Today I will introduce to you a brand new game that I feel is quite promising and full of potential: Elf Matrix – a Play-to-Earn NFT Game that is being built on BSC & Polygon. Since this is a blockchain-based game, in-game items and creatures are all NFTs.

Basically, Elf Matrix has the same gameplay as other virtual pet games like Pokemon or CryptoKitties. In the game, you will travel to a mysterious and beautiful planet called Matrix. Here, you will use your super cute pets to fight and win many attractive blockchain rewards.

In addition, you’ll also be able to own the NFT land plots in the Elf Matrix and enjoy building your own kingdom, through which you can earn a lot of valuable resources and tokens.

Elf Matrix

I. The story

According to the game’s official website, this is the plot of the Elf Matrix.

Matrix is ​​an ancient and mysterious alien planet that hides countless silent life elements. It has been running in the vast universe for millions of years.

Until one day, an asteroid hit the Matrix, and a large number of crystal shards were scattered. Crystal shards possess special energy and can activate life elements.

The activated evil elves, in order to snatch the crystal shards, wantonly destroyed the planet’s environment. They try to summon more evil elves and rule the Matrix with evil forces.

Nature elves such as wood, earth, water, fire, wind, and thunder are summoned. They unite and fight against evil elves, adn Matrix finally returns to peace.”

Elf Matrix

And now, we will go through the remarkable points about the Game.

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II. About Elf

Elves are very lovable and intelligent creatures. They are the inhabitants of the planet Matrix.

They are individual elements and will be activated by crystal shards with mysterious energies.

Each Elf will have special skills and must protect the planet Matrix.

1. Elf’s Attribute

Elves have 6 main attributes: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Thunder. Maybe later the game’s development team will add other special elements. 

2. Elf Body

Each Elf is very unique with three main characteristics: Body parts, colors, and genes.

Elf Matrix

Elf body parts: Ears, Eyes, Head, Horns, Mouth, Tail

Head, Horns, Mouth, and Tail are the parts that determine the fighting ability of an Elf.

Each body part has an element type, namely the Body Part Element. The consistency of the Body Part Element and the Elf Element determines the purity of the Elf. The more body parts of the same element as the Elf, the higher the purity of the Elf and the stronger it becomes.

If you got an Elf with 100% purity, then congratulations, you’ve got a legendary Elf.

Body color:

The Elf Element determines the body color. Elves of the same element can have different body colors, but all belong to the same color family.

Elf Matrix


For each body part, an Elf possesses two genes: a dominant gene (D) and a recessive gene (R).

The dominant gene (D) is what determines the body part of an Elf.

When summoned, each gene has a chance to be passed on to offspring:

Dominant (D): 40% chance to pass this gene to offspring.

Repeat (R): 10% chance to pass this gene on to offspring.

Combining elemental types, body parts, body colours, and genes results in infinitely unique Elves.

3. Elf Status

Each Elf has the following 4 energy stats:

➛ Health = The amount of HP.

➛ Speed ​​= Dictates the turn order in a battle.

➛ Skill = Adds damage when an Elf does a combo (playing two or more cards in a turn).

➛ Morale = Increases the critical hit chance.

III. Gameplay

1. Adventure Mode (PvE)

In this mode, you will use your Elf to fight the system’s AI.

Elf Matrix

When playing this mode, your Nature Elves will fight the Evil Elves. There are many levels to play, the latter is more difficult than the previous one and can only be unlocked by winning the previous one.

Although it is getting more and more difficult, when you win the high levels, you will receive a lot of rewards and very attractive tokens.

2. PvP Mode

This is a player-versus-player mode. You must have strong Elves and must have good fighting and research skills to be able to participate in this mode.

Elf Matrix

Joining PvP mode also gives you a chance to win more rewards.

3. Summoning

Elf Matrix

Summoning System

The summoning system is an important part of the Elf Matrix metaverse. This is how new Elves are created. New Elf when summoned can be used to fight and earn money.

The summoning system is similar to real-world male-female pairing. 2 Elves are required to create a new Elf.

Elf summoning is limited to seven times to control overgrowth. As the number of Elf summons increases, the lice will also increase.


Elf’s inheritance and mutation is mainly based on the elements and genes of the “parent”. The general rule is that the better the “parent” background information, the higher the probability of producing a good Elf child.

Heredity: Under normal circumstances, some traits of the two Elf parents would be passed on to the child Elf

Mutation: Under special conditions, the baby Elf’s special abilities will suddenly appear.

4. Marketplace

Elf Matrix

This is a game buying and selling website that allows you to buy and sell Elves, land, items, etc. to others easily and securely.

5. Land

Elf Matrix

The Matrix planet is divided into coded plots of land that serve as the Elves’ base.

Land owners can find tokens on their land or use their Elves to find tokens and other resources.

Plots can also be upgraded using a variety of resources and crafting materials that can be found in PvE or PvP.

There’s still more exciting news here. Going forward, the development team will turn Matrix into an Open World. Players will enjoy the feeling of creating new content in their own land and profiting from it.

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IV. Tokenomics

1. Elf Matrix Token ($EMT)

Elf Matrix

Elf Matrix Token ($EMT) is an ERC-20 governance token.

$EMT’s usability:

⧫ In-Game payment

⧫ Staking

⧫ Governance: $EMT holders will have the right to vote on the direction of the game’s development.


Total supply: 300,000,000 $EMT

The initial circulating supply: 15,000,000 $EMT

Token UseToken AmountPercentage
Private Sale15,000,0005%
Play to Earn60,000,00020%
Public Sale18,000,0006%
Staking Rewards75,000,00025%
Ecosystem Fund30,000,00010%

2. Crystal Shards ($CS)

Elf Matrix

Crystal Shards ($CS) is an ERC-20 secondary token for the Elf Matrix Universe, which empowers the play-to-earn mode.

How to earn $CS:

⧫ Winning battles of Arena(PVP) or Adventure(PVE)

⧫ Completing the daily tasks.

⧫ Gain $CS from the recourses generated by the land plots.

$CS’s Usability:

Used for Elf summoning

3. Play-2-Earn

There are many ways to make money in the game:

⧫ Battle Evil Elves & Other Players

⧫ Battle Evil Elves & Other Players

⧫ Get Land plots for Sale

⧫ Get Rare NFT Items for Sale

⧫ Tournament Ranking Prizes

⧫ $EMT Staking Rewards

⧫ Referral System Rewards

I myself spent about 5 hours playing Elf Matrix and made a very good amount of money.

V. Roadmap

Let’s take a look at the development stage of the game through the following roadmap to get an overview of the project:

Stage 1

➣ Initial Prototype

➣ Social Media Presence

➣ Official Website Launch

➣ Whitepaper Release

➣ Private Sale

➣ Token & NFT Smart Contract

Stage 2

➣ Community Growth

➣ Tokens Airdrop

➣ Origin Elf NFT Sale

➣ $EMT Token Launch

➣ Listing on more Exchanges

➣ $EMT Staking

Stage 3

➣ Team expansion

➣ In-house Elf NFT Marketplace

➣ Summoning Game

➣ $CS Token Launch

➣ Adventure (PVE)

➣ Arena (PVP)

Stage 4

➣ Yield Farming

➣ Community Treasury

➣ Matrix Land Plots Presale

➣ In-house Land/Item NFT Marketplace

➣ Land Gameplay

➣ DAO & In-game Governance

VI. Team

Element Games is a technology-focused game studio with a team of thirty full-time employees and is headquartered in Singapore.

The founding team members are from the core communities of CryptoKitties & Axie Infinity and are all blockchain enthusiasts.

They are committed to developing the best blockchain games and contributing to the GameFi revolution.

With the above information, I hope you are equipped with the necessary equipment to join me in this super large and fascinating Elf Matrix world.

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