Elon Musk Recruits Ai Developers To Compete Against Chatgpt

New AI Experts Recruited by Elon Musk

Elon Musk reportedly jumped on the artificial intelligence trend and has already contacted a number of AI experts, according to various reliable sources. The Information claimed on Monday, citing people with firsthand knowledge of the project, that the Twitter CEO had discussed creating a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Igor Babuschkin, a researcher who just departed Alphabet’s DeepMind AI division, has reportedly been recruited by Musk, according to reports.

With the prominence of ChatGPT, an OpenAI text-based chatbot that can generate prose, poetry, or even computer code when instructed, in Silicon Valley, Musk’s newest commercial venture has begun to take over headlines. In 2015, when OpenAI was first presented as a nonprofit organization, Musk, and Silicon Valley financier Sam Altman are said to have co-founded the company.

The Twitter CEO, on the other hand, left the company in 2018, but he still believes that chatbots are “scary excellent” today. On the other hand, Elon Musk and Babuschkin have already started talking about putting together a group to conduct AI research. Notwithstanding claims to the contrary, sources indicate that the aforementioned ideas are still in their infancy and that no firm plans have yet been made to develop certain goods. Babuschkin further stated that he has not formally endorsed the Musk initiative.

Musk Lays Off Twitter Employees

Elon Musk Recruits Ai Developers To Compete Against Chatgpt

Elon Musk made news moments before rumors surfaced that he had contacted AI researchers by firing 200 employees from Twitter, including the executive in charge of the company’s redesigned premium paid service. This is the most recent round of layoffs at Twitter, where 10% of the whole workforce has already been let go.

According to a New York Times article, at least 200 of Twitter’s 2,000 employees had already lost their jobs as of Saturday. The aforementioned article also claimed how job losses included those of product managers, data scientists, and engineers who make sure the website functions properly.

Esther Crawford is one of the notable Twitter employees who has been laid off as part of the latest round of layoffs. She is known as Twitter’s director of product management, and she was in charge of overseeing the implementation of account verification fees.

Back in 2022, Musk’s hard-driving management style was exemplified when Crawford reposted a tweet of her picture of herself sleeping on the floor of Twitter’s offices, which she captioned with the hashtag #SleepWhereYouWork.