Flickto, a new Cardano-powered media launchpad will change how media projects are funded. Let’s have a look at this project.

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Flickto is a community media launchpad powered by Cardano.

Millions of content creators & artists are eager to create the next YouTube hit, box office smash, or Emmy Award TV show. While content creation has never been easier, producers frequently face financial challenges.

Flickto seeks to change this. Flickto will engage the community in sponsoring and funding new media projects & initiatives, utilising the Cardano ecosystem’s unique benefits.

Globally, Flickto will empower artists by funding projects selected for investment by the Flickto community, using the FLICK token as a medium of exchange and voting/staking mechanism. A first in the Cardano ecosystem, anyone can get involved and fund media projects, and profit from their success.

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Source: Flickto Whitepaper

FLICK Token:

Flickto’s native token is FLICK. It will help the next generation of filmmakers, TV producers, and streaming content creators. Users stake their FLICK to vote on media projects, and are rewarded with a share of the project’s distribution royalties. In terms of initial Token distribution, users that hold ADA are able to earn FLICK by staking to one of the Flickto project pools.

Total Supply: 5,000,000,000 (Five Billion)

Token Allocation:

40% ISPOs

20% Sales & IDO

15% Liquidity & Treasury 

15% Team, Advisors & Partners

10% Marketing & Operations  

ISPOs and How To Get FLICK Token 

ISPOs are a proven mechanism to raise finance for initiatives on Cardano, and have been deployed by a few projects previously. At Flickto, they will leverage the ISPO model to collect funds for the project itself and be a source of funding for media projects the Flickto community decides to launch via the launchpad, with innovative novel financing methods. 

Delegating ADA to one of the Flickto ISPO pools will reward you FLICK tokens and also enter you into NFT airdrops from the initial media projects Flickto has partnered with. 

Primary ISPO Phase

Start Date: EPOCH 300 (21:45 UTC November 1st, 2021) 

Ends: 32 EPOCHs (21:45 UTC April 10th, 2022) 

Base reward: 0.15 FLICK per active ADA Staked per EPOCH 

Vesting begins: January 5th, 2022

Minimum active stake per EPOCH to be counted: 10 ADA. Flickto will handle reward distribution at primary phase (no claiming needed). FLICK is earned regardless of pool performance and Active Stake is used for all calculations

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Source: ADApool

Secondary ISPO Phase

Start Date: EPOCH 332 (21:45 UTC April 10th, 2022) 

Ends: When all FLICK has been distributed. 

Base reward: 0.15 FLICK as in the Primary Phase, but with a reduction factor of 0.01 FLICK every EPOCH to a minimum of 0.02 per ADA Staked.

Vesting begins: Immediate vest via claiming available every EPOCH.

Tokens can be claimed for a 12 month period after the EPOCH in which they were earned. Unclaimed tokens will be transferred to the treasury.

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Private sale

The FLICK Private Sale is currently accessible to those seeking to invest more than 100ADA (or value comparable in other major cryptocurrencies) into the project and for accredited investors.

Total Tokens Available for Sale/IDO: 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Private Sale Start Date: October 25th, 2021

Ends: November 25th, 2021

Price: Upon request

Vesting: Locked & Unlocked Tokens available

Public Sale

Date & Details TBC

Targeting late December 2021-January 2022


Platform, Date & Details TBC. Target announcement of IDO details in January for a  March-April 2022 launch.

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Source: Flickto Whitepaper

November 21 

  • Project Launch ISPO Primary Phase Begins 
  • Marketing Begins 
  • Private Sale 
  • Open ISPO Reward Dashboard 
  • Team Growth Community Growth 
  • Referral scheme launch

December 21 

  • Initial Media Projects Announced 
  • Initial media project NFT Airdrops 
  • Pre Sale 
  • DEX Liquidity*
  • Initial Partnership Announcements 
  • Platform & App Development 
  • Private project submissions begin 
  • Full core team details release

January 22 

  • Primary Phase ISPO tokens vesting begins 
  • IDO Plans Announcement
  • Project submissions open 
  • Beta Platform release 
  • Project curation & panel announced 
  • Beta App release 
  • Initial media project showcase 
  • FLICK Early Staking Launches

February 22

  • First general voting round 
  • Platform goes GA 
  • App goes GA 
  • Launch project promotions begin 
  • FLICK Token Staking Begins 
  • CEX Listing 
  • Round 2 project submissions

March 22 

  • First general voting round results 
  • First winning project launches 
  • Distribution platform launch 
  • Distribution rewards from launch projects begin 
  • The second genera voting round begins 
  • Found 3 project submissions 

2022 Q2+ 

  • Decentralized Platform Dev 
  • Migrate voting on-chain 
  • Smart contract development

Learn more

Website: https://www.flickto.io 

Telegram Community: https://t.me/Flickto

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/flickto

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/FlicktoMedia

Discord: https://discord.gg/hn7VVDrZKQ

Medium: https://medium.com/flickto

General enquiries: support@flickto.io

Private Sale enquiries: sales@flickto.io 


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