DeadKnight is A Metaverse project on the Solana blockchain. The new dawn of 8-bit NFT-game in Metaverse World


Dead Knight is about much more than collectables. It is an 8-bit RPG NFT game set in a fantasy medieval world. It is also a source of inspiration and a character in the gaming metaverse, where you can use your Knight to take advantage of the game’s unique features, most notably the Play-to-earn mechanism.

The people of the Vela kingdom were cursed and turned into undead after an incident known as “The Scourge.”They have escaped the cyclical nature of life and death. However, the Undead gradually lose their minds and eventually become insane after each reincarnation.

With the belief that Sinners—the powerful monsters created from the Great Demon Alvin’s soul shards—are the key to ending the curse, a group of sane Undead known as The Dead Knight gathers around to annihilate them.

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NFT Collectibles



Gen-0 NFTs are the first 9999 NFTs available for purchase before the game’s release. They feature blockchain-based attributes that are uniquely and randomly generated. They are the special characters that comprise the first generation of the Dead Knight, each of whom possesses a distinct set of attributes as depicted on the NFTs. As a result, Gen-0 NFTs offer numerous benefits over subsequent generations.

In an exciting Play-To-Earn NFT game, players will use their Knight as their character. These NFTs will display various stats related to damage tolerance, defence, and game luck.

Additionally, Gen-0 NFTs are required to unlock a slew of future Dead Knight Metaverse features.



Each Knight is constructed using over 225 distinct traits distributed across nine layers. The optimal rarity ranking mechanism produces a Dead Knight NFT that is completely distinct from the others.

Dead Knight Metaverse


The Dead Knight generative PFP NFTs are attributes that are generated uniquely and randomly using blockchain technology. They will be made available first on the Solana Blockchain, followed by the game.

Additionally, Dead Knight NFT collectibles are divided into four distinct classes, each with its own set of attributes that appear on the NFT. Possessing DK NFT entails the following benefits:

Use their DKs as the protagonists in entertaining Play-To-Earn features. Take part in the DK Championships that are held regularly and win prizes at the tournaments. Being a part of the DK metaverse. After the DK strongholds feature is released, players will be able to purchase their own NFT strongholds to manufacture and exchange goods, as well as their own unique NFT, to enhance their experience of the DK metaverse or profit from the marketplace. Additionally, they can explore and fight in the DK world’s 3D mode using VR. Take advantage of a dual token system to ensure economic stability. Activate the chat Interactive & DK social component

Dead Knight Stronghold


Each Gen-0 DK is critical for players to gain priority when it comes to minting DK Strongholds later in the game.

Each stronghold will have a unique rarity and set of characteristics based on its location within the DK Underworlds. They are distinguished by material production bonuses, special dark pets, NFT breeding, and special dungeons.

After Stronghold’s release, players can also enjoy the social and VR elements. They can team up with a friend to take on legendary enemies in a multiplayer mode that incorporates virtual reality elements.

The rarity of a stronghold is classified into five categories:

  • Common 
  • Uncommon 
  • Rare 
  • Mythical
  • Legendary

Artificial Intelligence


Many Dark Ones will be roaming the Dead Knight metaverse after the release of the strongholds. AI elements will be added to those mysterious characters to expand the game’s features.

There will be a unique path-finding system for each of the Dark Ones. They are free to roam the Dead Knight Metaverse at will and pursue their own before goals. Every time a Dark One completes a quest, they’ll level up and gain their own unique set of abilities that they can use in combat. In addition, they use data mining on user behavior and a variety of approaches to determine whether a player is a friend or an enemy.

VR Game Play

Later in the game, players will be able to play Dead Knight in multiplayer mode with a friend using a VR device.

Once the Dead Knight stronghold mint is complete, this feature will be available. Strongholds contain unique dungeons for the players’ use and enjoyment.

The Dead Knight Metaverse allows players to engage in play-to-earn in a social setting by enabling all of the game’s social features.

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Champion League

Dead Knight Tournament NFT DK Owners have the option to take part in the competition and win a share of the DKM (Deadknight Metaverse Token) weekly prize pool if they do well.

The Tournament Will Have 3 Main Stages:

  • The qualifier has a single-elimination format for unranked and low-ranked players. 
  • The group stage will have a Bo2 format for seeded players and qualified players.
  • The champion stage, which features a Bo3 and Double Elimination format.

The DK World Championship will be scheduled automatically every weekend.


Token Details

Dead Knight Metaverse token (DKM) is known as the governance token.

Ticker: $DKM

Total Supply: 500.000.000 DKM

Token Allocation

Ecosystem & Farming – 45%

Private Round – 15%

Team – 15%

Marketing – 8%

Public Round (IDO) – 5%

Liquidity – 5%

Seed Round – 4%

Partnership & Advisor – 1%

Airdrop/ Giveaway – 2%



December 2021

  • Mint the first 9999 Dead Knight NFTs on
  • Dead Knight Website
  • List on Secondary Marketplace
  • Introduce Game design & interface

Q1 2022

  • Launch Farming Function
  • Launch In-game NFT Marketplace
  • IDO DKM (Death Knight Metaverse) government token on Solana Network
  • Release more in-game Dead Knight NFTs
  • Release Dead Knight Closed beta Version

Q2 2022

  • Launch PVE & Dungeons functions
  • Release World Boss & reward system
  • Release equipment upgrade mechanism
  • Integrate social elements to the Dead Knight game

Q3 2O22

  • Open PvP function
  • Introduce daily quests
  • Introduce weekly Dead Knight tournaments
  • Introduce leaderboard & reward system

Q4 2022

  • Optimize reward system & game balancing
  • Release more in-game Dead Knight NFTs
  • Release Dk Underworld metaverse & enable the DK metaverse ecosystem

Q1 2023

  • Introduce Dead Knight Online League & KOL’s benefits
  • Introduce Dead Knight Annual League reward model
  • Integrate VR & AI system to DK Underworld Metaverse

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