In the latest announcement on Twitter, FTX emphasized the significance of utilizing official company channels for all public communications. As they finalize their online claims portal, they caution customers about potential phishing attempts through misleading links resembling the official FTX customer claims portal.

FTX Debtor’s Actions & Responsibility

The FTX Debtors, who are responsible for managing customer claims, have issued a crucial reminder to customers to exercise caution and remain vigilant against phishing attempts. To safeguard sensitive information and prevent fraudulent activities, they emphasize the use of official company channels for all communications.

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As part of their efforts to facilitate the claims process, the FTX Debtors are in the final stages of developing an online claims portal, accessible here. Customers are urged to be wary of phishing attempts from other sources that mimic the exchange’s official claims portal. These deceptive links may appear legitimate, but it is essential to rely solely on the official portal for submitting claims.


To provide customers with adequate time to file their claims, they have set the Customer Bar Date for September 29, 2023, at 4 PM ET. It is crucial to note that claims will be treated equally regardless of the time they are submitted; priority will not be given based on filing timing. The primary requirement is to ensure that all claims are filed within the specified deadline.


With the FTX Debtors actively working on finalizing the online claims portal, customers are urged to remain cautious and utilize only the official company channels for any communications. Protecting personal information from phishing attempts is of utmost importance in safeguarding customers’ interests. As the Customer Bar Date approaches on September 29, 2023, customers are reminded to file their claims promptly, as no priority will be given based on timing. Stay vigilant, and be sure to utilize the official claims portal to ensure a secure and successful claims process.

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