The gaming industry is currently undergoing rapid growth and occupies a prominent place in the market. The gaming market is highly appealing to investors, making it impossible to ignore this sector, particularly NFTs games. Take advantage of the advantages of blockchain and Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics that make gaming even more exciting. Possessing all of the above is the game Idle Cyber. Coming to Idle Cyber, players will experience a fascinating game plot and earn money through NFT characters. 

Market Analysis

Market Overview

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With blockchain development, game developers have released many very unique games that make the gaming market explode. The gaming technology industry gradually attracted many investors’ eyes and became the focus of all attention. Therefore, the market capitalization of gaming in the market is awe-inspiring numbers that show how great the potential of this field is. In the future, perhaps this market will have more development steps that will surprise investors more than this.

Major Rivals 

God Unchained

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God Unchained, with a market capitalization of 103 million dollars, is a classic card game where turn-based attack card battles take place while allowing players to collect diverse cards with unique graphics.

Crazy Defense Heroes


Crazy Defense Heroes, with a market capitalization of nearly 13 million dollars, is a defense game where the player controls warriors to fend off monsters’ attacks.

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What features does this project have that make it worth looking forward to?


To start Idle Cyber, the player must go to the Marketplace to buy an IDLE CYBER Box to unlock the Cybers – the mutants that will fight in the game. After owning the Cyber, players will be classified by ranks depending on the game modes.

Game modes

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Campaign (PvE): players will be divided into 4 ranks based on the number of Cybers they own. Every day the player will have several wins based on the rank. When a player wins a match, they will receive mIDLE and EXP, and if the player loses a game, they will not lose their turn and continue until the maximum number of victories is reached.

Arena (PvP): players will be divided into 4 levels based on the number of Tier – 6 –  Cyber. Players have a number of daily battles and will be added to the number of fights based on their rank. The winner of the match is the one who can resist the attack. If both of them defeat all the Cyborgs, the system will calculate the percentage of health based on the number of Cyber remaining to give someone a final victory.

Grand Arena (PvP): Similar to Arena mode, but to participate, players must meet two conditions: level > 20 and possess at least 36 Cybers. Each day, the player will have one attack turn and use mIDLE to add turns.

Cyber system in the game

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Idle Cyber possesses a massive number of Cyber ​​of 5 main classes:

Bastion: A solid frontline for teammates, with defensive skills

Assassin: Acts as the primary damage dealer for the whole team, skills are close-range but do significant damage

Marksman: Support damage to allies with a long-range attack

Techie: Support for teammates in attack as well as buff for defensive teammates

Netrunner: Annoying enemies, creating debuff effects

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The Cyber of each class will have different parameters and roles in each battle. For each class, there will be Cybers of various Quality, the number of skills and the parameters of blood, attack, a range that Cyber possesses will be based on that Cyber’s Quality.

Besides the 5 classes, the Cybers also are divided into different elements. Elements will support or counter others.

Cybers can be strengthened through upgrading, evolving, equipping items, and stats like Learning Points. At the same time, in battle, players can use supporting items to increase Cyber strengths, create shields to prevent Cyborgs, etc.


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The Marketplace is a must-visit for any player who wants to get started with Idle Cyber. Because to own the Cyber and start the game, the player must buy the Pack and open the Cyber. Besides buying packs, players can also purchase and sell Cyber at Marketplace in the future.

Paper: Papers are publicly available and transparent. Details can be found here

The product status: Currently having games and still developing. You can read the roadmap below: 


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We are in Q1-2022; in January, Idle Cyber will open beta on mainnet and sell NFTs items. The project’s roadmap is also relatively straightforward and detailed for investors to grasp the plans in the subsequent phases of the project. Let’s wait and see what exciting things Idle Cyber will do with its advantages in the future.

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Token Economy of Idle Cyber

Token Distribution

  • Token Name: Idle Cyber
  • Ticker: AFK
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: 0xbA0B46F556633Bd742546E4F37D66D416753003B
  • Token Type: Utility, Governance
  • Total Supply: 790.000.000 AFK
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Token allocation tells us the developer’s intention to spend most of the token for loyal players with a stable playing time to receive in-game rewards. Simultaneously, the cliff time for each token sale round will create stability for the price of the AFK token for an initial period.

Token Utilities

The primary token of Idle Cyber is AFK, which is used to buy packs at the marketplace, staking, fees to participate in major tournaments, etc. Players can buy on the exchange to get AFK tokens or win battles in Idle Cyber.

Network Valuation and Asset Pricing

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Idle Cyber has a volume of over $29k within 24 hours. The top exchanges in AFK are currently PancakeSwap (V2) and MEXC. Perhaps this is not impressive, but with the project’s potential, it promises to bring numbers to “satisfy” investors soon.

Unique Selling Point (USP) of Idle Cyber

The game is built with a character system and rich equipment. To attract players and an attractive game plot, it is also indispensable for the characters in the game. Coming to Idle Cyber, players will experience amazing feelings with countless equipment. To have a unique character system and equipment, not every game can do it. Idle Cyber has done just that. This game will bring players engaging experiences and win the hearts of players with gorgeous and unique game design.

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Marketing of Idle Cyber – Well done but not fully exploited

Facebook: Idle Cyber Game – There are more than 31000 followers

Twitter: Idle Cyber Game – Has nearly 80000 followers

Telegram: Contact @idlecyber – Has more than 79000 members

Medium: Idle Cyber Game – Regularly update the news and progress of the project

In general, the project has a good marketing strategy but has not been fully exploited. The numbers are not impressive. But with its competitive advantages, there will be a tremendous increase in the future. The project does not have a Discord channel for players to discuss, and perhaps the project is considered more investment-oriented than gaming. In the end, with a good game story, eye-catching game design, and such an attractive character system, it is hoped that the project will be able to thrive in both investment and experience with the game.

Who are the project’s backers?

Investor & Partner

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Idle Cyber owns a powerful force of partners & investors, including GTA Ventures, Trade Coin Vietnam, Kyros Ventures, StarPunk, UG Ventures, Magala, etc. Organizations and significant investment funds in this market show that Idle Cyber has excellent potential. This project promises many breakthroughs and does not disappoint investors.


A young team developed the game from Beemod – a famous game company in Vietnam with many years of developing traditional games. The project team is quite large and has a lot of experience in Gaming, Blockchain, Marketing, etc.

In addition, the project also has a team of well-known and experienced advisors in the market. Hopefully with such a strong team will build a strong community for the project in the future.

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Idle Cyber is a game that allows players to play Play-To-Earn. Players are entertaining and earn extra income. With what the project owns from the plot, characters, or the support from such a good team of backers, it won’t be long before the project will do something special shortly.

Investors will not be able to help but keep an eye on Idle Cyber because the project is expected to have great potential in the future, and will not disappoint investors with what the project has been, is, and will be.

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