The Fantom ecosystem is always growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43.

Key Takeaways

  • Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days.
  • Fantom On-chain data Highlights.
  • Tomb Finance v3 is now LIVE.
  • The Fountain of LIF3 is now LIVE.
  • Fantom has reached 400M+ in total transactions.
  • WOOFi Supercharger vaults are live on Fantom.
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Ecosystem Update

A week of unexpected growth in the crypto market helped the price & some key on-chain metrics of Fantom have a sudden spike. A new milestone in Total Transaction has been made by Fantom last week. Projects in the Fantom ecosystem this week also have important updates improving user experience. 

Fantom On-chain Data Highlights

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 1

As the bulls are taking the market last 7 days, some on-chain key metrics of the Fantom network has some significant increase. Key metrics in Unique Addresses, Daily Transaction & Average Gas used have almost doubled, while the blockchain still maintains the super low Average Gas Fees. The only minus point comes from the fact that the TVL of the system tends to decrease. 

Top Price Gainers on Fantom Last 7 Days

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 2

Last week has seen a surprise rebound from the whole crypto market, as Bitcoin price has reached 21K & Ethereum price has broken through 1.4K  for the first time since last month. 

This leads to the increase in price of many Fantom tokens, with the leading names are TETU, Geist Finance & WigoSwap.

Tomb Finance v3 is now LIVE

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 3
(Source: Tomb Finance’s Official Twitter)

Tomb Finance is honored to introduce Tomb Finance v3! This update brings a fresh & minimal look to the website with optimized speed. Also Tomb Finance’s website is now also mobile-friendly.

Tomb Finance will continue the mission to upgrade & innovate their products every day, including Tomb Finance, Tomb Chain, & LIF3.

For more information & access Tomb Finance v3, click here.

The Fountain of LIF3 is now LIVE

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 4
(Source: LIF3’s Official Twitter)

The Fountain of LIF3 has officially launched on LIF3 – the one & only DEX on Fantom’s Layer 2 Tomb Chain. This is the latest addition to the growing Tomb | LIF3 Ecosystem. 

With The Fountain of LIF3, users can stake their LSHARE to earn LIF3 whenever the conditions are met. Then rewarded LIF3 will be continued to stake in Greenhouse for additional yield. 

Check out The Fountain of LIF3 here.

Fantom has reached 400M+ in total transactions

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 5

A new milestone has been made by Fantom Foundation team! Now Fantom is officially passing 400M Total Transactions. In just a month, Fantom has reached four milestones:

  • 8M+ FTM has been Burned.
  • 3.5M+ Unique Addresses.
  • 460K+ Followers on Twitter.
  • 400M+ Total Transactions.

This proves the activeness & development of the Fantom Opera Chain despite the current bear market situation. 

WOOFi Supercharger vaults are live on Fantom

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 43 (20/10 - 26/10)  - 6

WOOFi (the all-in-one DApp built by WOO Network.) SuperCharger Vault is now LIVE on Fantom!

By generating profit from two separate sources – a WOOFi LP borrowing fee and third-party yield farming, WOOFi Superchargers are able to offer some of the best APRs on the market. Anyone who deposits $FTM or $USDC into these new vaults will also share in 100,000 additional monthly $xWOO rewards!

The WOOFi LP borrowing the Supercharger vault assets manages this risk for you by:

  • Remaining market neutral 
  • Hedging their exposure on WOO X
  • Setting aside 10% of TVL each week for instant withdrawals

For more information and access Fantom SuperCharger Vault on WOOFI, click here.

Additional Highlight Events

Beethoven X & WigoSwap dApp is listed on CoinHub Wallet

WigoSwap announced Partnered Burning Mechanism

Fantom integrated to Dashboard

Paint Swap introduced v3.1

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