Coinwire, in collaboration with MEXC, is excited to announce a trading series featuring three major events, exclusively for members who register using the Coinwire referral link. Here are the details:

Mexc X Coinwire Trading Event

Event 1: $10 Cash Airdrop! Register & KYC your MEXC Account Now. Limited to 50 Slots

Step 1: Register & complete basic KYC via the link:

Step 2: Net deposit of $50 during the event. 

Step 3: Make 1 spot & 1 future trade, volume from $100. 

⏰ Due date: 16:00, 14th June (UTC)

Event 2: $30 Bonus for 1M Futures Volume accumulated

For each 1M futures trading volume accumulated during event time, you get $30 Bonus Futures in return! Max $500/User.

 ⏰ Due date: 16:00, 14th June (UTC)

Event 3: Community Power Unleashed

Unite and Unlock Rewards with the Targeted Trading Volume below, apply for the Top 20: 

Ad 4Nxdlx Ftruato90Mneuj61Jrb0Lninz6Skgjura Uzstvpbci3Y Woj8Mkmhaytmevskzx8U271Ygjozulq86Lerqokm49X44Gmbkciva3Y6Aspxh78Pwly1X5Txt

Event Note:

  • Open to new & existing users under the Coinwire invite link.
  • Only volume futures takers with processing fees> 0 are counted.
  • Users with a volume > $500,000 are eligible to share the pool (3).
  • Prizes (1), (2), and (3) can be claimed together.
  • Prizes are distributed within 5 working days after the event ends.