The markets seem to be experiencing a rebound. Bitcoin is painting green low timeframe candles that seem to give hope to many traders. If the market has reached the bottom, it is time to ask which coins are good for maximum gains. So, is Dash a good investment? This article will explore DASH price prediction from 2022-2030.

What is DASH?

Dash is one of the first generation cryptocurrencies and was a fork of Bitcoin. It is an open-source cryptocurrency created by Evan Duffield and Daniel Diaz in January 2014. It was first called Xcoin then later rebranded to Darkcoin because it was massively used in the Darknet markets. 

The project was rebranded again to Dash in March 2015. ‘Dash’ is a blend of two words, ‘d’ from ‘digital’ and ‘ash’ from ‘cash.’

Dash is unique because, in a way, it was the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) even before Ethereum popularized the concept. Using master nodes, decisions on the Dash network could be made in a decentralized way. Anyone with 1000 DASH or more could run a master node and, therefore, participate in making decisions on which network upgrades were best for Dash.

You can use Dash to make everyday purchases and payments in a fast and easy way across over 150,000 merchant outlets worldwide.

The total supply of Dash coins is 18,920,000, it has 10,795,062 Dash in circulation and a market cap of about 530 million dollars at the current price.

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Is Dash a Good Project?

Dash is a good project. It is an instant, global payment method that anyone can use to make purchases in over 150,000 merchant shops. A good project is determined by the level of development and community supporting it. In November 2021, Dash developers introduced the Valkyrie/Dash Trust (VDASH). 

This platform would enable holders to begin staking their coins and earn rewards in return. From buying groceries to electronics to paying for air tickets and hotels, Dash has been successfully integrated as a viable mode of payment. 

Hence, the utility of this coin makes it an excellent project to invest in, whether in the short term or long term.

What is DASH’s Price Prediction for 2022?

Dash cryptocurrency has been performing exceptionally well since its inception. Despite the ups and downs of the market, it has withstood the test of time. Dash has interesting price action, to say the least. At the beginning of the year, Dash was trading at $154.1. It had been trading between $125 and $155 for all of December 2021 and the better part of January 2022. On January 20, 2022, Dash broke the $125 support and fell sharply by 30% to $84.2. Since then, the cryptocurrency has not regained the $155 price.

However, after this nasty crash, Dash managed to rally back to around $130. However, the asset tumbled downwards due to intense sell pressure from Bitcoin to even lower prices. Presently, the price of Dash sits at $49.4. 

Will DASH’s Price Crash in 2022?

The bearish scenario for Dash is somewhat strong. Since August 2021, Dash has been in a massive selling trend. However, it was not until September 2021 that the asset began forming a common and popular chart pattern. At the time, it wasn’t clear, but over the past few months, the pattern has become clearer. Dash is in a huge falling wedge that spans about nine months. According to chart patterns, Falling wedges have a 68% chance of breaking to the upside and a 32.5% chance of breaking downwards. It seems to be at the very tip of this falling wedge, meaning that the cryptocurrency has to decide on a direction soon.

On November 28, 2021, Dash broke below the 200 EMA, turning it impressively bearish. 200 EMA is a significant indicator for any asset. Currently, it’s retesting the 21-day EMA for the third time since April 2022. Will it be able to break through? Only time will tell.

In keeping up with market cycles, Bitcoin is down only -69.06% from ATH. This presents a problem: The markets are not yet done bleeding. Bitcoin still has about -20% to fall, which could drastically push the price of other assets, like Dash, down.

Should Dash be unable to break above the 21 EMA, Dash could go $40 and maybe even $15.1. All this depends on Bitcoin’s volatility.

Will DASH’s Price Rally in 2022?

The bullish scenario is quite juicy. Dash’s humongous falling edge is like a pregnant woman who is due to deliver anytime soon. Price action is almost at the tip of the pattern, indicating decision time soon. Dash must decide whether it wants to go up or down. 

Given the mechanics of this trading chart pattern, the market bias is up – even though Bitcoin could spoil all the fun. Trading at the 21 EMA, Dash must first tackle this resistance zone ($45-$50) in order to rise.

If it manages to overcome the 21 EMA, Dash must then face the 200 EMA. This retest would see Dash rise to $96.1, a 97% increase. At this point, bulls have much work to do to push the price about this heavy 200 EMA resistance. If they manage to do this, Dash is looking at the following targets: $137.3, $155.6, $179.1, and $211.8. 

Beyond this point, the resistance zones are weak, and Dash will slice through them like a hot knife through butter. 

Dash is ripe for a rebound soon. Since its all-time high price, the asset has dropped by 91.66%. This is a good number if we are considering market cycles. In bear markets, the price of cryptocurrencies falls by 80% to 95% before recovery is due. Weak crypto projects get obliterated out of existence on bear markets, leaving strong projects like Dash standing.

What Will Be The Average Price of DASH By the End of 2022?

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Everything in the market depends on Bitcoin right now. Bitcoin dominance rags or raises the markets up. Dash has done a pretty good job trying to stand up to Bitcoin over the years. The falling wedge predicts a bearish scenario for Dash in the short term. Dash will first rise to $62.5 before crashing down to $29.8. This keeps up with the Bitcoin crash scenario, in which it must fall by 85% to 95% in any bear market after posting an ATH.

With this scenario, Dash’s price will be trading at around $30 by the end of 2022.

Is Dash Good Investment 2022?

Dash presents a lucrative investment in 2022, but investors have to be cautious with Bitcoin’s unpredictable moves. A good rule of investment is never to invest what you cannot afford to lose. In case this asset does not obey our price predictions, you do not want to be left stranded.

Dash cryptocurrency is resilient. Buying this coin right now and holding it to the end of the year might make you one of the few people to time the bottom. Bitcoin is expected to rebound after publishing a new low in September and consolidating a little until November.

Therefore, by December, your investment might be up by just a tiny percentage if you invest right now. Nevertheless, Dash is a good investment in 2022.

Can Dash Reach $10,000?

Dash currently has a strong buy signal. Despite whatever Bitcoin might do, this crypto will eventually rise. Dash can reach $10,000, but not in the near future. The utility behind proof-of-work cryptocurrencies does not allow them to blow up in price over a short period of time, as in the case of Bitcoin.

The king of crypto slowly rose to a high of $69,000 over a span of 11 years, whereas others like Shiba Inu rose 70,000,0000% in just a year. If the Dash development team can find a way to introduce smart contracts capability to this protocol, perhaps this asset can reach $10,000 and beyond in the near future. However, as it is, this is not likely.

DASH Price Predictions By Other Analyst Experts

Dash Coin Price Prediction Dash Coin

It is time to explore the predictions of other experts in the industry. Experts from Wallet Investor, Gov Capital, and other financial platforms use even more complex technical analysis tools to come up with more accurate predictions. Some of them have artificial intelligence bots that use historical data to come up with extremely clear future price projections.

According to, Dash is an outstanding investment in the long term. Taking technical analysis into account, sees Dash reach a high of $67.85 by December 2022. While this is a positive prediction, it is five years away. Here is what thinks the price of Dash will be in the coming months.

  • July: Minimum $45.93 – $78.49 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $46.51 – $73.88 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $44.02 – $70.16 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $45.47 – $72.34 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $49.87 – $74.45 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $50.17 – $73.42 Maximum

Trading Beasts

Traders at Trading Beasts do their best to give accurate predictions using linear and polynomial regressions. The price predictions are also based on historical data since the more things change, the more they remain the same. Experts at Trading Beasts see the price of Dash close the year at $53.141

  • July: Minimum $47.93 – $70.49 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $47.51 – $69.88 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $47.02 – $69.16 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $46.47 – $68.34 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $45.87 – $67.45 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $45.17 – $66.42 Maximum

Coin Codex

Coin Codex sees the price of Dash rise by 5.57% in the next month. Presently, Dash is sitting at $49.36. A 5.57% would put the asset at $52.11. Their outlook on Dash seems more consolidated. However, they generally see investing in Dash as a good decision with nice returns over a longer period.

  • July: Minimum $47.93 – $52.11 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $52.51 – $60.88 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $50.02 – $59.16 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $56.47 – $62.34 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $55.87 – $69.45 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $44.17 – $62.42 Maximum

Gov Capital

Gov Capital forecasts a similar trend to what Dash has been following so far – bearish. The Deep Learning algorithm on which the Gov Capital website is based helps the experts decide the future price of assets. According to Gov Capital, Dash is a good investment and could hit $196.97 after one year. This would be a 285.40% increase.

  • July: Minimum $44.93 – $60.49 Maximum
  • August: Minimum $59.51 – $79.88 Maximum
  • September: Minimum $34.02 – $46.16 Maximum
  • October: Minimum $47.47 – $63.34 Maximum
  • November: Minimum $55.87 – $75.45 Maximum
  • December: Minimum $37.17 – $50.42 Maximum

DASH Price Prediction for 2023 to 2025

Dash Coin Price Prediction Dash Coin 2

In 2023, Dash cryptocurrency will hit a high of $121.28. This is dependent on whether Bitcoin behaves. Dash will hit a low of $103.6 and average the year out at $107.28. In 2024, Dash will rise even higher to $175.61. Due to volatility, it will hit lows of $150.09 and average at $154.38.

Finally, by 2025, Dash will be trading at an average price of $228.72. Since long-term investors will be holding this asset, the price is expected to be at or higher than this. 

DASH Price Prediction for 2025 to 2030

In 2025, Dash will be trading at $228. It will hit a high of $254 that year. 2025 will be the year of the bull run, which usually comes about one year from the time of a bitcoin halving event. The next Bitcoin halving is in 2024; hence, 2025 should be a green year for most cryptocurrencies.

In 2026, Dash will average between $326.35 and $335.98 for most of the year. The asset will, however, hit highs of $384 to $400 and lows of $326. 

In 2027, Dash will surpass its all-time high price of $478 and post news highs of $572.97. Following a bull run, there is always a bear market. And therefore, there is a chance that 2027 will be the year of the bear. 

By 2028, Dash will be trading at $743.34 with highs of $837 and lows of $723. In 2029, Dash will be in price discovery mode, exploring prices above the $1000 mark. 2029 will see highs of $1244 and lows of $1093. Dash price will average at $1122.

Finally, by 2030, Dash’s price on the markets will be $1763. In that year, the asset will touch $1914 or even higher since it will be just two years after the 2028 Bitcoin halving.


Is Dash Crypto Dead?

Dash Crypto is not dead. If anything, it is better than it has ever been. The project is healthy and is used in over 150,000 merchants and services globally. Moreover, the asset’s price has been holding up nicely against Bitcoin’s onslaught over the past few years.

Does Dash Have a Halving?

Dash does not have a halving. However, they have something even more innovative than Bitcoin’s block halving. For Dash, every 210240 blocks, the block reward is reduced by 7.14%. Since the block time on Dash is 2.5 minutes, it means that Dash’s block reward is slashed every 365 days.

The slashing increases the scarcity of the coins, but the demand remains the same or even increases. This supply reduction is what pushes the price up. 

Since Dash was made as a faster and more private fork of the Bitcoin protocol, the developers had to include some form of deflationary mechanism. The last 7.14% drop happened in may 2021, reducing the block reward from 2.88 DASH to 2.67 DASH. 

Counting 365 days from then, the next slash happened on May 27, 2022, at a block height of 1,681,920, reducing the block reward from 2.67 DASH to 2.48 DASH.

How High Can Dash Coin Reach?

The price limit for Dash is the sky. The asset has a deflationary mechanism built into its code. The project offers better privacy and higher transaction speeds compared to Bitcoin. Coupled with the high demand for this crypto, the price could reach three or even four figures.

Technical analysis alone already predicts highs of $211 by 2023. Adding fundamentals to this equation will probably push this project to new highs. 

Another factor to consider is the coin supply of this asset. Dash has a small total supply of about 19 million coins. This supply is even less than that of Bitcoin, which stands at 21 million. Additionally, the project slashes supply by 7% every 365 days, making it deflationary. All these factors contribute towards pushing the price of Dash high into the thousands. 

In the bull market of 2017, Dash touched a high of $1440. In the future, this asset will surpass this price.

Does Dash Have a Future?

Dash has a future. The humongous global use case of this cryptocurrency makes it unkillable. Moreover, developers are still working on making Dash even more accessible to everyone globally, from the rich to the poor.