Despite the fact that the bear season is still ongoing, Ethereum and Layer 2 are becoming stronger by the day. Here is a recap of the Ethereum Weekly Ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Ethereum & Layer-2s On-chain Data Highlights
  • Optimism announces The Optimist NFT
  • Aztec announces $100 million in Series B funding
  • Orbital – A native community owned DEX for Arbitrum
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Ecosystem Updates

In general, both the cryptocurrency market and Layer-2s show signs of dropping in the last few days of 2022.

Ethereum & Layer-2s On-chain Data Highlights​​

Ethereum Weekly Recap Week 51 - 1

Both the Ethereum and Layer-2s ecosystems grew a little bit over the past week, as shown by things like the total amount of Ethereum locked up in L1 and the number of active addresses. One of these pieces of information is the number of active addresses.

The changes we’ve been talking about were clear in both ecosystems. Even though the cryptocurrency market is likely to go through a lot of ups and downs in the future, the person who made the cryptocurrency will always be in a stable place so they can keep helping people and making new things.

Weekly Highlight News

Ethereum News


Optimism announces The Optimist NFT
Ethereum Weekly Recap Week 51 - 2

The Optimist NFT is a customizable profile picture project designed to help our community express themselves and introduce reputation across the Optimism ecosystem.

1. How it works

The NFT of an optimist can be made up of millions of different combinations. There are many different themed sets, and each one tells a different part of the story of optimism. By being a part of the Optimism Collective, optimists will be able to get access to new features.

2. How to mint

Only Retroactive Public Goods Funding round 2 voters can mint the Optimist NFTs in beta. Each month in early 2023, several hundred active addresses will be invited to mint.

The Optimism Collective will eventually mint and customize Optimist NFTs for the entire crypto community.

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Aztec announces $100 million in Series B funding

Ethereum Weekly Recap Week 51 - 3

Aztec Network, a privacy layer for web3, has raised $100 million in a Series B round led by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

Aztec aims to fully encrypt Ethereum to expand its potential. This fundraise allows us to build a next-generation blockchain without compromises.

Aztec is building blockchain encryption without trade-offs.

Aztec’s architecture unlocks applications that are: 

  • Trustless 
  • Verifiable 
  • Secure

Aztec Connect’s advanced cryptography powers hundreds of thousands of transactions. DeFi protocols can integrate privacy and interoperability with Aztec Connect.

Orbital – A native community owned DEX for Arbitrum

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Orbital is a joint venture between Dopex and PlutusDAO, two of the premier protocols on Arbitrum.

Orbital builds on PlutusDAO and Dopex’s ecosystem synergies to unlock even more value for protocols that join us in orbit.

They believe that for a DEX to succeed in today’s environment, it is crucial for the users of a protocol to own it.

Additional Notable Events

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