Nearly two-thirds of Southeast Asian customers (59%) plan to utilize plastic for bitcoin transactions. Consumers in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand have shown the most enthusiasm for bitcoin investments. To add, over two-thirds of customers (64%) are keen on earning rewards on their debit or credit cards in the form of cryptocurrencies, which they see as assets.

Almost as many people in Southeast Asia (64%), customers have shown an interest in utilizing cryptocurrency as a form of payment. This tendency is most pronounced in Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. Potential incentives and prizes (40%) and ease of use (53%), together with the novelty of this new payment option, are drawing in interested customers.

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On the other hand, in the context of today’s applications for cryptocurrency payments, the benefits of ease often have to be exchanged for those of security.

Why is Social Web3 the future of payments?

One way that consumers may engage with the blockchain is via the blockchain wallet, which can be thought of as an interface. The basic purpose of the system is to either store assets or conduct transactions.

Beyond payments: The future of crypto e-wallet in SEA 

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Southeast Asia will continue to lead the rise of Web3 wallets owing to the limits that they have with banks and credit cards, despite the fact that Western Europe, North America, and China are all seeing their rates of growth slow down. In other words, since these areas lack the necessary financial tools, the potential for the development of web3 wallets is bigger in these nations than it is in countries that already have fully developed financial systems.

E-wallets are expected to be the most popular form of cashless payment among customers in Southeast Asia, with 80% of consumers planning to use them.

Despite the fact that there are over 600 million young people who are emerging as customers and a significant penetration of smartphones, there are fundamental issues with infrastructure and access to financial services. More than sixty percent of individuals do not have bank accounts, and only roughly seventeen percent of transactions are conducted electronically.

As a result, there is a great deal of awareness and interest, but very little investment and possibility for growth.

Galaxy Finance, which is the first social wallet optimized for Web 3.0, has developed very innovative and ideal solutions for its consumers in order to stay up with the expanding trend and demand in the industry. Their goal is to provide more people all across the globe with access to financial services that are effective, permissionless, and open to scrutiny.

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What is Galaxy Finance?

An easy, one-touch, simplified human language Web3 Wallet for everyone

Because of this, Web3 will be easily accessible to you. Galaxy Wallet acts as a portal to the vast universe of decentralized apps, which is undergoing fast expansion. All of these activities, such as buying and selling NFTs, blockchain gaming, and liquidity mining may be easily accomplished from inside the protection of your cryptocurrency wallet thanks to their extensive asset support and cross-chain interoperability. Using the one-of-a-kind features that Galaxy Wallet provides, such as the ability to share your ideas with others, make new friends, follow friends, and discover investment possibilities together.

The outstanding advantages of Galaxy Finance

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What makes Galaxy Finance unique?

➣ User-friendly: This project at the forefront of the movement for improved crypto UX. The wallet is quick to use, comes with clear instructions, and can be handled with a single, streamlined app.

➣ Your private keys and your cryptocurrency are always kept safe as their top priority. Your private keys are never exported from your non-custodial wallet, which means that nobody else will ever have access to them. That involves both you and I.

➣ Galaxy Wallet is a software mobile wallet that can be downloaded on Google Play, iOS, and Android devices. It is compatible with all three platforms.

➣ Powered by the community, Galaxy Finance takes input and convert it into measurable progress, toiling away ceaselessly to develop updates and products that meet the requirements of the customers.

Easy Digital Asset Management

Galaxy Wallet provides its customers, especially those who are not yet familiar with cryptocurrency, with an easy-to-use, all-encompassing solution that goes beyond the capabilities of a traditional wallet that can store and transfer coins and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

➢ Keep all of your digital assets in a single wallet.

➢ Manage all of your wallets with a single mobile application

➢ Convert your country’s money into various digital assets.

Investing has never been simpler

➧ Provide non-financial specialists with insights, advice, alerts, trackers, and charts about personal finance matters in order for them to make better date-driven decisions.

➧ Encourage users to spend more time with GalaxyFi by providing them with opportunities to learn and earn prizes.

➧ Simplify the user experience by integrating user-friendly and informative features. Interface that has been entirely tailored for your smartphone, allowing you to experience your investing learning journey inside a single, straightforward app

Convergence across chains, without disruption, for all networks

● Make use of a single app to get access to a number of different networks, including Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and many more.

● GalaxyDEX offers a single point of access to all other DEXs, giving improved pricing, trade pairs, and other information to help users make educated decisions in an easy and convenient manner.

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III. Galaxy Finance roadmap

A comprehensive and trustworthy strategy is essential for any project that will last for an extended period of time. Here is it:

Q2 / 2022

◾ Community Building
◾ Market Research
◾ GalaxyDEX Beta Test
◾ Defi product audit

Q3 / 2022

◾ 150k community members
◾ 25k holders
◾ GalaxyDEX v1 launch

Q4 / 2022

◾ Partnership expansion
◾ CEX listing
◾ GalaxyDEX v2 release
◾ Mobile Wallet Beta test

Q1 / 2023

◾ Ecosystem expansion
◾ Integration with X-fi products
◾ SEA Ambassador Program
◾ GalaxyDEX v3 multichain supported
◾ Mobile Wallet launch
◾ Wallet integration
◾ Wallet API release

Q2 / 2023

◾ NFT Aggregator partners
◾ 200k ecosystem users
◾ GataxyDEX v4 aggregator and crosschain
◾ GalaxyStarter launch
◾ NFT Marketplace 

Q3 / 2023

◾ Merchant expansion
◾ 20k POS
◾ Education feature launch
◾ Crypto Payment
◾ Mobile Wallet v2

Q4 / 2023

◾ $5m TVL
◾ $500k Lending Vault
◾ Lending protocol

Q1 / 2024 

◾ Social integration
◾ 100k DAU
◾ Web) Social launch
◾ Mobile Wallet v3

IV.Galaxy Finance Presale GLF Token

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And below will be very attractive information about the presale event that you must be looking forward to!

Angel Investment:
💰 Price: 1GLF = 1.1$
💵 Payment: Usdt

Presale Round 1:
💰 Price: 1GLF = 1.25$
💵 Payment: Usdt

Presale Round 2:
💰 Price: 1GLF = 1.5$
💵 Payment: Usdt

Presale Round 3:
⏰ Date time: 5:00 pm UTC, 10th Nov
💰 Price: 1GLF = 1.65$
💵 Payment: Usdt

Presale Round 4:
⏰ Date time: 5:00 pm UTC, (13th – 14th) Nov
💰 Price: 1GLF = 1.75$

📊 Listing Dex
💰 Price list Pancake: 1GLF = 2.2$

Join presale event at:

Don’t procrastinate any longer; set a reminder immediately to ensure that you don’t miss out on the very lucrative presale and the chance to cash in during the current “crypto winter”. To the moon, and beyond!

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