involves players winning up to 250$ a day to play the game. Our demo game is already live and all of you should try it ❤️ We are not just a game, we are also a full ecosystem with a metaverse, exchange, marketplace and launchpad integrated in our ecosystem 📍

Coinwire Admin: Oh the memories! I would love to know more about the gameplay and the earning potential of Crypto Strike as well, up to $250 per day is an insane amount for someone sitting at home and playing games 🔥 Do you want to send links to the Demo for the community to try it out?

Mario Brown: Here’s the instruction: 

1. Download the game from the link:

2. Unpack the game with winrar/7zip or any type of unpacker 

3. Open the folder package 1.1 go to Windows and start Cryptostrike. Allow the prompted message for the firewall (this will be 1 time) . The game will start after this step.

4. When the Game launches it will open a webpage from Epicgames, use your own account or send me a dm and he will give you an account to play.

5. Press the left upper button (play) and press dust. Press join and after this you press again join it will connect you to somebody that has hosted a Game.

6. You can also press host Game people can join your hosted game if they press join 

7. Have fun playing, invite your family,  friends to be one of the first to test our game and enjoy🥳🥳🥳. Leave some feedback behind remember the game is a demo and 30% complete and is being built as we speak.

Hope you enjoy this proof of work more updates will follow so keep an eye out on the channel!

If you run in any trouble feel free to ask the mods/admins/devs for help and we will try to fix it asap!

Coinwire Admin: Oh boi!!!! Ok ok, peeps! Remember to try it out! The CS:GO of Web3 is here!!! So before I get into more details about the gameplay, specs,… Please talk to us a bit about the team behind this project:

Q2: Who are the brilliant minds behind Crypto Strike? How experienced are they in building a Blockchain game?

Mario Brown: We have Jahongir and Ebu T. (Previous VALVE game designer) he is one of the persons responsible for the design of counter strike GO and many other games that Valve produced. However their experience with we3 was zero so i came in as blockchain developer to link all of this and make this amazing web3 gaming product. Also we have the best team and moderators 24/7 in our chat that do such an incredible job! without them all of this was also impossible! ❤️

Coinwire Admin: That explains the level of accuracy in detail of Crypto Strike man! So now! Let’s get into the good stuff 👀 Crypto Strike is heavily inspired by CS:GO, that’s for sure. But then there are different game modes like deathmatch, casual, retakes,…

Q3: What is the gameplay of Crypto Strike? How is it better or more exciting than CS:GO?

Mario Brown: The differences between Crypto strike and Cs GO are many, from the movements , to the maps, the quality of the graphics, the chats, the guns and characters to the playing system, where with CS:GO you don’t earn anything and have to spend a lot of money to have “cool” stuff like skins and graffiti’s and with Crypto Strike you get paid per win, per kill and you can buy and sell your own skins/nfts to the public and profit from that ❤️

Coinwire Admin: I have to say, I enjoy the dark, neon lights dust 2 from Crypto Strike more 😂 Great works with the movements too, looking real smooth and playable. You mentioned in the beginning that Crypto Strike is not just a game, but an entire ecosystem. I have a couple questions regarding that

Q4: First of all, what are the products/services included within Crypto Strike besides the FPS game? Please elaborate

Mario Brown: 1- We have a cool metaverse design which is some sort of HUGE MAP where you can walk around killing the other members, or just join the safezone and chill in the casino playing some roulette or play poker with your friends. 

2- The Launchpad 

The launchpad will empower other web3 GAMING ONLY projects and we will not dedicate our launchpad to anything else but to help other gaming projects to raise money and grow with us! 

3- The exchange 

We have a decentralized exchange (for of pancakeswap) where we will list only web3 Gaming tokens and anything related to gaming and web3 content. 

4- The wallet 

The wallet is already being developed and it’s similar to metamask but with a cool in house chat so people can talk to each other about what tokens are good and what tokens are bad. 

5- The marketplace 

Here you will be able to buy and sell your skins and vests and all the other in game assets that you want to buy or sell from our community! ❤️

Coinwire Admin: Seems like you guys are doing everything around here!

Mario Brown: Let me just mention that all of this is already built! We are not waiting to raise money to build these products! Everything is ready to go ❤️ You can check that on our website and also the DEMO game in our Telegram group chat! 😇

Coinwire Admin: I did not expect that! Your website says coming soon so I thought those were not developed. Dang, that’s huge

Mario Brown: Everything is fully developed ❤️ we are just waiting for a little bit of better market conditions so we can show the world what we really have! ❤️

Coinwire Admin: People wanting to try web3 gaming only have to go to:

And they don’t need to go anywhere else! Alright next question:

Q5: Second, how can users EARN by playing Crypto Strike and being a part of your ecosystem?

Mario Brown: Users can EARN by playing the game and killing the opponents and winning game rounds with their team. 

At this moment they will receive  the following: 

1 Strike token per 10 kills 

1 NFT per 10 Rounds win 

10k Tokens per Tournament win 

Also if they really trust their skills they can beat with each other their Strike tokens and see who wins. Winner takes it all! To be part of our ecosystem  all you need is to purchase Strike tokens with our pre sale and wait for the launch ❤️

Coinwire Admin: Wow, we’re earning that much?! So it’s only logical to ask about your tokenomics then. Sometimes games giveaway too much of their rewards token -> selling pressure. So please explain to us:

Q6: How does the Team design the token $STRIKE so that it’s always needed by the players and remains stable or even increased in price?

Mario Brown: Here it is the points we have to mitigate the sell pressure of the play to earn: 

We burn the following fees: 

1- Marketplace fees, assets and NFT’s profits 

2- Betting fees in Strike token 

3- Safezone Profits 

4- Tournament entry fees 

5-  Decentralized exchange revenue all burned with strike tokens 

6- Entry fee for deathmatch is also all burned 

7- Launchpad Tickets bought with strike tokens also all burned

If we get 5% of the community of counter strike go currently in our game we can burn 1.3 million dollars of tokens per week and players will earn an estimated 210k a week. This means that players can earn while playing our game and also increase token value. With our calculations if we had 40% of counter strike community our token would do probably 18 thousand dollars per token in 24 months if we could get to that adoption ❤️

Coinwire Admin: Now that’s a BIG IF hah

Mario Brown: HUGE IF

Coinwire Admin: 👀 I mean, if you’re continuing this path, which CS:GO-type like web3 game they’re going to pick once web3 gaming achieves mass adoption? Crypto Strike of course! So yes, a humongous IF, but still achievable

Mario Brown: 100% the key here is not to worry about price or anything else and positions ourselves to be the pioneers of this section of gaming (WEB3 Gaming)

Coinwire Admin: Right on! So next stop:

Q7: What’s next for Crypto Strike by the end of 2022 and 2023?

Mario Brown: We keep on building and develop an hoping that community will keep growing an help us to make this the biggest in history ❤️

Q8: How can users buy $STRIKE at the moment? Any benefits of being an early adopter?

Mario Brown: Users can buy through pinksale or with our own Being an early adopter gives you an automatic better position as you start  at a 2X guaranteed from pre sale price. 

Our pre sale price is: 0.02 

Our listing price is 0.04 

This gives early adopters a way better position to start with our project an join our Strike army ❤️

Q9: Where can we find out more about Crypto Strike?

Mario Brown: is where you can find everything about us ❤️

Coinwire Admin: That is that easy!

Mario Brown: Thank you very much

Coinwire Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Crypto Strike🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Mario Brown: Thank you very much to everyone here and pass by all of our socials and join us for some GAME. Thank you all ❤️

Coinwire Admin: Thank you Mario Brown for coming on and discussing Crypto Strike at length! Best of luck to you and Crypto Strike as well ❤️