Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital Partners, Griffin Gaming Partners, and Binance Labs are four industry veterans who have joined forces to expand the influence of DeHorizon DAO. DeHorizon is getting a lot of attention.

A great stride to DeHorizon

DeHorizon, a metaverse game ecosystem, launched a vote for the “election of 4 DeGuardians of DeHorizon DAO” until the end of Dec 20, 2021. The results voted by the community are Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital, Griffin Gaming Partners and Binance Labs. DeHorizon DAO has eight DeGuardians, four of whom are from the DeHorizon Foundation and the other four from investors and advisors. Sfermion, Dragonfly Capital Partners, Griffin Gaming Partners, and Binance Labs are among the first-round DeGuardians.

It is impressive to witness four industry pioneers join in a metaverse DAO!


Notable background of DeGuardians

Sfermion, an investment business specializing in the non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, announced the closing of Fund II, a $100 million venture fund with strategic partners. Sfermion’s goal is to hasten the establishment of an open, decentralized metaverse by investing in the infrastructure that will underpin our digital future.

Dragonfly Capital Partners brings together the leading decentralized economy participants. Its worldwide network allows us to invest in and support the most exciting crypto asset prospects. Dragonfly Capital has announced the establishment of a new $225 million fund to invest in DeFi, NFT, and other initiatives.

Griffin Gaming Partners is a major venture capital firm that specializes in investing in the gaming industry as a whole. Griffin Gaming Partners began raising $235 million in November 2020 to invest in the gaming business.

Binance Labs is a business that focuses on blockchain technology. It focuses on companies and teams that are in the early stages. It gives resources, advice, and ideas in addition to funding. Binance Labs is responsible for a number of high-profile cryptocurrency fundraising, including $60 million for Multichain and $5.25 million for Elfin Kingdom.

As DeGuardians, they are responsible for much business:

  • Jointly grow and promote DeHorizon Foundation
  • Review and vote on major community proposals
  • Participate in managing DeHorizon Treasury and further funding allocations
  • Supervise on general operation and development of DeHorizon metaverse
  • Scale up the network of DeHorizon metaverse

DeHorizon’s future will undoubtedly benefit from having such a solid core. DeHorizon has a good foundation to build and promote its DeHorizon metaverse, which is backed by significant personalities in the crypto, financial, and gaming industries. Their extensive industry knowledge and experience will aid DeHorizon in effectively managing the operation of DeHorizon Treasury as well as future financing allocations. 

DeHorizon will also take further efforts toward realizing their metaverse ambitions, scaling up their operations and network in the near future.

Introduction to DeHorizon DAO

DeHorizon aims to become the next generation of metaverse game ecosystems, where players from all walks of life can be immersed in creating, socializing, and easily playing various games with their friends.

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DeHorizon DAO is critical to making DeHorizon an independent, dimensional, and flourishing metaverse game ecosystem. The members of their DAO are divided into two groups: general members and committee members, named as DeVoice and DeGuardian.

Apart from contributing to DeHorizon’s development, DeVoice and DeGuardian benefit from decreased transaction fees, the ability to acquire their NFTs in advance, and token Airdrops.

To be the DeVoice, you must stake a particular amount of their governance token DEVT to demonstrate your honesty and passion. The amount of DEVT is determined by the number of holders’ addresses, the DEVT price, and the staking smart contract’s start date. From the first day of the contract launch, the minimum quantity of DEVT staking will gradually increase in a linear trend. And, the minimum staking amount of DEVT to be the DeGuardian is 500,000 DEVT.

DeVoice and DeGuardian have voting rights in DeHorizon DAO. These votes will frequently be regarding in-game income redistribution quotas, marketplace fees, balance modifications, or the burning mechanism, among other things. 

More about stake: 


In summary, Sfermion and Dragonfly Capital Partners were two of the numerous investors who helped DeHorizon secure $8.5 million in a pre-A round in early October, 2021. Griffin Gaming Partners and Binance Labs, for example, are two famous names in the gaming and finance industries that have had significant value investments in recent years.

With the companionship of such big names in the gaming, finance and NFT industries, the potential of DeHorizon is far beyond our expectation.

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