The Fantom ecosystem is always growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38.


  • Fantom On-chain Data Highlights
  • FTM Price Analysis.
  • Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days.
  • Fantom announced a strategic partnership with Simple Swap.
  • Scary Swap is now live on Fantom.
  • Fantom introduced PebbleDB pre-release.
  • Retreeb introduced a new website & branding.
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Ecosystem Update

Despite the market turmoil, developers & community always strive to enrich the Fantom Ecosystem constantly. There are some major updates and news this week on the Fantom Ecosystem, which are listed below.

Fantom On-chain Data Highlights

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9) - 1

Last week, the bearish sentiment of the cryptocurrency market caused Fantom’s on-chain data to decline. However, The Fantom Opera network maintains a relatively high active user & daily transactions.

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9) - 2
(Source: FTMScan)

We also reach a new milestone in terms of Unique Addresses, as the total number of Unique Addresses has now passed 3.5 million! 

These achievements from on-chain data prove that the Fantom Opera chain is still very active, Fantom developers & community are still on despite any market sentiments! 

FTM Price Analysis

Last week was not a positive week for the cryptocurrency market. Although The Merge was completed, this was not a growth momentum for Ethereum and the whole market. The U.S inflation rate increased by 0,75% after the FOMC Meeting was also a cause leading to bearishness, although the result from the meeting was as expected.

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9) - 3
(Source: TradingView)

Ethereum dropped from $1500 to around $1200. Bitcoin went downward from $20,000 to around $18,000. Fantom is not excluded from this trend. After the failed breakout last month, FTM price dropped drastically. Currently, FTM is going sideway at the range between two supports: $0,21 – $0,24. 

Looking further, the FTM chart is still clearly in a downtrend, and with the currently harsh macro-economic & cryptocurrency industry situation, those bullish days are still far away. However, we still can take some good profits in a short-term pullback.

Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9)  - 4

Tokens of the Fantom ecosystem have also suffered this downtrend. However, there were some tokens in the Fantom ecosystem that have maintained growth until the end of the week, such as UniLend Finance, FantomStarter, or GTON Capital.

Fantom announced a strategic partnership with Simple Swap

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9)  - 5
(Source: Simple Swap’s Official Twitter)

SimpleSwap is a user-friendly and reliable instant service for cryptocurrency and fiat-to-crypto exchanges. It is an easy-to-use and free sign-up platform that offers exchanges of more than 500 currencies. Users can also earn a Bitcoin cashback for every exchange.

SimpleSwap is available as a desktop website and also as a mobile app for iOS and Android.

This partnership will enable users to swap FTM instantly, and also add a new choice of crypto assets trading for Fantom users alongside its already diverse AMM/DEX ecosystem.

Scary Swap is now live on Fantom

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9)  - 6

Scary SwapThe newest AMM/DEX with a “Spooky themed” on Fantom is now live. ScarySwap is the first ever DEX offering zero-fee swaps on certain pairs. Currently, trading pairs with FTM, WBNB & WETH are completely free, and more pairs will be added in the future.

Other common products from an AMM/DEX like liquidity providers & yield farming are also available, alongside with a stablecoin minting product that will be announced soon in Q4 2022.

The native token of Scary Swap is PUMPKIN.

Using the “Spooky themed” like Spooky Swap or Spirit Swap, will Scary Swap be successful as its predecessor? 

Fantom introduced PebbleDB pre-release

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9)  - 7
(Source: Fantom Foundation’s Official Twitter)

PebbleDB is a key-value database based on a port of LevelDB with additional features and optimizations. PebbleDB is an alternative to the default LevelDB currently used for the persistent storage of events, transactions, and world state data in Opera client. 

The main benefit of PebbleDB is the significant reduction in I/O bandwidth usage (~90%) in Fantom’s production.

Fantom’s team has integrated PebbleDB into Go-Opera.

Retreeb introduced the new brand design & website

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 38 (15/9 - 22/9)  - 8

Retreeb – the leading payment platform on Fantom is having a new branding and website.

This new design takes light green as the main color, in order to transfer the message: Retreeb will donate 33% of its commissions to finance other projects & create a better world.

Additional Highlight Events

Fantom announced a strategic partnership with Arctic Wallet

New DEX-bridge hybrid protocols on Fantom: Swidge

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight: Minimax

Unbound Finance is live on Fantom mainnet

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