Drake Lost $400,000 In Bitcoin Because Of Bet

The famous Canadian rapper and singer Drake have reportedly lost almost half a million dollars worth of BTC after betting for the YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul. Reports have claimed that the rapper has bet that Paul would win via knockout against Tommy Fury. 

According to reports, the rapper allegedly uploaded an image on Instagram showing that he had staked $400,000 worth of bitcoin on Jake at odds of 3.6. He could have received $1.4 million in BTC if Jake had defeated Tommy Furry and the chances had been in their favor.

Drake Bet $400,000 Bitcoin on Jake Paul’s Match

Drake Lost $400,000 In Bitcoin Because Of Bet

Jake was on a winning streak until his fight with Mike Tyson’s half-brother ended it. Their match took place on February 26th in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The fight was decided by a split decision in favor of Fury. Despite Paul knocking Fury out in the eighth round, Fury won the game.

Jake allegedly won all six of his fights prior to his fight with Fury. And the night before the anticipated fight, the Canadian rapper reportedly bet $400,000 (approximately 17 BTC) on Paul defeating Tom by knockout (KO). Despite the unfavorable outcome, Jake later tweeted his congratulations to Tommy.

According to reports, Jake made light of the outcome of the battle, humorously exclaiming, “F***! The rapper is to blame for this! The fighter then jokingly said, “Drake, bro, why did you do this to me? No, it’s my fault.” He also claimed that the rapper’s earlier wins on his bets on Paul, which totaled $400,000, were insignificant in comparison. The combatant humorously expressed regret to the Canadian rapper and pledged to triumph in the rematch.

Drake is no stranger to placing significant wagers on sporting events. where he occasionally loses but also has his share of victories. The rapper apparently placed a wager on the Kansas City Chiefs during the most recent Super Bowl, winning more than $512,000 in BTC. With a collaboration with Stake, the rapper is said to have wagered a total of $965,000 in BTC, losing 6 of his 7 wagers.