Discover KingKong DOGE – The Token with the Most Advanced Burning Method

In this piece, we’ll learn about KingKong DOGE, one of the most intriguing community-driven meme coins for 2023, as well as its distinctive advanced burning technique.   

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KingKong DOGE is a naturally community-driven cryptocurrency with integrated tax-burning features to propel #KingKongDoge to the sky. KingKong DOGE makes use of the true diversity of the blockchain because it is a community-driven currency. KingKong DOGE’s transparency and security guarantee that the community is at the forefront of all key decisions, unlike other initiatives that only pretend to be community-driven but fall short in practice.

A team of cryptocurrency specialists developed KingKong DOGE with the intention of developing it into a thriving ecosystem. With its Integrated Swap, numerous burning methods, anarchy, and a feast for every holder—the opulent rewards—KingKong DOGE stands out in the industry.


Supply Burn

Burning coins or notes reduces the quantity of them in circulation by eliminating them from the supply. The coins are sent to a wallet address that only takes coins and cannot perform operations in order to perform coin burning.

In order to implement the 1% supply burn function for KingKong DOGE, 1% of all transactions and sales are immediately taxed. As a result, supply falls, driving up demand in turn.

Timed Burn

In addition to the stock burn, KingKong DOGE also has a timed burn feature that happens when a share is sold, with a 1% burn rate. 

Another burn function is the automated 24-hour fire of tokens that have gathered in the wallet and are sent to the dead wallet.

The quantity of coins decreases as they gather in the burn wallet, also referred to as the dead wallet. based on the axiom “the smaller the supply, the greater the demand.” With the aid of these burn devices, KingKong DOGE controls its demand and worth. guaranteeing a completely decentralized currency as a result. 

Liquidity Pool

Our initiative is advanced by liquidity pools! These pools will produce tokens that will be used to fund growth as well as routine burns and buybacks.

In order to protect our community from such scams and frauds on every level and to give them a meme and community token that say they are “safer than ever,” the KingKong DOGE team has no team token and has also secured liquidity for 100 years.

Liquidity Pool Breakdown

Project Roadmap 

Phase 1

Concept Development

Release of Whitepaper

Development of a Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Extensive Marketing Campaigns

Application and Review Audits

KingKong DOGE Public Presale

PancakeSwap Exchange Listing

Listing on Coinmarketcap & Coingecko

Listing on Decentralized Exchange 

Frequent Buyback and Burn Events

Lbank Exchange Listing

KingKong DOGE Swap and Audit

KingKong DOGE Cross-Chain Integration

Purchases on popular sites like Walmart or eBay with KingKong DOGE token

Phase 2

Listing on Decentralized Exchange UniSwap

Integration with Credit Card Payment Services

KingKong DOGE Token Burn Platform

KingKong DAO

KingKong DOGE AI NFT dApp

Enhanced Token Burning Process on the Swap

KingKong DOGE NFT Collection

KingKong DOGE NFTs Public Presale

Expansion of Partnerships

Amplified Marketing Efforts

Forthcoming Exchange Listings

Pending Decentralized Exchange Listings

Phase 3

Significant Influencer Marketing Initiative

Major Announcement of KingKong DOGE’s Ecosystem

Introduction of a New Token to be Incoporated into KingKong DOGE

Enhancement of KingKong DOGE with Increased Token Burns through Integration

KingKong DOGE Swap Version 2.0

Phase 4

Expansion of KingKong DOGE NFT Utilization

Website Revamp

Unveiling of the Revised 


The $KINGKONG DOGE establishes new standards with real-world applications and tools like AI NFT minting, Dao, Swap, and ultimate burning methods! You can use your vouchers to make purchases from renowned merchants like Walmart, Ebay, Home Depot, and AliExpress after the presale. Following the presale, we’ll also conduct buyback and burn events and list on Lbank, one of the top 16 centralized exchanges. 

Presale on Pinksale 4th April at 14:00 UTC. 

Learn more at: 

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Why KingKong DOGE?

KingKong DOGE is one of the most potential meme coins in 2023 that is worth your attention and investment thanks to its outstanding features like Integrated Swap, multiple-burning methods, decentralization, and a feast for every holder-the rewards. 

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