enterNFT, the company behind one of the first NFT marketplaces on BNB Chain, is proud to announce that the first phase of their new governance protocol, the $ENTER IDO, launches on September 18.

About $ENTER

ENTER is an innovative governance and yield-boosting framework engineered to incentivize NFT listings and generate marketplace activity. The new protocol aims to align the interests of investors, collectors, and artists by empowering them to participate in governance and earn rewards, in a way never before seen on BNB Chain. The ENTER Whitepaper was released July 2023.

enterNFT is now inviting everyone to partake in shaping the NFT space by bringing the VE (voting escrow) concept and radical governance to the enterNFT ecosystem. The protocol allows participants to lock up their $ENTER tokens for a duration of their choice, and rewards participants with Voting Power proportional to their stake and time-lock. Kim André Røine, founder and CEO of enterNFT, comments:

“The core mission and function of the ENTER protocol is to create the basis for a firm alignment of motivations and incentives that encourage sustained involvement and participation within our ecosystem from all parts of the community.

We propose that aligning the incentives of token holders, NFT collectors, and artists is the fundamental catalyst for uniting everyone towards shared objectives and the success of the NFT & DeFi space as a whole.”

Governance Participants can put forth new proposals, and participate in voting to influence the future development and listings in the ecosystem. The ENTER Protocol introduces reward gauges, representing new ways to earn rewards for contributing to the health of the protocol.

NFT Pool Gauges: Ensure a dynamic and responsive marketplace, rewarding active participation, and incentivizing optimal pricing strategies.

NFT Listing Rewards: Once an NFT is listed within the required price range, the participant becomes eligible to receive rewards in the form of $ENTER emissions.

Collection Bid Rewards: Once a collection bid is placed within the required price range, the participant becomes eligible to receive rewards in the form of $ENTER emissions.

$ENTER is launching Monday, the 18th of September as an Initial Dex Offering on PancakeSwap V3 with the trading pair BNB/ENTER.

Find the IDO contract address and where to purchase $ENTER here: twitter.com/EnterNFT

About enterNFT

enterNFT launched its first marketplace on BNB Chain in 2021, with at the time game-changing mechanics bringing a surge of interested artists and collectors to the platform. The company announced its multichain strategy in 2022 and currently hosts more than 2k artists and 20k collectors in their marketplaces on BNB Chain and Avalanche. The company has previously collaborated with companies like LiveNation, Tons of Rock, and Nadine Lustre, bridging the gap between NFTs and mainstream culture.


X/Twitter: twitter.com/EnterNFT

Discord: discord.gg/enter

Telegram: t.me/NFTART_Finance

Company Blog: enter.blog

Open Marketplace: enter.market

Art Marketplace: enter.art

Full-Service Agency: enterweb3.io


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