Societe Generale FORGE, a subsidiary of the venerable French banking group Societe Generale, has announced the launch of EUR CoinVertible (EURCV). This stablecoin, pegged to the Euro, is set to make history as the first stablecoin issued by a major regulated European bank on the Ethereum blockchain, as revealed by crypto exchange Bitstamp.

Stablecoin Innovation: EURCV on Ethereum

Stablecoin Innovation: Eurcv On Ethereum

EURCV, an ERC20 token, stands out as a pioneering initiative designed to provide a low-volatility cryptocurrency with a stable value equivalent to the Euro. Societe Generale FORGE has underlined the stablecoin’s backing by cash deposits and cash equivalents denominated in EUR, reinforcing its commitment to stability and security. The move represents a significant step toward integrating traditional banking with the innovative capabilities of blockchain technology.

Trading Pairs and Liquidity Boost: Bitstamp Partners with Flowdesk

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Bitstamp, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, is facilitating the trading of EURCV through EURCV/USDT and EURCV/EUR trading pairs. To ensure liquidity and active market-making for EURCV, Flowdesk, a crypto market maker, has been selected as a strategic partner. The collaboration is set to enhance the accessibility and trading experience for users interested in Societe Generale’s groundbreaking stablecoin.


Societe Generale’s entry into stablecoins on Ethereum marks a transformative convergence of traditional banking and blockchain. With strong legal structures ensuring asset security, the EURCV launch showcases dedication to compliance. This stablecoin, backed by a major regulated European bank, paves the way for exciting intersections between traditional finance and decentralized finance (DeFi). Societe Generale’s achievements, such as the digital green bond on Ethereum, highlight the bank’s commitment to embracing the future of finance via blockchain.