CUEX is a taxed token (10% on buy/sell) in the CUE ecosystem with an automated market maker that provides liquidity to CUEX and CUE tokens through tax. Furthermore, it rewards holders with both CUEX and CUE tokens via automatic staking and buyback. 

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What is CUE?

Cue Protocol is a community-driven protocol that will be deployed on BSC in March 2021, with a robust DApp ecosystem that includes DAO Votes, NFT marketplace, Lottery and Prediction game, CUE BSC Charts, and Cue Diligence. The Cue token is a utility token that is taxed at a rate of 2.5% by the Governance wallet. The wallet’s fate is decided by a vote of the community.

What is CUEX?

CUEX is a financial token that will enable CUE Protocol to join the DeFi market and expand their ecosystem even farther than previously envisaged. Furthermore, because v1 liquidity is restricted until March 2022, it will assist the CUE token to develop its Pancakeswap v2 liquidity. With the upcoming staking functionality, the two tokens will work together to secure advantages for all holders.

CUEX is a taxed token (10% on buy/sell) in the CUE ecosystem with an automated market maker that provides liquidity to CUEX and CUE tokens through the tax. Furthermore, it rewards holders with both CUEX and CUE tokens via automatic staking and buyback. Simply keep CUEX in your wallet!

It also includes the staking DApp, which allows you to stake CUEX with CUE and other tokens to gain great payouts!

CUEX Features


CUEX generates growth through its AMM and gains through reflection and staking.

Price and Demand

Increases CUE and CUEX liquidity, price, and demand through AMM and buybacks.


Innovative staking systems will be available with their CUEX dashboard.


Tokenomics Detail

  • 5% to CUEX Liquidity: This will provide CUEX with a significant amount of liquidity in the future, assuring a stronger price floor over time.
  • 2% to CUE V2 Liquidity: Due to the fact that PancakeSwap V1 liquidity is locked until March 2022, CUE is assisting CUE in building up its PancakeSwap V2 liquidity. This raises the CUE price floor as well.
  • 2% to All Holders: An automatic staking method that ensures holders are immediately compensated from all transactions through reflection.
  • 1% to Buyback CUE: This will be mailed to CUEX holders on a regular basis. The terms will be disclosed shortly.


Total & Max Supply: 100 Billion

  • 25 billion circulating supply
  • No team tokens
  • Liquidity is locked every 3 months. 


  • 50% raised for PancakeSwap V2 Liquidity
  • 30% Marketing 
  • 20% development and onboarding new staking pools


CUEX Dashboard

The CUEX DeFi token dashboard will be located here. Keep track of your AMM and buybacks, as well as your staking pools and prizes.

The CUE Hub

The CUE Hub is the home for all CUE Protocol builds and public releases. A product ecosystem for their community and the larger BSC community.

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CUE holders make decisions here on how to use and spend the CUE Protocol governance balance.

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NFT Marketplace V1

Version 1 enables their community to purchase our CUE-based NFTs. Within the CUE Ecosystem, these NFTs serve several functions.

When Version 2 is published, any BNB holder will be able to produce NFTs and sell them on their platform.

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BSC Charting (beta)

Any BSC-based token may be graphed with various statistics. CUE holders may also vote for their favorite tokens to get to the top of their list of most popular tokens (this feature uses Binance Smart Chain).


Prediction Games

Prediction games were successfully introduced for the first time during Euro 2020. Users voted on who they thought would win a match, and a winner was picked at random and awarded CUE tokens (s).

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  • CUEX Private Sale: This has now been done, and all CUE holders have been granted early access to invest in CUEX.
  • Multiple CUEX Audits: For complete transparency, the CUEX audit is being completed prior to the start of IDO.
  • Pre-IDO Marketing: Marketing prior to the start of the IDO to guarantee complete public awareness of the CUEX project.
  • IDO Presale: By this time, CUEX will have been thoroughly audited. They intend to debut on BSC Starter. 
  • PancakeSwap Listing: Launching on PancakeSwap with 3 months of liquidity locked in.
  • Post Listing Marketing: A massive marketing effort with a big marketing expenditure to assure a broad reach to potential investors.
  • Staking Audits: Contracts for CUEX staking will now be audited. 
  • Staking Launch: CUEX will activate its staking mechanism.
  • External Pools: CUEX will make pools available for other projects. Stake CUEX to gain more tokens. 

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