The gaming sector is becoming increasingly explosive and appealing as blockchain is applied to NFT games. The game is entertaining, but it also allows players to earn money. That’s how the Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanism works. This mechanism is no longer odd to individuals who have been exposed to gaming technology because it appears to be rising in popularity. With the advantages and appeal of this mechanism, well-known game creators in gaming technology created “PlaceWar”, an equally appealing game. PlaceWar will be a game that fully exploits the P2E mechanism to give players the best experience. This is a game that investors should keep an eye on in the future.

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Market Analysis

Market Overview

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The gaming industry has taken a big position in the market, especially since a slew of new titles has been released one after the other. As a result, the gaming sector is rapidly rising in the blockchain industry, and it has always attracted a lot of attention from investors. Currently, the gaming industry has created a huge market capitalization, and the trading volume is increasing, resulting in increased liquidity. This confirms that gaming is a promising industry that will soon become a “huge wave” in the market.

Major Rivals

Splinter Lands

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Splinter Lands, with a market capitalization of nearly 80 million dollars; is a digital, collectible card game built on blockchain technology.

Alien Worlds

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Alien Worlds, with a market capitalization of nearly 300 million dollars;  is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs).

What are the outstanding features of PlaceWar that make it so appealing?



There are five different types of tanks in PlaceWar, each with its own functions and specs. Players can devise their own winning methods for their teams.

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Medieval: Simple and clumsy

Heavy Armor: The main pillar of each tank team

Rocket Launcher: Attacks enemies from a location they can’t see

Mech Tank: The most advanced and most destructive type of tank

Amphibious: Agile and can be used in any terrain

Besides 5 types of tanks, each type will include 5 parameters so that players can decide to use tanks for each battle, and these parameters can also be improved through equipment usage.

Turret: Damage that the tank can deal with each shot

Barrel: Range that the tank can attack

Engine: The distance the tank can travel in each round

Armor: Tank’s Defense Stats

Tracks: The ability to dodge or not take damage from an attack

In addition to buying tanks, players can also own tanks through crafting. The player can create 2 tanks and consume PLACE + GEAR + Blueprint. The new tank will be inherited from the original 2 tanks.

Game modes

The goal of PlaceWar is to destroy all of your opponent’s tanks in a turn-based offensive battle. Players must determine the angle of the shot and the force of the shot to be able to hit the opponent.

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There are three game modes in all:

PVE skirmish: Players will confront bosses with a 3-tank formation. Each turn, the tanks will take turns attacking or moving. Players need to destroy all bosses and have at least one tank left to win.

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PVP Battlefront: In a 3v3 combat, players are matched with another player at random and given the objective of destroying all of the opponent’s tanks to win. Two players will control the tanks during one turn, allowing them to move or strike the opponent. The damage each attack can deal is determined by the angle of the shot, the direction of the wind, the force of the shot, and the additional items.

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Guild War: This is a 10v10 arena mode in which players select the most powerful and appropriate tank to assist nine teammates and defeat ten foes. The tanks will move positions or attack every turn. To begin, players must deposit some $GEAR or $PLACE (the player may withdraw prior to the start of the game if he no longer wishes to participate), and the winning team will be divided evenly in the total amount of $GEAR or $PLACE, as well as pay a small charge to PlaceDAO.

The player must first fill up a fuel tank to enter the battle, which can be replenished over time or expedited using $GEAR. 

Pixel System

In PlaceWar, the player will be introduced to Placedonia, an area of land of 300×300 with units of Pixels. The Pixels will be a piece of land and be the player’s headquarters.

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Players can construct headquarters, place Defenders to defend the land, assault drones and Pegatron, harvest treasures, extract resources, or even $PLACE on the Pixel, which is randomly generated. 

In Placedonia, players can also invade other Pixels to rob them of the resources available there. The player will have to attack and destroy the Defenders set by Pixel owners to start. If it wins, the invader will loot untapped resources on the Pixel, but if it fails, the invader could lose NFT and $GEAR to the defender.

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Defenders will play an important role in protecting player resources and are created through $PLACE, $GEAR, and good items need 2 Defenders samples to create new Defenders.


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A place to supply items, tanks for starters. Here, players can buy packs that include tanks or items. It can also help players exchange and trade tanks and items with each other in the future.

Paper: Papers are publicly available and transparent. Details can be found here

The product status: Currently having games and still developing. You can read the roadmap below: 

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We are in Q4-2021, in December, PlaceWar will start selling NFT and launch the Beta game. In general, the project’s roadmap is detailed about the next steps for the completion process. Let’s see what PlaceWar can do soon, given its impressive features, competitive advantages, and appealing game design.

Things to be aware of in PlayWar’s Token Economy

Token Distribution

Token Name: PlaceWar Token

Ticker: PLACE

Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Token Standard: BEP-20

Contract: 0x07728696ee70a28c9c032926577af1d524df30f9

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 PLACE

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With the allocation of up to 50% tokens for Play-to-earn and Farming, PlaceWar promises to be a paradise for players with high demand for Play-to-earn.

Token utility

The main token in PlaceWar will be $PLACE. Players can get tokens through playing games, rewards for staking tokens, or other events related to PlaceWar. $PLACE will be used to trade on PlaceWar’s marketplace, build tanks, and defenders.

Network Valuation and Asset Pricing

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PlaceWar has a market cap of over $136 million with a volume of $902k within 24 hours. The top exchanges in PLACE are currently PancakeSwap (V2),, Hoo, Hotbit, ZT. This is also considered an impressive number, but with the project’s potential, this number is expected to have a further breakthrough soon.

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Unique Selling Point (USP) of PlaceWar

Built on Metaverse

With the current position of the gaming field in the market, the number of games built on the P2E mechanism is truly innumerable. But PlaceWar is one of the successful titles with the difference that it is built on a Metaverse with the map as a collection of pixels. The player can develop his own base from owning a pixel. Coming to PlaceWar, players can have fun with the gameplay and unleash their creativity here.


Unlike other games that still haven’t solved the transparency issue of property ownership, with PlaceWar, players will actually own the assets they have. They will control their assets by owning tokens or NFTs on the blockchain platform. PlaceWar allows players to buy, sell, or create products and can be traded on exchanges, thereby increasing their game assets.

Marketing of PlaceWar – Own an impressive community

Facebook: PlaceWar – Has more than 31.278 likes and 54.898 followers 

Twitter: PlaceWar Official – There are more than 131000 followers

Telegram: Contact @placewar – Has more than 106000 members

Discord: PlaceWar – There are more than 53000 active members

In general, the project has a suitable marketing strategy and has quite a high efficiency. A project that owns such an impressive number of followers has partly shown its potential. With the number of Discord participants only ½ of Twitter followers, the project is still considered more investment-oriented than a gaming experience. In the coming time, with such attractive game storylines, eye-catching game designs, and features that attract players, it is hoped that the project will balance and be able to thrive in both trends.

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Backers of PlaceWar

Investor & Partner

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PlaceWar has many partners & investors, such as Binance Smart Chain,, AC Capital, AU21 Capital, etc. With a project that many large investment funds have poured money into, solid backing of this project has also been seen. In addition, with the potential of PlaceWar, the project is predicted to have a breakthrough in the future and will “satisfy” investors.


The core team of the project comes mainly from Mega Game Studio, a leading mobile gaming studio based in the Philippines and Taiwan. With over 10 years of experience in the gaming field, Mega already has a certain track record and can handle all tasks from product creation to marketing and monetization.

The PlaceWar team is led by Myrtle Ramos, Block Tides, a leading and award-winning blockchain PR firm based in Singapore under the Asia Foundation. She is an official influencer of Coinmarketcap and VP of GokuMarket. In addition, she is also one of the leaders in organizing P2E game scholarship programs.


Taking advantage of the launch during the “golden time” when the attention for NFT blockchain games is increasing, PlaceWar has captured a certain amount of interest from the community. With so much promise, this P2E game will undoubtedly breakthrough soon. 

Whether you’re a gamer or an investor, you can’t help but be interested in this project because of what it has to offer. Because PlaceWar will provide a fantastic experience for players while also bringing profits for investors.

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