WingRiders introduced the Beta version of the DAO Voting Platform in order to respond to and meet the requirements of the community. WingRiders team can reduce human mistakes or manipulation using DAO with the transparency and openness focus and a crowdsourcing process.

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What is WingRiders?

WingRiders is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that is native to the Cardano blockchain’s mainnet. WingRiders is an infrastructure project that aims to provide a light, browser-based exchange and wallet integration possibility — for example, NuFi — with the goal of empowering decentralized apps and the need to migrate from one token asset to another.

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What is DAO? 

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is a new type of legal structure with no central governing body and members who share the same purpose of acting in the best interests of the company. DAOs, which have gained popularity due to cryptocurrency fans and blockchain technology, are used to make choices in a bottoms-up management method.

In 2016, a group of developers, inspired by the decentralization of cryptocurrencies, devised the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. A DAO is intended to promote supervision and control of an organization comparable to a company. The key to a DAO, however, is the lack of centralized authority; the collective group of leaders and participants serves as the governing body.

DAOs largely rely on smart contracts. These logically coded agreements govern decision-making based on underlying blockchain activity. For example, depending on the outcome of a decision, specific code may be written to raise the circulating supply, burn a specific number of reserve tokens, or distribute specific incentives to existing token holders.

Why WingRiders needs DAO? 

WingRiders’ governance is gradually evolving into a full-fledged DAO, delivering control to its $WRT token holders. Members can suggest improvements to the DAO’s economic, technological, community-oriented, or even political aspects. A peer-to-peer (P2P) contributor network supports decentralized autonomous groups. Their management is decentralized, with no executive staff at the top, and is based on automatic rules written in smart contracts. DAOs enable all members to participate in collective decision-making and investment decisions.

WingRiders governance explained

The Governance system, which allows ideas for modifications to be presented and accepted by member vote, is at the heart of every DAO. The system was created with transparency and openness in mind. It is simple to use the governance portal. WingRiders welcomes any suggestions, including platform protocol parameters, which features will be introduced next, updating modular smart contracts, platform fee parameters, farm reward allocation, and so on.

When a member is satisfied with the proposals, they should go to the governance dashboard, connect their wallet, and click “VOTING” under the governance link to begin the proposal submission process.

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The proposal is simple to create; simply click the “CREATE A PROPOSAL” button at the upper right of the UI, and the form appears. Simply fill out the form’s contents, click “CREATE PROPOSAL,” and sign the submission fee in your wallet, and you’re done. It should be mentioned that the proposer might also request a monetary compensation for submitting the idea.

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Voting on suggestions is likewise extremely easy and straightforward. Members may see all the ideas that can be voted on in a given period in the “Voting Open” area of the “Voting dashboard,” as well as any forthcoming proposals. Each proposal has a time during which votes are accepted, which is also noted below. The member just clicks on the proposal title listed there or the arrow at the end to view all the details and the current state of voting. The member then just casts their vote here, and it is recorded. A member’s voting power is equal to the number of $WRTs they have in their wallet and on the WingRiders Platform.

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If a member wishes to verify the progress of their votes, they can go back to the “Voting Dashboard” and look at the detailed panel.

Why WingRiders’s DAO stands out in the industry?


They were led by two primary concepts while seeking a governance system solution: openness and transparency. Any Rider should be able to submit ideas and vote on the governance. Proposals might be economic, technological, community-oriented, or even political in character. The goal was to minimize any technological barriers and make it easy for Riders of all backgrounds to contribute. The same is true for Riders who choose to vote, making the flow simple to use and comprehend.


The transparency of the voting process was the second most essential aspect for WingRiders. WingRiders present solutions where suggestions might be freely debated before and/or after they are locked in, inspired by other DAO with the objective of review. Furthermore, the suggestions are brought on-chain as transaction information, ensuring that they cannot be changed and providing a connection to them in the transactions.

WingRiders distinguishes itself from other projects by launching a governance model in which WRT holders may store their WRTs in farms, liquidity pools and boosting vault. WRTs possessed by Riders at any stage in the WingRiders ecosystem add to their voting power.

Following their transparency values, they have elected to allow anybody to verify the results while counting and confirming votes. If all of the data is available on-chain, anyone could create a piece of software to gather it. They have also chosen to open-source their system for collecting and validating votes, which should be available soon to facilitate adoption and promote transparency.


With the ideals of openness and transparency in mind, WingRiders established a fair and innovative DAO Voting Platform for users to satisfy the aspirations of the community and boost the project’s growth potential.

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