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The 116-page FTX creditor list has made public a long list of large and small companies to which the defunct cryptocurrency exchange company owes money. On the aforementioned list were organizations from the media, colleges, airlines, and even charities. According to reports, the exchange’s attorneys filed the aforementioned paperwork as a part of the bankruptcy proceedings at a U.S. court in Delaware.

Judge John Dorsey, who is presiding over the case, has asked the FTX lawyers to submit a list of the institutions that have invested in the cryptocurrency exchange platform. However, the judge also agreed to the request that the names of specific creditors be kept secret for around three months.

FTX Owes Big Time Companies and Charity

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According to reports, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Fox Broadcasting, and CoinDesk were among the listed media organizations. Other cryptocurrency exchange websites like Binance and Coinbase were also suggested. The aforementioned document also made reference to Stanford University and other airlines, including American, Spirit, and Southwest.

The aforementioned list also included a Brazilian supermodel and her Superbowl-appearing husband as investors in the trading business. The creditor named was Gisele Bundchen Charitable Giving. FTX has already said that it owes its top 50 creditors around $3.1 billion, despite the fact that the aforementioned document did not actually reveal the whole amount that it owed to its creditors.

Small Companies and FTX

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Along with major corporations, the defunct cryptocurrency exchange site FTX is also said to owe money to some smaller enterprises, including M Group, a pest management company in Nassau, and a garden center. The aforementioned business, which resembled a creditor, asserted that because of FTX’s demise, they had already cut off their ties with the company.

Over a million creditors were anticipated for the defunct cryptocurrency exchange business, according to the initial filings by FTX’s attorneys. Prior to 2022 coming to a close, a former FTX employee revealed the company’s “moronically inefficient” luxury spending in a Twitter thread.