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TOKENIK’s ultimate goal is to establish a completely new ecosystem from which everyone benefits. By taking part in the ecosystem and staking, users are rewarded, while projects gain greater liquidity and exposure for their tokens.

TOKENIK is an innovative decentralized exchange that is powered by the $NIK and $RNIK tokens. They believe that TOKENIK will revolutionize the digital asset trading market with its cutting-edge capabilities and incentive model system. Tokenik has been through an audit and is a partner of Solidity Finance.

Having developed a comprehensive solution for DEX products, TOKENIK recognizes the need for a non-custodial decentralized platform for DeFi products.

Cash Rewards &Amp; Benefits For All Users

Earn fees from a Growing Protocol of DeFi dApps 

• Spot Trading • $NIK & $RNIK Staking • Leverage Trading • Limit Orders • Tokenik Wallet• Tokenik Safe • Portfolio Rebalancing • LP Staking Farms • NFT Escrow • Lending • Options Trading • Token Bridge 


With RNIK trading rewards, users will receive 1 percent of the dollar’s value. With the Tokenik platform, users can access a rewards wallet that will be credited with 1% of the value of each qualifying pair when they are swapped. Tokenik’s administration has promoted all pairs in which one of the tokens is a stablecoin. As an illustration, if a user converts $1,000 USDC to Ethereum (ETH), he or she will receive $10 (1%) in RNIK rewards. Tokenik balances are automatically adjusted whenever RNIK rewards are credited to the account.


For liquidity providers, the increased trading fees on Tokenik can amount to as much as 70 times the standard 0.3% swap fees. With the help of Tokenik’s unique swap price algorithm, the protocol is able to compensate liquidity providers with a value that reflects the effect of a swap on the underlying currency pair’s price. For a liquidity provider, this can mean a 70 times increase in profit on specific trades. Fees collected are directly related to the magnitude of the effect the swap has on market prices. If the price effect is significant, profits will rise accordingly.

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As a member of a Partner Project, you can take advantage of higher trading fees, increase your liquidity pool through LP Staking Farms, and claim reserved Partner Project fees. Through the Rewards Grant Program, projects can also get RNIK trading rewards of $20,000 to $50,000. One of the main goals of the Partner Program is to help users’ projects grow their liquidity pair. To get liquidity providers interested in your project, Tokenik can offer it free RNIK emissions and high APYs through the LP Staking Farms.

Tokenik Leverage Trading

Users are able to obtain leveraged exposure to assets in a non-custodial, decentralized environment by utilizing the Tokenik Leverage Trading protocol. Because of the architecture of its synthetic leverage, Tokenik is in a position to provide customers with a greater selection of leverages and pairs while simultaneously lowering the trading fees associated with these transactions (up to 100x leverage).

Tokenik Leverage Trading

Trading experiences:

– Users have full control of their money and don’t have to make a deposit or sign up for anything.

– High liquidity and low price effect.

– Median spot prices (powered by Chainlink)

– High leverage available (up to 100x)

– Competitive rates (0.1%)

– Transparent and not centralized: 100% on blockchain execution.

– Synthetic leverage: no loan, rollover, or time fees

How does it work?

No matter the trading pair, trades are opened using DAI as collateral. The DAI vault is used to support the synthetic leverage. If the trader’s PNL is positive, DAI is taken from the vault to pay them. If the trader’s PNL is negative, DAI is received from the trades.

DAI Vault Protection 

TOKENIK has implemented a one-hour minimum trade time and a $100 minimum trade amount as part of the DAI Vault bots protection measures.

TOKENIK’s DEX Innovations

Tokenik'S Liquid Trading Fees
  • Proprietary Price Impact, a TOKENIK innovation, will transform the way customers engage with Automated Market Makers (AMMs). As a result of the higher fees generated by the swap, liquidity providers can increase their profits by as much as 70 times by incorporating a price impact design into the swap’s user interface. As a result, those who use decentralized exchanges will be more productive and successful. This safeguards the system from flash loans and automated programs.
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  • For a decentralized exchange to be successful, TOKENIK knows that liquidity is a must. This is why they have introduced their new Liquid Trading Fees system, which will allow traders to profit from the exchange of assets in every transaction as well as the RNIK trading rewards system. Further, these charges can be withdrawn whenever you like. As far as TOKENIK is concerned, this is a major step forward for decentralized trading platforms.
Tokenik'S Sell Tax Support
  • Sell Tax Support is another feature coming to the TOKENIK platform that will protect sellers from incurring any additional costs as a result of selling their tokens. This novel feature will enable projects to maintain deflationary rates and incentivize token holding without causing sellers to incur any losses when selling their tokens. In addition to distinguishing TOKENIK from competing DEX platforms, this feature also demonstrates the company’s dedication to delivering an exceptional experience to its buyers and sellers.
Tokenik'S Dedicated Project Rewards
  • The platform also has Dedicated Project Rewards and a Fair Rewards Distribution system, which are both important features. With Dedicated Project Rewards, users can become Grant Partners and get trading fees, program rewards, and more exposure for their project in TOKENIK’s marketplace. The Grant Program will also give these Dedicated Partners chances to get money.
Tokenik'S Leverage Trading Feature
  • Tokenik Leverage Trading is a protocol for gaining leveraged exposure to cryptocurrency markets that is both decentralized and non-custodial. Tokenik is able to offer low trading fees, a wide variety of leverages and pairs, and a low total cost of capital thanks to its synthetic leverage architecture, which is backed by a DAI Vault. TOKENIK has implemented a one-hour trade minimum and a $100 trade minimum as part of the DAI Vault bots protection measures.
Tokenik Tokens

NIK is the Tokenik governance token, and it is the best thing a user could own.

Up to 50% of all the fees that the Tokenik ecosystem makes are shared among the holders of the NIK governance token. This makes it the most valuable asset a user could have.

The fees are given out every day and can be cashed out as USDC (during v1). When Tokenik v2 goes live, the rewards will be paid out in RNIK that has been bought back in cash. Like the trading of NIK tokens, the fees will also start when the platform goes live.

Fees Distribution

The entire Tokenik ecosystem, including all of the DeFI DApps, will first be released on the Ethereum blockchain, and then on other chains like Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. For those who own NIK tokens on Ethereum, this means access to a brand new set of perks. Fees accrued on any secondary chain will be credited to the holders of NIK tokens on the Ethereum main network. On their platform, public IDO access is scheduled to begin in the new year of 2023. If you want to learn more, check out  

Earn RNIK Trading Rewards – Get rewarded for every token swap

Earn Rnik Trading Rewards

Tokenik’s platform users are the most valued and rewarded in the company. You can get 1% of the value of your trades back in RNIK trading rewards on all eligible swaps. Currently, the RNIK bonuses are being added immediately to your Tokenik rewards wallet balance. You can use them as credits toward future swaps, stake them to boost your rewards, or (everyone’s favorite) save them up to be converted at a 1:1 ratio into RNIK tokens upon the launch of Tokenik v2.

The primary objective of Tokenik v1 is to expand the network and attract more users. This is why Tokenik uses the Tokenik trading rewards, which occur before the distribution of the actual RNIK tokens, rather than the less-than-transparent method of sending all of the RNIK tokens directly to preselected addresses (users of a certain wallet, service, or chain).

That’s right, back in Tokenik v1, the only place a user’s RNIK trading rewards showed up was in their Tokenik rewards wallet. However, until Tokenik v2 is released and the rewards can be converted into real RNIK tokens, users won’t be able to see them in their cryptocurrency wallet.

Tokenik v1 will center on the RNIK Trading Rewards distribution and collection process. As a part of this process, customers can receive 250 RNIK (equivalent to $250 USD in the Tokenik ecosystem) via the Tokenik RNIK Airdrop.

This allows Tokenik to ensure that all users who contribute to its growth as either users, liquidity providers, or projects are able to do so and are compensated fairly for their efforts.

Additionally, Tokenik guarantees that the trading rewards will continue to be useful in the Tokenik ecosystem until the upgrade to Tokenik v2. Now, users can put their trading rewards to use even before they are converted into RNIK tokens. Plus, they can do this without reducing the value of the incentives for making trades. The value of 1 RNIK earned through trading will remain at $1 indefinitely.

Anyone with an ETH wallet can participate in the RNIK Airdrop. Only one airdrop can be received by each wallet address.

The transaction gas price is the only cost associated with interacting with the airdrop contract; no other token approval or other fees are incurred.

Users can earn an additional 50 RNIK through the referral program for every person they successfully invite to claim the airdrop. The bonus is a token of appreciation from Tokenik for helping to spread the word about the Tokenik airdrop.

Tokenik Airdrop

The beginning date of the airdrop is set for November 15th, 2022, and it will last for a total of three months, until February 28th, 2023. The Tokenik platform is scheduled to have its public debut on February 28th, marking the occasion of its official release. Starting on that day, users will be able to mint RNIK into ERC-20 tokens and use them inside the ecosystem. While waiting for that to happen, users have the option of locking in a minimum annual percentage rate of 20% on their  RNIK of 20% while still earning interest on a daily basis.


TOKENIK is optimistic about the potential of decentralized trading platforms in the future. Because of this, the team has developed a cryptocurrency exchange that provides all participants with safe and dependable trading, as well as rewards and incentives for taking part. The TOKENIK Protocol is driven by two different tokens known as NIK and RNIK. These tokens can be obtained by taking part in activities hosted by the community or by contributing liquidity to the platform. In addition, the decentralized ecosystem of TOKENIK contains DApps that can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from automated market-making to staking pools.

TOKENIK’s mission is to make decentralization easier to understand and use by providing straightforward tools with a strong emphasis on safety. That’s why they want to keep adding new features and improving existing ones so that Tokenik can continue to serve as a leader in the emerging field of decentralized finance.

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