As Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao commented in Fortune: ‘DeFi has seen rapid innovation in 2021, and we may see a boom of interest and innovation in 2022, where SocialFi and GameFi will be the main drivers.’

More and more Crypto innovation projects use NFT as the core link to get through SocialFi and GameFi, meanwhile a pass to Metaverse. Among them, STEPN is based on NFT sneakers as the core, allowing users to enjoy the ‘Move to Earn’ mode, which exploded the community and made the ‘X To Earn’ mode gradually become a popular trend. 

In the field of digital collection art, the innovative ‘Create to Earn’ model pioneered by the project has gradually attracted the attention of the community and venture capital, which may go viral in the ‘Play To Earn’ field after STEPN. 

What is is the first AI technology-driven “Create To Earn” Game & Social platform, which combines the attributes of GameFi and SocialFi, making NFT artists and enthusiasts realize NFT co-creation in the way of NFT DIY games, namely CO-NFT. During this, they can have full communication mutually, as well with the artists and eventually share the benefits together. 

Economic Benefits


1. Co-NFT sales revenue

Once Co-NFTs creation is completed, they will be launched on the NFT marketplace for trading. The revenue and royalties of CO-NFTs will be shared by the NFT artist, creator, and platform.

2. Co-NFT Staking revenue

Each Co-NFT can get $FTA revenue via NFT Staking on the platform.

3. ‘Identity NFT’ Airdrop & Revenue

‘Identity NFT’ will be airdropped, the higher level of which results in higher yield, along with the higher price in the marketplace.


1. Co-NFT sales revenue

2. Donations from fans on the Co-NFT pool

3. The platform will reward the artist based on her/his influence

4. Artist ‘Identity NFT’ revenue

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1. NFT creation popularization

For many people, it’s difficult to understand the value and creation principles of NFT, which results in NFT art creation only existing in a limited group. Most individuals just follow the trend to trade and purchase NFT artworks speculatively. enables the users to participate in the NFT DIY creation process easier, which is funny, and realize “Create To Earn”. It helps them understand NFT, accelerating NFT spreading for popularization.

2. Enhance NFT social attributes

Currently, well-known NFT trading platforms such as Opensea and Solanart only provide functions such as NFT creation, trading, auction, display, etc. Yet there is a lack of communication function among enthusiasts. On the other hand, artists create NFT artworks based on their own artistic literacy and hobbies, without fully communicating with fans, which is not good for the dissemination and creation of NFT artworks. The different preferences, opinions, and comments from enthusiasts on NFT can definitely promote the diversity of NFT art exhibitions to increase the fun of the NFT community.

NFT airdrop is about to release the official version 1.0 on the 22nd April, including modules such as CO-NFT, NFT SaaS, and Social NFT, to achieve the “Create To Earn” GameFi + SocialFi fusion mode. By then, will airdrop 10,000 artist identity NFTs and creator identity NFTs to early users of the platform.

The ‘Identity NFT’ is the admin ticket to the platform, which will firstly be airdropped to the creators of the first NFT series of, Hypeteen.

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Global Artist Invitations sincerely welcomes NFT artists around the world to join NFT art co-creation, and to create more amazing NFT works with more NFT enthusiasts.

Projects & Enterprises collaboration 

NFT project parties and offline enterprises are highly welcome to collaborate with We’ll devote our technology to realizing NFT design, collocation, release, etc., through which to create the genesis NFTs, and develop a diversified themed channel of CO-NFT creation for you.

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