The Fantom ecosystem is always growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34.


  • Highlight On-chain Data
  • Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days
  • Tomb Chain & LIF3 New Updates
  • Fantom announces partnership with Bubblemaps
  • Fantom announces partnership with GDA Capital
  • Gitcoin is coming to Fantom this October
  • Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight: Solace
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Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, developers & community always strive to enrich the Fantom Ecosystem constantly. There are some major updates and news this week on the Fantom Ecosystem, which are listed below.

Fantom Highlight On-chain Data

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 1

Last week, the bearish sentiment of the cryptocurrency market caused Fantom’s on-chain data to decline. However, The Fantom Opera network maintains a relatively high active user & daily transaction, which proves our chain is still very active & the faith of Fantomians is still on despite any market sentiments! 

Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 2

The fact that last week was a bearish sentiment for the whole cryptocurrency market as Bitcoin’s dominance increased and BTC price decreased drastically to $20K. The Fantom ecosystem is no exception.

However, there were still some “outlaws” in the Fantom ecosystem with decent growth, such as Retreeb, Solidly & Magic Craft.

Fantom Price Analysis

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 3
(source: Trading View)

Our target price for FTM last week has been reached. With the downfall of the whole cryptocurrency market, the FTM price significantly decreased to $0.28. Currently, the decline has been slowed down & FTM is going sideway at the $0.29 – $0.31 price range.

On the larger timeframe, the FTM price is still accumulating in the price range from $0.20 to $0.45.

Tomb Chain & LIF3 New Updates

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 4
(Source: Tomb Finance)

Tomb Chain – the first Layer 2 of Fantom Opera, and LIF3 – the first AMM/DEX on Tomb Chain, have had some major updates & highlights:

  1. Tomb Chain celebrates a new milestone: 2,000 Wallets and 100K Total Transactions. 
  2. Bridging fee from Fantom to Tomb Chain reduce to 0.1%.
  3. The L3USD Stablecoin pool is now live on Curve Finance. In addition to the Curve pools, new L3USD Pools on Fantom will be coming shortly.
  4. TOMB-TSHARE LP is live in the Cemetery V2 and offers LSHARE as a yield reward.
  5. The Nursery – the single staking solution on LIF3 is now live.

You can find more details on all Tomb Chain & LIF3 updates on Tomb Finance’s official Discord.

Fantom announces partnership with Bubblemaps

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 5

Bubblemaps is the innovative data visualization platform for breaking down blockchain data from DeFi to NFT. It showcases the top holders of a token as bubbles (one bubble = one wallet). When FTM/ETH is transferred between those holders, their bubbles get connected on the bubble map.

You are now able to explore any FTM tokens with Bubblemaps: display transfers in a colorful and interactive way, making research fun and convenient!

Fantom announces partnership with GDA Capital

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 6
(Source: GDA Capital)

Fantom welcomes the newest member of Fantom’s VC round table – GDA Capital.

GDA Capital incubates, advises, and invests in blockchain, digital asset, metaverse/gaming, and web 3.0 companies that are defining new industry niches. Through this partnership, GDA Capital will bring funding to different Fantom projects and developers building exciting, ground-breaking applications in the Fantom ecosystem.

Gitcoin is coming to Fantom this October

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 7

Gitcoin is a platform where you get paid to work on open-source software in Python, Rust, Ruby, JavaScript, Solidity, HTML, CSS, Design, etc. Gitcoin is where the world’s leading web3 projects are born, validated & funded.

In case you miss it, Fantom has released a 335M $FTM Incentive Program with Gitcoin Grants last April. With the arrival of Gitcoin this October, Web3 builders & protocols on Fantom will be strengthened by new huge funding coming from Gitcoin Grant.

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight: Solace

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 34 (18/8 - 24/8)  - 8
(source: Fantom Foundation)

Solace is a DeFi insurance protocol that covers users against smart contract risk. Solace products are designed to build user trust, maximize capital efficiency, and offer complete transparency into the protocol. Solace’s key objective is to achieve mass adoption of DeFi by increasing users’ levels of security and trust globally. 

Solace has two key products:

  • Solace Portfolio Insurance (SPI) — This personalized insurance policy covers portfolios across four chains and 220 dApps.
  • Solace Native — DeFi’s base layer of insurance. Native is dApp-level insurance, and the underwriting is powered by participating dApps, DAOs, and protocols.

Additional highlight events

Fantom announces partnership with Chainbase

DeusDAO Dei v2 is now live

Scary Swap – the new ghost-themed DEX on Fantom

Hector Institute has integrated to Nansen

Magic Craft is expanded to Solana

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