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What is GAMER?

GMR (Gamer) is a utility token designed to build a strong link between cryptocurrency investments and the online gaming sector.

Their whitepaper details their current objectives and future aims so that all stakeholders (past, present, and future) are aware of the project’s technical features and aspirations for growth in the ever-expanding Crypto and Gaming markets.

The 3 key activities are: Create, Empower and Game. 


It will be a pleasurable and effortless experience to create on the GMR Center. The GMR Center Create tools will give the foundation for your goals, whether you are a content producer seeking for new revenue streams or a gaming enthusiast eager to create great artwork inspired by their favorite games.


They’re establishing an environment that empowers gamers thanks to the blockchain’s immutability. Gamers will have a genuine, controllable, and transferable interest in the future of their Guild’s gaming activities because to their novel, gamer-owned guild structure. Furthermore, with the notion of Decentralized Fame, gamers regain control of their social destiny by utilizing the technologies they are developing.


They are now building two proof-of-concept games, the first of which, Battle Leet, will be launched later this year, with the goal of taking the initiative and establishing a toolkit for game creators to smoothly integrate blockchain into their games. Battle Leet will allow gamers and holders of Non-Fungible Leets NFTs to compete for dominance, pride, and GMR tokens by pitting their collection against others.

GMR Center

Gamers may play games in the Arcade, exchange game assets and art in the NFT Hub, form decentralized and member-owned gaming guilds using their social tools, and join live-streamed game rooms of their followers all from the GMR Center.

Individuals may acquire information on all parts of the project, join the project, exchange information with the community, invest in the NFT range, trade NFTs, invest in the Token, hold tokens, register for news and events, and much more in this creative ecosystem.

The GMR Center is being built to be totally blockchain agnostic. As a result, users from any EVM compatible network will be able to engage in their ecosystem at some point. To do this, they will create an on-platform wallet solution that will let users to take use of the lightning-fast transaction rates necessary for a genuine gaming experience while also taking advantage of their bridge contracts, which will allow other networks to participate. Everything went off without a hitch.

BETA version of Social Networks for Retro Badge members

With the introduction of the BETA version of the GAMER Social Network, the GAMER team has reached one of the most significant milestones on their path. The proof that GMR is doing what they set out to do, that they are building the platform that will soon become the go-to location for gamers to sit back and relax – to stream and trade in their soon-to-be favorite games, all while being backed by the WEB3 revolution.

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These social media accounts are both a proof-of-concept and a reliable data source. Making the Socials and making them usable for everyone gives the team valuable experience that will allow them to add a strong, solid commentary function to future streaming services, as well as monitor their algorithms in terms of high user input volume, allowing them to tweak and tailor future features like the Guild page.

Furthermore, they will help GMR gradually migrate its content and announcements to its own platform, allowing them to collect and track their community outreach without relying on platforms like Twitter or YouTube to collect your personal information.

These two aspects go beyond the benefit of being able to communicate a few lines of text or a silly GIF. They provide a wonderful stepping stone for GMR as they move into the platform’s major hitters, and with the plan as it is, we can expect a significant 2022 for GMR.


The platform’s value is not just in its novelty; social networking, NFT markets, streaming services, and guild pages already exist. Gamer’s ability to integrate all of these elements together for easy navigation and cross-feature interaction sets it apart from the competition. Your NFT comments will be integrated into timelines, your stream will be available straight from your public profile, and content creators will be able to blend smoothly into the NFT area while managing and interacting with their clan and followers on-site.

The socials are but a cog in a giant machine, yet, as with all complicated movements, all of the minute components come together, and even the seemingly insignificant details are meticulously crafted to accomplish their functions flawlessly.

Learn More

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GMRCenter

Telegram: https://t.me/gmrcenter

Website: https://gmr.center

Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.gmr.center