The two most exciting developments in technology right now are blockchain and AI. PwC predicts that by 2030 blockchain technology will have generated $31 trillion in economic value, with AI reaching an astonishing $15.7 trillion. Fintech stands to gain immensely from the further advancement and integration of blockchain and AI, as it is one of the most direct uses of these new technologies.

The blockchain’s architecture and efficiency can benefit from AI integration into the system’s underlying infrastructure. The constraints of blockchain networks can be circumvented with the help of AI solutions. For instance, if smart algorithms support a blockchain, it may automatically identify assaults and activate defense mechanisms to keep the network safe. Machine learning also facilitates more effective on-chain data processing.

The possibility of using AI to trade cryptocurrencies is enormous. AI has several potential applications in the financial sector, including but not limited to automated trading, price prediction, risk management, and portfolio optimization. Artificial intelligence systems have the potential to be useful instruments for efficient risk management due to their ability to track long-term market shifts. AI can also optimize investment portfolios depending on consumer preferences and risk tolerance.

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CopyCat Dex is an Ethereum-based decentralized trading protocol. CopyCat Dex, a new DEX that goes above and beyond simple trading and liquidity mining, differentiates itself by using artificial intelligence in its trading platform. Because of this, traders can fine-tune their methods, streamline their risk management, and increase their earnings.

CopyCat devised the innovative Treasury Compensation Mechanism to lessen its consumers’ vulnerability to the effects of price volatility resulting from trading. A community-managed pool of insurance funds is the source of user transaction protection. If a user suffers losses while trading and possesses a voucher, they can submit the voucher to the insurance pool in order to be reimbursed for their losses.

Key Features of CopyCat Dex

Spot and Contract Trading:

CopyCat Dex is a decentralized exchange that facilitates spot and contract trading. It combines a DEX’s expediency with a centralized exchange’s effectiveness (CEX). CopyCat boosts Ethereum’s performance by utilizing OP Rollup technology, which increases the transaction throughput of the network from 15 TPS to thousands. Traders can now conduct more frequent and shorter transactions without the risk of suffering any delays that are discernible owing to the latency of the network. The Chainlink oracle solution, which compiles prices from the most widely used cryptocurrency exchanges, makes it feasible for traders to transact at the most advantageous pricing possible.

CopyCat’s performance advantages are especially useful in contract trading because it supports practically all contract trading capabilities available on CEX platforms. There are a variety of order types, such as limit and market orders, as well as conditional and take-profit/stop-loss options. With CopyCat’s matching technology, users can rest assured that their orders will be executed quickly and without hiccups.

The initial launch of CopyCat Dex will take place on the Ethereum blockchain, and its primary objective will be to create a cross-chain aggregation system that operates across all EVM chains and major blockchain networks. Transiting across platforms and tokens on CopyCat’s platform eliminates the need for token conversions, which makes the trading process more streamlined.

AI Strategy Trading: 

Because of the unique approach that it takes to AI trading, CopyCat Dex stands out among the other DEX apps available. The platform incorporates an AI-driven trading engine that provides assistance to users in the process of trading assets, identifies opportunities for trading in the market, and generates trading strategies that are flexible enough to respond to changing market conditions. The AI trading strategy provided by CopyCat can be modified to accommodate individual traders’ unique risk preferences and investment objectives.

In order to anticipate future market patterns and price changes, CopyCat’s AI strategy uses massive amounts of past data to train models. The system then uses these forecasts to implement trading strategies automatically. CopyCat’s AI models produce quantitative trading strategies that are low-risk, robust, and efficient compared to more conventional methods.

Robust risk control measures are included in CopyCat’s AI trading features. This category falls under stop-loss and take-profit levels, trade volume limits based on historical data, and regular monitoring of trading results and model performance. This guarantees the best possible financial rewards and risk management.

In addition, institutional investors benefit from the API services made available by CopyCat’s AI trading capabilities. As a result, institutional investors are better positioned to enhance cryptocurrency asset management organizations’ productivity, safety, and growth.

Staking and Liquidity Mining:

CopyCat Dex users can stake their native token, DINO, for rewards in one of two ways: either by staking a single token or by staking via a liquidity provider. Through various staking actions, users on the platform have the opportunity to make money.

In addition to the standard staking compensation, users that participate in DINO LP staking are eligible to receive Treasury Compensation Vouchers. If you make a loss when trading, you can get a reimbursement for the amount deducted from these coupons. Please refer to the “Treasury Compensation Mechanism” section if you require further information.

CopyCat Dex users can win rewards for providing the platform with the necessary liquidity to make any token tradeable. Users are rewarded with a certain number of LP staking vouchers in direct proportion to the amount and duration of their contributions to the liquidity pool. Users are encouraged to make the most of their cash by receiving liquidity awards and more DINO tokens when they do so.

Treasury Compensation Mechanism:

The community has collaborated to establish a decentralized insurance system for the trading industry called CopyCat Insurance. Because this system uses a communally generated insurance money pool, users who conduct trades on CopyCat are provided greater financial protection due to the application of this method. This strategy protects Traders from the potentially detrimental consequences of market volatility.

Users can earn compensation vouchers by taking part in LP stake mining or by providing profits. CopyCat Insurance will immediately cover users who have these vouchers and incur trading losses. The protocol sends the user an amount equal to their losses from the insurance pool.

CopyCat Insurance provides a sensible counterweight to the risks posed by price fluctuations for traders. Users need not fear catastrophic losses when pursuing greater gains. There is no need to worry about the safety of assets because the insurance pool is community-built and runs autonomously using smart contracts.


Launchpad is a component of CopyCat Dex that assists teams in effectively planning, developing, and launching their respective projects.

Whitelist sales, multi-round sales, and airdrops are just some of the sale formats that CopyCat Dex supports, giving project teams a wide range of options from which to choose. To make use of CopyCat Dex’s technology infrastructure and user base, projects can access the trading market via the Launchpad and immediately begin building liquidity pools.

Users that use CopyCat Dex’s Launchpad can save money while purchasing high-quality assets and further profit from the appreciation of those assets.

In summary

The CopyCat team has deep experience developing and executing quantitative trading strategies for securities, private equity, funds, and traditional asset management institutions. The combination of AI with cryptocurrencies is destined to become a major market trend, with far-reaching implications for the future of commerce, asset management, and financial decision-making. Because of this convergence, cryptocurrencies will be quicker, safer, and more efficient than ever before. Moreover, AI can assist in reducing the effects of human mistakes and market manipulation, boosting the dependability and security of cryptocurrency investments.

DEXs are extremely important since they serve as the gateway for newcomers to the cryptocurrency market. More people will utilize cryptocurrencies if more people are provided with intelligent trading techniques that increase trading efficiency and profitability thanks to the incorporation of AI into this trend.

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