CryptoGames is a licensed and regulated crypto casino that offers a simple and fun gaming experience with added security and privacy. With a selection of 11 provably fair games and a low house edge ranging from 1% to 2.7%, CryptoGames is a user-friendly platform that prioritizes privacy, security, and fair gameplay.

CryptoGames VIP Program

CryptoGames recently enhanced its VIP program, offering several benefits to its premium members. To achieve Premium VIP Membership, players must earn one of the top spots in the monthly wagering contests. Specifically, this includes the top five players on the leaderboard for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the top three players for Litecoin, and the top player for the rest of the coins.

  • VIP members at CryptoGames receive a variety of exclusive advantages. They enjoy a lower house edge of just 0.8% in dice games, a 20% reduction compared to the 1% experienced by standard users. This means that the odds are even more in their favor when they play.
  • There’s no delay on the server side for any bet sizes for VIPs, allowing them to place their bets at the maximum possible speed. This bet priority ensures that VIPs can make the most of their gaming experience.
  • VIPs can exchange up to 10 times per day, and their total exchange limit is raised to 1 Bitcoin. This increased exchange limit provides more flexibility for VIPs in managing their funds.
  • VIPs gain access to a private chat room for exclusive interaction with other VIPs and the casino’s managers. This VIP Chat Room allows for a more personalized and premium experience.
  • VIPs can display their privileged status with a [VIP] tag in the chatbox. This chat tag allows VIPs to stand out in the community.
  • VIPs who have completed tier 3 verification (KYC) receive $100 worth of Bitcoins as a birthday present from CryptoGames. This birthday bonus is a special treat that adds a personal touch to the VIP experience.
  • VIP status provides an extra faucet level, enabling them to claim more rewards. This bonus faucet level allows VIPs to play more, even when they’re out of funds.
  • Vouchers are emailed to VIPs based on their position in the wagering contest. These vouchers are distributed on random days during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of every month and must be redeemed within three months before they expire. The number of vouchers and the currency they receive varies according to their wagering contest standing.

The New VIP Reward

The most recent addition to the VIP program is a reward for loyalty. If a player achieves VIP status for three or more consecutive months, they retain most VIP benefits even if they don’t make it to the top in the following month. It’s an “earn three, get one for free” deal that adds even more value to the VIP program. This enhanced VIP program shows CryptoGames’ commitment to providing a superior gaming experience for its most dedicated players.

The 8 Billion Bets Achievement

8 Billion Bets Achievement

CryptoGames recently celebrated a monumental achievement: reaching 8 billion dice bets. This milestone was made possible thanks to the active participation of its users. The lucky user who hit the 8 billionth dice bet was generously rewarded, and the achievement was celebrated with multiple games and random reward vouchers given out to users.

Why CryptoGames Stands Out

CryptoGames stands out in the crypto casino industry for several reasons. The platform supports a variety of popular cryptocurrencies, provides fast transactions, and offers the opportunity to win progressive jackpots. The majority of funds are stored in cold wallets for security and transparency, and all games are provably fair. Despite a limited selection of games and room for improvement in game appearance and sound effects, CryptoGames’ focus on privacy, security, and fair gameplay make it an appealing choice for crypto enthusiasts.

Catch the Winning Spirit!

CryptoGames is more than just a crypto casino. It’s a platform that offers a simple, enjoyable, and secure gaming experience. With the recent enhancements to its VIP program and the celebration of its 8 billion dice bets milestone, CryptoGames continues to make waves in the crypto casino industry.

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