Fantom and the Fantom ecosystem are always growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Fantom Weekly Recap.


Here are highlight events in the last 7 days for you:

  • Fantom announced the partnership with Dedaub
  • Paint Swap released the Paint Swap v3
  • Spooky Swap has fully integrated on 8BIT Metaverse
  • Sushi Swap collaborated with Stargate to release the new cross-chain DEX: SushiXSwap
  • Hector Network is now live on PancakeSwap
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Fantom Weekly Spotlights

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 1

Despite the market turmoil, developers & community always strive to enrich the Fantom Ecosystem constantly. Last week, the bullish trend continued with the leader being Ethereum. Both FTM & tokens in the Fantom ecosystem are no exception to the market trend as there are some great leaps in price & TVL of some projects, such as Magic Craft, Yearn Finance, Based Finance, Tomb Finance, Alpha Homora and WOOFi.

Key On-chain Data

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 2

The bullish signal from the cryptocurrency market also leads to some on-chain data of Fantom following the trend. The Fantom Opera network maintains relatively high active users & daily transaction, which prove our chain is still very active & the faith of Fantomians are still on despite any market sentiments! 

Weekly Highlight News

Fantom announced partnership with Dedaub

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 3

Dedaub is a leading smart contract security firm that offers significant security expertise, combined with leading program analysis technology to secure blockchain projects. 

This alliance will bring contract-library—a smart contract explorer— and Watchdog—a smart contract security analyzer—to Fantom mainnet, all powered through Erigon nodes. 

Paint Swap released Paint Swap v3

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 4

Paint Swap, the leading NFT Marketplace on Fantom, has released the new major update: Paint Swap v3 with many new features coming to users, including:

  • Non-custodial Listing
  • NFT Vaults
  • No-fee Listings
  • Financial NFTs
  • Bulk Support
  • Shopping Cart
  • Non-Custodial offers
  • Universal Offers
  • wFTM Zap
  • Offer Filtering
  • Auction Updates
  • Visual Enhancement
  • fNFT Security
  • Creator Tools
  • Transfer Security
  • Improved Filter
  • Holder Data
  • Sweep Floor
  • Multi-list
  • Multi-mint
  • Bulk transfer

Spooky Swap has fully integrated onto 8BIT Metaverse

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 5

Spooky Swap – the number AMM/DEX & DeFi protocol on Fantom, has now fully integrated onto 8BIT Metaverse

8BIT Metaverse is a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse on Fantom. 8BIT Metaverse enables players to complete quests and play different games while earning tokens. It aims to connect players, NFT communities as well as cryptocurrency projects on its platform. In addition, 8BIT is a gamified Initial Farm Offering (IFO) metaverse aiming to attract new projects on the Fantom Ecosystem.

This integration helps 8BIT users (or Netizens) can trade, add liquidity or farm right in the metaverse, with a deep liquidity & wide selection of tokens provided by Spooky Swap.

Sushi Swap collaborated with Stargate to release the new cross-chain DEX: SushiXSwap

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 6

Sushi Swap – the leading multi-chain AMM/DEX on the market & Stargate – the leading cross-chain bridge built on LayerZero Omnichain; has collaborated with each other to introduce a brand new product: SushiXSwap – the first omnichain decentralized exchange.

With SushiXSwap, users now can swap their token from different blockchains just by one click, in one transaction. SushiXSwap is also the first DEX to use Stargate to access a single pool of liquidity from any chain, at any time.

For more information, click here.

Hector Network is available on Pancake Swap

Fantom Daily Weekly Ecosystem Recap (July 28Th - August 3Rd) 7

Hector Network – the all-in-one Web3 protocol on Fantom, is now available on Pancake Swap – the no.1 AMM/DEX on BNB Chain. This has marked a new step in the expansion of Hector Network to BNB Chain.

Hector Network main token – HEC & stablecoin – TOR, is now listed on Pancake Swap & available for swapping, adding liquidity or farming to millions of BNB Chain’s users.

Additional highlight events: 


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