The Fantom ecosystem is always growing and moving forward. To help you not miss any news & movements of the ecosystem in the last 7 days, here is your Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46.

Key Takeaways

  • A Week on Fantom Review
  • Fantom On-chain Data Highlights.
  • Gitcoin Grant Application is now open
  • Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight: Bubblemaps
  • Andre Cronje will speak at Quantum Miami 2022
  • 8BIT Metaverse Full World Launch is live

Ecosystem Update

The crypto market are experiencing some of the worst days. The collapse of FTX is one of a biggest shot to the crypto industry we have ever seen, and it has created an atmosphere of fear & panic around the market

The Fantom ecosystem is also struggling, however, we are still building and improving, just like we have always done since the first day of the bear market of 2022. One of the clearest examples is the Gitcoin Grants Protocol is now officially live on Fantom this week

A Week on Fantom Review

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 1

Not a bullish week for the Fantom ecosystem. All critical metrics have declined, especially the Social Metrics as all the spotlights were on the collapse of FTX.

The Leader in terms of TVL gainers is OnX Finance while leading in price gainers is Devil Finance. The most influential projects of the week is WigoSwap. 

Fantom On-chain Data Highlights

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 2

As we said above, the bearish situation from FTX incident has led to the decrease in many metrics, such as Price, Market Cap, TVL & Daily Transaction.

However, Fantom has still maintained the low gas fees & FTM burning rate, while our Daily Unique Addresses are still keep rising, proving the activeness of Opera Chain

Gitcoin Grant Application is now open

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 3
(Source: Fantom Foundation)

The long-await Gitcoin Grants are now live on Fantom! Protocols on the Fantom ecosystem now can apply for Round 1 to have support to build & grow on #Fantom among a thriving community

Applications for Round 1 will open until December 4, 2022. Voting on Round 1 will begin at 0:00 UTC on December 12, 2022.

In case you do not know, The Gitcoin Grants will allow teams building on Fantom to present their work to the broader community and crowdsource financial support. 

Fantom Ecosystem Spotlight: Bubblemaps

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 4
(Source: Fantom Foundation)

Bubblemaps aim to substitute traditional block explorers, allowing users to easily analyze complex patterns and connections. Through cutting-edge visuals, Bubblemaps is disrupting crypto research and due diligence, bringing fundamental data to millions of DeFi users.

Multiple blockchains endorse Bubblemaps including Fantom, Avalanche, and Cronos. Bubblemaps have been natively integrated on leading DeFi platforms like Gemxyz, DEX Screener, and DEX Tools.

For more information, click here

Andre Cronje will speak at Quantum Miami 2022

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 5
(Source: Quantum Miami)

Quantum Miami is the official & the largest Web3 Conference of Miami Blockchain Week, with more than 5,000+ attendees and 100+ Exhibitors. The conference will have the appearance of Andre Cronje – the Godfather of DeFi & now the Vice President of Meme of Fantom

This will be the first live appearance of Andre Cronje after the return to Fantom last week, and will be represented Fantom in Quantum Miami

The conference will take place from January 25 to January 27, 2023 in Miami, Florida. 

8BIT Metaverse Full World Launch is live

Fantom Weekly Recap Week 46 (10/11 - 16/11) - 6
(Source: 8BIT Metaverse)

8BIT Metaverse is a GameFi platform that allows users to own land, complete dungeons, and farm tokens in a 8-bit graphic Metaverse world. Many DeFi protocols have been integrated to 8BIT Metaverse, such as Spooky Swap, so that users can use DeFi & playing games simultanously

With the Full World Launch, players now officially can have a fully experience the world of 8BIT Metaverse. More amazing features will be released in the near future! 

Check out here

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