With the unique idea of a rare collectible card collection, Cryptomeda NFT represents remarkable events from the crypto space transformed into a fantasy story. 


Their mission is to build an approach to the NFT ecosystem that is easy, enjoyable, and entertaining. The key product is a limited-edition collectible card set depicting notable incidents from the crypto space that have been turned into a fantasy novel. They’re attempting to develop an intriguing system of NFT collectibles that could catch the eye of the general public. 

The ecosystem’s native currency is the TECH token, which serves as both a service token and a governance token. Users will use TECH tokens for staking, trading cards in the store, buying exclusive items in the mobile game, voting, and other activities. For them, the most significant factor is collaboration with their culture. They would generously honor their committed participants and involve them in the ecosystem’s expansion.

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Cryptomeda collectives cards

Unforgettable real-world incidents and characters are translated into a dream novel. The story’s most critical aspects are animated on one-of-a-kind collectible cards. Each set contains four Cryptomeda cards that can be used as extra prizes for staking TECH tokens or completing group quests. Every other month, new card collections will be published. To play in the draw, you must have a certain number of TECH tokens. The winners will get their NFT prizes once a week.

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The $TECH token are useable in many cases: 

– Staking: standard staking and liquidity staking via Ferrum Network

– Governance: direct participation of community in the project

– Buying/ Selling: Cryptoverse cards in the Marketplace

– In-game currency: for purchasing of specials items

– Community involvement: airdrops, community rewards, contests and much more

Creation of the Revolution Card 

Each card has attributes that are generated at random. It would be necessary to produce the revolution card after gathering the entire set (all four cards from a single collection). During this operation, all four cards would be burnt, increasing the worth of the cards in circulation. The revolution card has only one attribute — Experience, which is the number of all burnt cards’ attributes. For the next six months, the holder of the revolution card may collect airdrops of TECH tokens. The more experience the holder has, the greater the airdrops he or she can get. Each set can only contain 20 pieces of the revolution card.

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The current issue that NFT marketplaces are dealing with is a high amount of counterfeit copies. The customer must be very cautious not to fall victim to any fraud, since they are all essentially useless. This issue is addressed by our marketplace. Only Cryptomeda cards will be available here. The team committed that no replicas will be available in this marketplace. This would guarantee the trustworthiness of all transactions conducted within our marketplace.

Community Cooperation 

One of their core proposals is to engage the Discord culture to promote collaboration. Active users have the ability to shape Cryptomeda’s potential. Users may post their artwork and thoughts, as well as partake in contests, referral schemes, debugging, voting, and other activities. They will distribute TECH tokens from the mutual rewards fund as well as exclusive NFTs to the community’s most influential members. Furthermore, the most valuable and committed participants will be invited to join the squad.


NFT Game

The Cryptomeda NFT game is another use and use of TECH tokens and card collectibles, such as TECH tokens used within the game for in-app transactions of exclusive objects to enhance the gaming experience. At first, it will be a basic turn-based mobile game. In the future, a PC game will be released on the Steam store. The basic concept is to use talents, tactics, and a chance factor. Ranking schemes will also be introduced. Players will compete to be the first to reach the top and win prizes such as TECH badges, card collectibles, physical items, or other special incentives.


Ticker: TECH

Raising: $2,96 million

Max supply: 1,000,000,000 Tech

Listing price: $0.014

Initial market cap: $686,000

Token Distribution:

– Ecosystem & Community: 30%

– Development: 25%

– Token sale: 26%

– Founders: 10%

– Team: 4%

– Advisors: 4%

– Dex Liquidity: 1%

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Q1 2021:

– Smart contract deployment

– Website launch

– Seed round token sale

Q2 2021:

– Private token sale + Public token sale (multi IDO launch)

– Uniswap listing

– Team expansion

– Marketplace development

– Marketing campaign starts

– BSC Integration

Q3 2021:

– YouTube story production

– Network upgrade + L1 chain integration (e.g. Flow, NEAR, Avalanche or Solana)

– Smart contract upgrade

– Mobile game development

Q4 2021:

– Website upgrade

– NFT launchpad

– Mobile game alpha launch

Q1 2022:

– Cryptoverse expansion

– The story ending (episode 1)

– NFT Book

– Physical NFT items

– Mobile game beta launch 

Q2/Q3 2022:

– Episode 2 of the story

– PC game development starts


Martin Jerabek, CEO

8 years of experience in strategic analysis, and economics. Business analyst of blockchain technologies for over 5 years. 

Dusan Trizuliak, Co-Founder

Senior UX/UI Designer and Artist with over 15 years of experience. Currently Cryptoverse Design Team Leader. 

Martin Hromek, Co-Founder

Application Development Specialist with over 17 year of practice. Currently employed as a Senior Developer at Cryptoverse.

Tomas Huscar, Advisor

15 years of experience in software production as a developer and game enthusiast. Currently working as a producer at Tater Games and an analyst at Cryptoverse.

Important Links To Follow

Website: https://cryptomeda.tech/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cryptomedatech

Telegram: https://t.me/Cryptomeda

Medium: https://cryptomedatech.medium.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/bFHWRzJp9S