Binance has announced its 54th project on Binance Launchpool – Notcoin, a Web3 gaming platform on Telegram where players earn digital currency by interacting with an animated coin, developed by Open Builders and supported by the TON Foundation. Discover the Notcoin farming on Binance Launchpool and learn more about the Notcoin airdrop by taking a look at this article.

What is Notcoin?

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Notcoin (NOT) is a Tap to Earn game on Telegram where users earn its native token by tapping on the screen, operating on the TON blockchain. Seen more as a Memecoin due to its simple mechanics and full community token distribution, Notcoin highlights include:

  • Integration with TON & Telegram: Built on TON and integrated with Telegram, the app is accessible to nearly 1 billion users, with TON’s TVL growing 40x in 6 months in 2024.
  • Free-to-Earn model: Users can participate without any investment by using Notcoin as a mini app on Telegram.
  • Easy to use: Just install Telegram and tap the Notcoin mini app to start earning.
  • Vast user base: Over 35 million users, with daily active users peaking at over 6 million.
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Details about the Notcoin Farming campaign on Binance Launchpool

Notcoin Farming On Binance Launchpool
Notcoin Farming on Binance Launchpool

Binance Launchpool offers an exciting opportunity to get Renzo Protocol – the 53rd project on Launchpool before listing NOT on the exchange. Here’s how you can participate:

  • Verify your Binance account: Make sure you have verified your account to be eligible to stake in the launchpools. Don’t have a Binance account yet? Register here
  • Stake your BNB / FDUSD in the pools: Earn NOT tokens by staking your current holdings of BNB or FDUSD on Binance Launchpool.
  • Claim your rewards and trade: Once the farming duration ends, you need to claim all your rewards in NOT tokens (you can claim the rewards at any time), and then get ready for the token listing at 2024-05-16 12:00 (UTC) and open trading with NOT/BTC, NOT/USDT, NOT/BNB, NOT/FDUSD and NOT/TRY trading pairs.

NOT Launchpool Details

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  • Token Name: Notcoin (NOT)
  • Max Token Supply: 102,719,221,714 NOT 
  • Launchpool Token Rewards: 3,081,576,651 NOT (3%  of max token supply)
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 102,719,221,714 NOT (100% of max token supply)
  • Smart Contract Details: Notcoin
  • Staking Terms: KYC required 
  • Hourly Hard Cap per User:
    • 3,637,972 NOT in BNB pool
    • 641,995 NOT in FDUSD pool

 Supported Pools: 

  • Stake BNB (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 2,619,340,153 NOT in rewards (85%) 
  • Stake FDUSD (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 462,236,497 NOT in rewards (15%)
  • Farming Period: 2024-05-13 00:00 (UTC) to 2024-05-15 23:59 (UTC).

NOT Farming Accumulation

Dates (00:00:00 – 23:59:59 UTC each day)Total Daily Rewards (NOT)BNB Pool Daily Rewards (NOT)FDUSD Pool Daily Rewards NOT)
2024-05-13 – 2024-05-151,027,192,217873,113,384 154,078,832  

Currently, users residing in the following countries or regions will not be able to participate in farming NOT: Australia, Canada, Cuba, Crimea Region, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Netherlands, North Korea, Syria, United States of America, and its territories (American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands), and any non-government controlled areas of Ukraine

  • User balances and total pool balances will be snapshot multiple times each hour to calculate users’ hourly average balances and rewards.
  • Hourly rewards will be updated and can be accumulated by users, who can claim them directly to their spot accounts at any time.
  • Each pool’s APY and total balance are updated in real-time.
  • Tokens can only be staked in one pool at a time; users cannot stake the same token in multiple pools simultaneously.
  • Users can split their tokens across different pools (e.g., allocating 50% to Pool A and 50% to Pool B).
  • Users can unstake their funds instantly with no delay and participate in other available pools immediately.
  • Tokens staked in each pool and unclaimed rewards are automatically transferred to users’ spot accounts at the end of each farming period.
  • Binance BNB Vault and Locked Products support Launchpool participation; staked BNB holders automatically join and receive new token rewards.
  • If multiple Launchpool projects are active concurrently, users’ BNB assets in BNB Vault and Locked Products are evenly split across projects by default.
  • BNB assets collateralizing Binance Loans (Flexible Rate) do not qualify for Launchpool rewards.
  • Staking BNB in Launchpool retains standard benefits, including airdrops, Launchpad eligibility, and VIP benefits.

How to claim Notcoin Airdrop on Telegram

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Yesterday, Notcoin announced the first withdrawal from Telegram to centralized exchanges like Binance would be closed today. Therefore, make sure you withdraw $NOT on time by today.

How to withdraw NOT to Binance?

Step 1: Go to the centralized exchanges like Binance and get the $NOT wallet address and Memo (required).

Step 2: Go back to the Not Coin bot.

Step 3: Withdraw $NOT COIN to the exchanges.

  • Open Telegram, launch the Notcoin bot to see your balance and the Claim button.
  • Click on Claim, then select the upward arrow.
Image 21
  • Next, select the exchange you want to withdraw to.
Image 22
  • Next, choose Yes, I have it
Image 23
  • Enter the wallet address and Memo, ensuring you fill in both completely for the exchange account you want to withdraw to, otherwise, your $NOT coins may be lost.
Image 24
  • Next, confirm your action => Done.
Image 25
Image 26
This is done for the withdrawal to exchanges (Source: DCCK)


The Binance Launchpool is your final chance to acquire NOT before its listing on Binance on May 16, 2024, at 12:00 (UTC). Maximize your participation in the Notcoin launchpool and optimize your farming of the NOT token to achieve the highest possible rewards!

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