On March 15th, enter the new world of imagination created by Faerian, the first art gallery dedicated to the best fantasy art worldwide. Their first collection features 999 Pocket NFTs on the theme of “Light”, based on 22 fantasy artworks created by 6 talented human artists who contributed to major titles like MTG or Lord of the Rings Online. Meet the digital artists David Demaret, Winterkeep, Linestyle Artwork, Tomas Duchek, Jakub Jagoda, and traditional artist Aelin Laer, all selected for NFT.NYC 2023.

999 spots are opening for collectors to become official Wanderers of Faerian. The collection offers limited editions of art, like windows to an imaginary world. At least 60% of the proceeds go back to the artists. 

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All Wanderers receive:

– Early access to upcoming art collections and mints,
– A square 1000 x 1000 px image file with a personal display/non-commercial license,
– The title of “Wanderer of Faerian”,
– A 50% discount on Volume 1 of the printed artbook,
– Access to raffles with various prizes.

The rarity of the NFTs is determined by their traits, with Ultra Rare having 11 editions, Rare having 30 editions, Normal having 72 editions, and Twin having 22 editions. Some NFTs also come with a power, indicated by a crystal on the bottom banner, designed to inspire you in everyday life. There are also 2 Twin artworks in the collection, which are half part of the “Light” collection and give you special access to the upcoming “Chapter 3: Darkness” collection in April.

Faerian is a woman-founded gallery, and the team is made of long-time passionate people of fantasy art and literature, using NFTs for the benefit of artists and collectors alike.

Become a Wanderer of Faerian to get your own piece of Faerian’s light, and remember that you’re capable of being a hero in real life.

Check out the inspiring collection here!



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