EverRise’s innovative ecosystem and its Suite of dApps will usher in a true revolution in the cryptocurrency space while also setting a new standard for DeFi security.

The issues in BSC with project ownership

One of the most difficult decisions that legitimate new projects must make is whether or not to relinquish contract ownership. Many new projects believe that renouncing the contract early on will build community trust and attract new buyers since renouncing ownership means the contract can no longer be changed.

The problem is once you give up ownership, you can never get it back. If the development team ever needs to access the contract to patch exploits, continue development, or make adjustments for exchange listings, they will be unable to do so. Renouncing ownership may also severely limit the project’s future growth.

The EverOwn platform was created to address this issue. 

Introduce RISE & EverRise EcoSystem


EverRise token ($RISE or RISE) is a collateralized cryptocurrency that gives RISE holders instant rewards on all transactions and protects them with its unique buyback and burn system. RISE plays the backbone of the EverRise ecosystem.

EverRise Protocol

The EverRise smart contract’s buyback function swaps liquidity from the reserve liquidity pool for RISE tokens from the main liquidity pool. These tokens are automatically sent to the burn wallet. This provides value to the RISE token’s liquidity pool while permanently decreasing supply.

EverRise Ecosystem

The EverRise Ecosystem provides a Suite of Decentralized Applications (dApps) to projects and investors in the DeFi space in order to provide security solutions.

Their mission is to give investors control and confidence in their DeFi investments, while also empowering developers to earn the trust of their investors.

Their dApps: EverOwn, EverWallet, EverSwap, EverLock, and EverSale, will add a new layer of security to personal and project data. All dApps will be available on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) and eventually the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20).

EverOwn and How it Solves These Issues

Contract Ownership

EverOwn solves this problem by retaining ownership of the contract rather than the owners themselves; thus, if something needs to be changed, the owner can reclaim it with the community’s approval. An EverOwn contract will be created to allow owners to transfer ownership to the EverOwn contract.

Owners of projects will be able to transfer ownership to EverOwn by holding 100 billion RISE and paying a fee of 24 BNB. To initiate a vote with their community, they must hold 100 billion RISE and pay a 0.1 fee in BNB. 

Investors will be able to vote on EverOwn whether or not the owner is permitted to recover the contract. After the fixes are made, the owners can transfer ownership back to the EverOwn contract for free. This provides various use cases for the EverRise ecosystem as well as additional incentives to hold RISE tokens.

Another benefit of moving ownership to the EverOwn contract is that any additional liquidity created will be auto-assigned to the contract in EverOwn and the owner will not have access to it, preventing liquidity drains. Withdrawals of newly created liquidity tokens that are not subject to the initial liquidity lock are a typical danger in early-stage ventures, and EverOwn offers a solution for both creators and investors.

The Legacy Provision

Aside from community contract ownership, EverOwn also has a Legacy Provision. Unexpected circumstances may occur, resulting in the contract becoming permanently frozen and losing ownership because the owners lost access to or abandoned the contract wallet. 

EverOwn will allow the primary owner to choose an alternate owner and establish a time period after which the alternate owner can apply to gain control of the contract. The primary owner will be able to adjust the time period when the alternate owner is eligible.

Participating in EverOwn will put an end to inadvertently dead contracts and early renouncements, therefore extending the life of enterprises.

Furthermore, because transferring contract ownership is basically a way to safely transfer assets without the need for third-party intermediaries, EverOwn offers a plethora of potential real-world applications just waiting to be implemented by forward-thinking entrepreneurs.

EverOwn is now live and can be accessed at www.everrise.com/everown 

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