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Cryptodaily Admin: Hello everyone and welcome back to another AMA with PlayToEarnDaily 🥳I’m your host Daley and together with me are Midnight and Taluvias from Eternity 👏

Taluvias: Hello everyone!

Midnight: Hey everyone! Glad to be here!

Cryptodaily Admin: Good day to you guys!

How’s it going?

Midnight: Going well! Glad its friday after a long week 🙂

Taluvias: Very well, thank you

Cryptodaily Admin: Seems like Eternity is going strong even in this market!

Midnight: Our team is here to build something amazing, and sustainable, no matter the market conditions! We did have to unfortunately push our launch date to June in consideration of market conditions and our community, but we are here building both the game and community!

Cryptodaily Admin: Do what’s best for the project, I don’t mind that at all! Ok so if everyone is having a good time, let’s start the AMA right away, shall we?

Midnight: Sounds good to me! 🙂

Cryptodaily Admin: What about you Taluvias? You’re all set?

Taluvias: Yep! Ready to go!

Cryptodaily Admin: Superb! Let’s start our AMA with the first question here:

Q1: First thing first, who are the core members of Eternity? How experienced are you in building a project like Eternity? Are you public?

Midnight: The Eternity team is composed of four core developers/engineers, all of whom worked in enterprise level IT for Fortune 500 companies prior to moving to Defi. They came to Defi to build, innovate, and address the biggest issues in Defi (and have some fun along the way). They have built Eternity with this technical background, coupled with a passion for gaming. This core team has expanded to include a creative branch for all of the art needed for Eternity. The creative branch consists of a creative visuals team of 16 people (illustrators, animators, and graphic designers), a composer (the soundtrack is fireee), a UX/UI designer, and a producer! The Community Managers, including Taluvias and I, come from various backgrounds from programming, to legal, to electricians. We have all been in Defi for some time now, and have spent a lot of time with this team. After working with this team for some time, I know they are the best team in crypto!

We are also excited to add another developer to the team soon, so that we can keep building Eternity in line with our long-term vision! The team is not doxxed publicly but is doxxed to its investors, and some of the CMs have appeared on camera on our twitch channel, though not everyone is comfortable doing that

Cryptodaily Admin: I hear you! First of all, shout out to the devs! Starting a new venture to Crypto while previously working for Fortune 500 is not an easy decision too, it took dedication

Midnight: Absolutely, this team has worked really hard and are fully dedicated to building something new that has not been seen before! I have worked with them for over a year now and can say with full confidence they are very intelligent and work hard to study this space as they build

Cryptodaily Admin: Secondly, the 2D characters in the game look solid! 

Midnight: Thank you! The art team is really talented and I personally love the aesthetic they have built!

Cryptodaily Admin: Cool and finally, we can’t forget to mention the community managers as well, thank you Midnight and Taluvias for being here! Alright, that was a cool introduction!

Midnight: Thank you for having us!

Cryptodaily Admin: So you talked about onboarding another dev to align Eternity with your long-term vision. Let’s talk about Eternity now:

Q2: What is Eternity’s vision and mission coming to the GameFi space? How do you plan to achieve those goals?

Taluvias: Our ultimate goal is to create a community driven NFT game that is both enjoyable to play and also sustainable by focusing the majority of our revenue (80%) into the game treasury. Because our game is playable off chain it will open many opportunities for bringing non-crypto people into the game via our future mobile app. Our Eternity DOA will be part of the creation of continuing story progress and mechanics, we will all work together with our devs to create a unique player driven community gaming experience. 

The other part of this is our unique profit-sharing community wallet that is first of its kind. 5% of ALL revenue earned by the game will go to a community wallet that will be 100% controlled by everyone who owns an Augur NFT, this is a separate DAO to the Eternity DAO. 

Cryptodaily Admin: Cool, the game is playable off-chain, can you elaborate on that? I understand that we can download the game on mobile and play, but still, we need to make transactions through blockchain, hence on-chain. Or am I missing something here? 

Taluvias: The game itself resides on traditional gaming servers and our devs created a unique call to chain function that allows the NFTs to be interacted with off chain until you want to pull them on chain. At first the game will be browser based, but our future roadmap will have a mobile app that will allow people to play without a crypto wallet. So, you can play many of the quests without any chain interaction right now.  I played 3 hours the other night and I only synced to the chain twice. The rewards that you win will stay on the game server as well until you want to pull them on-chain. 

Midnight: This is one of a few ways the team has worked hard to minimize the tx needed to play to keep the gaming experience as frictionless (and inexpensive) as possible! The team’s most recent estimate is that it would cost about $10 in Avax to get your characters to level 50 (and that is when Avax was far more expensive!)

Cryptodaily Admin: Ah man, I would have to learn more about this mechanic 😂Let’s talk more about that in our next question then!

Q3: Please walk us through the gameplay of Eternity. What can we do to earn? Is it free to play?

Taluvias: While Midnight is typing, the Augur will be the NFT that gives access to the Community Wallet profit sharing. Some of our cards are animated, the Augur card and all of our Gen0 cards.

Midnight: Eternity is a play-and-earn game that was built with gameplay first philosophy meaning we built it to be fun and rewarding! The gameplay is classic JRPG style game with real-time turn based combat, The AI is completely customizable, and will challenge you in every battle! The AI has been built in detail by the team, so some enemies will target your healers, some will target companions, this makes each battle very different from the last and means you have to learn how to use your party as a team. 

At launch the gameplay will focus on quests. Each quest you go on will have an objective you have to complete while keeping your party alive (believe me it’s easier said than done!). Once you reach level 50, we will also have an arena where you can fight challenging enemies once you reach level 50, with a chance to unlock the Gladiator!

We will also have an auto-battle mode for investors that don’t want to actively play the game, so you can buy characters and put them in the auto-battle mode to earn rewards more passively. We have brainstormed a number of different layers that we want to add to expand how players can engage in the world of Eternity including land, trading, voyages, and wars, but that is all some early alpha on those 😉. The goal is to make something for everyone here, whether it’s gamers, passive investors, or large scale strategy masters!

Specifically about transactions. You will only have to trigger a tx when the quest you are going on requires an item (that you earn from previous quests), or when you sync your characters to the block chain. The team has recommended doing this once a day, but outside of those two things you will not have to use tx to play! We have worked hard to avoid spamming the blockchain to avoid the congestion we have seen with other games, and not cut into players ROI. This system is unique to Eternity, but we think it should be standard for games!

How can you earn?

You can earn in Eternity by fighting (and winning) battles, unlocking achievements through various tasks, or by staking Glory. Our staking works a little bit differently because you will not earn more Glory, but will receive experience potions you can use in-game to make your heroes more powerful, and stakers will also receive other types of NFT rewards over time! You can earn Glory and Gold (more on those later) in-game to use in our in-game store, along with other NFT rewards (equipment, potions, etc) that you can use in-game as well!

Is Eternity free-to-play?

Eternity is not free-to-play, but that is something the team has discussed. We have worked hard to keep the entry cost low to ensure that everyone who wants to play can, so the cheapest pack will be the common pack for $160, and it will include 4 characters and some equipment which is everything you need to begin your adventure in Eternity! There will also be an in-game auction house where players can sell items or characters they don’t want, and I am curious to see how this affects the entry price as we may end up seeing some very cheap characters in there!

Cryptodaily Admin: So here comes a question about your tokenomics, I’m sure everyone needs this:

Q4: What is the tokenomic model of Eternity? What are you doing to maintain a sustainable economy?

Taluvias: $GLORY will be the star of the show, it is the governance token of Eternity and is only obtainable by playing the game, or buying it off the market of course. The thing about glory is that 80% of the revenue Eternity generates will go into the treasury thereby increasing its value over time. 52.5% of our revenue will go to automatically pairing $GLORY for liquidity, 27.5% will go to constant buybacks of $GLORY off the market to reduce reward distribution. With the dynamic reward system, where $GLORY rewards are distributed based on the size of the player base, we ensure that we don’t reward more rewards than our revenue can support. $GOLD is more akin to a utility in game currency that can be used to improve your gameplay experience by spending it on buying and/or improving equipment or buying characters from the General Store in-game. We will not have liquidity for $GOLD. So, what you see is that we have 4 buckets for revenue.

52.5% – Liquidity Pairing

27.5% – GLORY buyback

15% – developers 

5% – community wallet

We are heavily player focused by making sure the health of the entire game economy is being cared for.

Cryptodaily Admin: that’s what we all need to hear, but then, with this economic model

Q5: Is Eternity’s ROI sustainable? Can you give us an estimate of the ROI rate?

Midnight: Sustainability is one of the central goals of the Eternity economy. We think that keeping revenue generated in-game is essential and that is how we have designed the economy. One of the key ways we planned sustainability is through the use of the Treasury, protocol owned liquidity, and the constant buy pressure from the buy-backs. This means that 80% of the revenue generated by Eternity will stay in the ecosystem and will be used to put buy pressure on Glory, while deepening its liquidity! The liquidity formed will be held in the Treasury, and will passively grow through swap fees! This is only part of it though.

The Treasury will also hold Glory and Gold that is spent in-game and will recycle those tokens for adventure rewards, which will eliminate unnecessary inflation of Gold and Glory. These recycled rewards will be distributed using a Player Driven Reward system. This system means that the rate at which Gold and Glory is rewarded is based on the number of players in the game. So neither token will have the static emissions that many tokens have, and we think this dynamic system will keep down unnecessary inflation while ensuring the value of Glory increases.

All of this being said, due to the dynamic and unique system we have created we don’t have an estimate on ROI because it will depend on a lot of factors, the number of players (which will increase rewards), how strong your characters are, how many quests you play, etc.

I can tell you that we have focused on sustainability and have hand-crafted the tokenomics to make them sustainable, and support Glory in many ways. As there are a number of ways to earn each ROI, each way to earn will be a little different, but we want to keep the game as rewarding as it is fun!

Taluvias: This is a game that you have to play to receive rewards. Skill will play a role in your ability to win rewards.

Midnight: I think it’s worth noting here that the team (including CMs) have been playing for months now without real rewards, and I have had a blast with it

Cryptodaily Admin: I have to agree here! We need a game that’s captivated in its gameplay, strategic values, not only in the earning mechanism. I think it’s time we talk about the NFTs that you offer:

Q6: Kindly introduce us to your NFTs. What do we receive as incentives for holding it?

Taluvias: Everything you have in Eternity will be either a token or a non-fungible token. Characters and equipment are all NFT’s and you can synchronize them with the blockchains when you want to. This means you have complete ownership over any asset you may have in the world of Eternity and what you choose to do with it is completely up to you. There are different tiers of rarity for both characters and equipment:

Common -> Rare -> Epic -> Legendary -> Mythic

When you buy a character pack the base rarity of the characters in the pack will be the same as the rarity of the pack itself. If you buy a rare pack, the lowest rarity you can get is rare, but there is still a chance to get a higher rarity character in there. The same goes for equipment packs! Each pack comes with 4 characters, except the Gen 0 packs will mint with 4 Epic (or higher) characters plus the exclusive Valkyrie which can only be bought through the Gen 0 pack for whitelist members! The Augur is a separate NFT in which you have to purchase with $OMEN on the polygon chain to obtain, but the NFT will mint on the Avalanche chain. We have more info on this in our Discord for anyone who is interested. Our character rarities give different stat points amounts as you level

Common – 15

Rare – 30

Epic – 45

Legendary – 60

Mythic – 75

These stat points will help you become stronger faster and complete quests quicker.

Cryptodaily Admin: I see. There is an underlying matching system that matches players on a similar level as well I hope. Or else the common users will get rekted by the mythic 😂

Midnight: For now the game will be PvE only and the enemies scale to your Heroes highest level, but balancing for PvP will be essential!

Q7: So reading your whitepaper, you’re comparing yourself with some of the biggest names in the GameFi space. What has Eternity achieved since?

Taluvias: Our game is pushing the current standards of merging game tech and blockchain tech. We developed our engine from the ground up with the idea that we could lay this structure on top of any blockchain. Not only that but the game will eventually be fully playable off chain. Our game will also have multiplayer coop at launch which will allow people to play quests together in any combination of 1-4 people. Once we start launching on multiple chains you will be able to play cross-chain multiplayer on those chains with no limitations to the chain you are on. We are working with a partner which will allow our tokens to go multi-chain as soon as we are, and the NFTs will be mobile between chains too!

Our gameplay is like a traditional turn-based RPG which will require skill, we think that engagement alone sets us apart in the current space. We will have 18 unique playable classes at launch as well.

Cryptodaily Admin: Definitely require big brains to play here. So those were about your past achievements and some plans for going cross chains. My next question is going to be about the future!

Q8: What are the future development and game expansion plans for Eternity in 2022 and in this down market?

Midnight: I’ll cover this one, but first let me post the roadmap from our whitepaper! The team has advised the roadmap is scheduled out through the end of the year. As I mentioned due to market conditions and in collaboration with our launch partner, Joe Peg, we have moved our launch date to around June 6th. However, the team is continuing to build the roadmap I posted above, and polish the game, so that we can launch stronger than ever! We have a lot planned on the roadmap. The plan is to be on a second chain within a couple weeks of launch, and then on a third shortly after that! We already have some fantastic partners working with us from both Metis and FTM, and we are always looking for partners on new chains! We are also constantly evaluating which chain we should look at next and seeing what kind of support we can get from the chain and projects on the chain, so the order of chains is somewhat flexible. We have some very exciting stuff on our roadmap, and some even more exciting things that aren’t up there yet! Our team has a great cadence right now with putting out new content and we are already planning for new content after the launch, expansions, new play modes, and eventually we would love to hold sponsored tournaments (hopefully with sponsored teams!) creating even more ways to collaborate with projects across Defi!

Cryptodaily Admin: Please update the roadmap constantly in your community too! And so for our final question with Eternity!

Q9: Are there any exciting news you want to share? Where can we find out more about Eternity?

Taluvias: We think our partnership with Trader Joe and JoePeg is quite exciting and will revolutionize cross platform partnerships as you will be able to buy an NFT Joe Warrior from JoePeg and use that to play as Joe in our game. We hope to see this continue with other platforms as we grow across chains. Our partnership with FRAX is very important to us as well as they are focused on fundamentals and decentralization. Two things we feel very strongly about. Here are links to all our socials!

Eternity website- 

Eternity Discord-

Eternity Medium- 


Eternity Youtube Channel- 

Eternity Twitch-

Also, if you guys want to see some gameplay check out our twitch channel every Sunday or our discord, we stream gameplay both places! 

Taluvias: Sunday 2:00 Eastern US

Cryptodaily Admin: With this we are now at the end of our AMA session with Eternity🔥🔥🔥

Time for wrapping up, any last words you would like to say to our community?

Taluvias: Yes please do!

Midnight: Thank you so much for attending the AMA, and thank you to our wonderful host Daley! It has been a real pleasure, and we look forward to talking with you more!

Taluvias: We really appreciate your time to listen to us, we know there are so many games right now trying to find their place in Web3. We hope you make your way to our Discord and see what we are all about. Thank you 🙂

Cryptodaily Admin: It has been such a pleasure indeed! You are all absolutely informative and energetic in this AMA, I love it! Thank you once again for the AMA and I wish the best for both of you, and for Eternity with your upcoming launch on June 6th! Take care guys!

Midnight: Thank you! You too!

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