Wall Street Pros Warn Investors As Allegations Of Fed Cutting Interest Rates

Wall Street experts are currently making headlines as they urge investors who bid up US stocks to be careful what they wish for. This warning comes amid speculation that the Federal Reserve may reduce interest rates.

FED Cutting Interest Rates

Wall Street Pros Warn Investors As Allegations Of Fed Cutting Interest Rates

Although FED Chair Jerome Powell has already pushed back on speculation that the central bank is about to reverse course, stock market investors appear to be ignoring the message and have recently rallied due to their expectation that the central bank will begin pumping stimulus into the economy during the second half of the year. The gains were led by rate-sensitive stocks such as fast-growing technology companies, which were crushed last year.

However, this ship has immediately sunk as the FED pivot belatedly shows up. The magnitude of the rate cuts is now priced into financial markets, implying that the central bank will be facing a severe economic slowdown or recession that will harm corporate profitability. This effectively implied that what appeared to be a bullish period for equities could not be so bullish after all.

According to Todd Sohn, managing director of technical strategy at Strategas Securities, rate reduction may be a negative factor for the stock market. “It’s cut that bring equities and especially growing sectors of the market in problems,” he noted, citing the most recent examples of 2000 and 2008.

Stock Market as a Reflection of Difficulty

Wall Street Pros Warn Investors As Allegations Of Fed Cutting Interest Rates

The stock market’s swings reflect the difficulty that investors are now encountering as they try to negotiate this moment of unusually high uncertainty, which may be rooted in the current crisis in the banking industry, which is revealing new dangers, as well as the persistently high inflation.

Although Powell had stated that the Fed is considering holding rates stable on Wednesday, he nonetheless proceeded with another quarter-point boost. He highlighted that more may be required to return consumer price increases to their aim.

Sohn, on the other hand, argued that Powell’s “pause” phrase is intriguing since it could be a sign that the hiking cycle is on its way. Sohn was quick to temper his optimism, noting that Powell had dropped the ‘H-bomb,’ implying that rates may be raised if necessary based on inflation. “Now there’s definitely confusion,” Sohn remarked.

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