This week: A proposal for upgrading Polygon PoS to zkEVM Validium, the step-by-step guide for the potential Polygon zkEVM airdrop, Frax Finance introduces Fraxchain, OpenOcean launches on Polygon zkEVM, and many airdrop updates.


  • Proposal: Upgrading Polygon PoS to zkEVM Validium
  • OpenOcean Launches on Polygon zkEVM as The First Major DEX Aggregator 
  • Frax Finance Introduces Fraxchain, a Layer 2 Blockchain Focusing on DeFi
  • The Step-by-step Guide for The Potential Polygon zkEVM Airdrop
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Proposal: Upgrading Polygon PoS to zkEVM Validium

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Polygon PoS proposes a major upgrade to a zkEVM validium, addressing challenges and improving its value proposition. 

The upgrade leverages the security of Ethereum and Polygon’s zkEVM technology. Validiums offer lower fees and higher scalability compared to rollups. The upgrade brings increased security, a future-proof tech stack, reorg elimination, faster transaction confirmations, increased scalability, improved fee estimation, greater decentralization, and compatibility with Polygon 2.0. 

The upgrade is viable, straightforward, and beneficial. It enhances the long-term relevance and reliability of Polygon PoS, making it a pivotal solution for the ecosystem.

For more details, visit here

OpenOcean Launches on Polygon zkEVM as The First Major DEX Aggregator 

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OpenOcean becomes the first major DEX aggregator to support Polygon zkEVM, offering deep on-chain liquidity. 

Polygon zkEVM is an exciting advancement in zero-knowledge technology, enhancing transaction speed and scalability while maintaining security. OpenOcean’s aggregator ensures efficient swaps and the best trading value on the new chain. With its real-time routing system, OpenOcean provides optimal trading quotes, regardless of trading size or pair. 

This collaboration showcases the commitment to scaling the Ethereum ecosystem and unlocks limitless possibilities for Ethereum and DeFi with zkEVM’s platform interoperability and infinite scaling potential.

For more details, visit here

Frax Finance Introduces Fraxchain, a Layer 2 Blockchain Focusing on DeFi

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The network aims to create a smart contract platform and will utilize Frax stablecoin and Frax Ether for transaction fees. Fraxchain’s governance will be led by Frax Shares (FXS) token holders. It incorporates a Layer 2 rollup model and decentralized sequencers, allowing for decentralized order sequencing. 

Unlike other Layer 2 solutions, Fraxchain enables the auctioning and rotation of sequencer roles, ensuring continuity in case of shutdowns. The network is expected to launch by year-end, offering enhanced scalability and security for the Frax ecosystem.

For more details, visit here

The Step-by-step Guide for The Potential Polygon zkEVM Airdrop

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Polygon zkEVM is a zk Rollup Layer solution that utilizes zkEVM technology developed by Polygon Labs, a unit specializing in developing Ethereum scaling solutions, with its most famous product being Polygon PoS.

On March 27, 2023, Polygon zkEVM officially launched the Mainnet Beta version, allowing users and developers in the market to use and build freely on this Layer 2. Applying zkEVM will provide a better product development experience for programmers.

From this, Ethereum DApps can easily migrate to the zk-Rollup chain without making significant changes to source code or spending effort and time to rebuild the product from scratch. Instead, they can focus on innovation and creative development models for their products.

On July 10th, the Polygon zkEVM token will be confirmed. Find a step-by-step tutorial for the potential airdrop here.

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