Blockchain Virtual Worlds (BVW) like Decentraland are the next big concept in crypto gaming. On BVW, anyone can own land, build on it, rent it, or sell it for profit. Players can also trade cryptocurrencies and NFTs in these worlds, making them very popular among crypto investors. 

However, this growing popularity makes many premier BVW platforms inaccessible to new players because of their high-priced tokens and NFTs. But there are many NFT games like Decentraland. This article will look at the six best alternative NFT games like Decentraland.


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Sandbox is among Decentraland’s biggest competitors, and it’s easy to understand why. This Ethereum-based metaverse platform offers immersive 3D experiences, allowing players to buy land, build, trade their property, and other game experiences. The game is focused on empowering creatives and players to develop the virtual world as best as their imagination allows. 

The gameplay revolves around the purchase of the available 166,464 LANDS. On these lands, players can create multiplayer experiences by building houses, hosting games, and providing social experiences to members of the Sandbox community. To run all these experiences, Sandbox’s virtual world operates using the SAND token, which players use to make all in-game purchases and trades.

One of the outstanding benefits Sandbox has over Decentraland is its opportunities for purchasing land. Unlike Decentraland, where land purchases are only made in the MANA marketplace, Sandbox leverages multiple platforms like OpenSea and the Sandbox marketplace. This diversifies land purchasing and serves as a competitive edge. 

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If you are looking for a simplified version of Decentraland, Cryptovoxels is another great alternative. This virtual world is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the minimalistic approach you find on Minecraft, but many fun activities to explore.

The Cryptovoxel world comprises a city called Origin City. Origin City has streets owned by The Corporation and Parcels, which individual players can purchase. These Cryptovoxel Parcels are bought on OpenSea. Once a player has their land, they also have options to develop it. Usually, the game offers gamers black-and-white blocks to construct. 

Players can, however, customize these monochromatic buildings by adding color and images to them. You can buy colors and images from, with about 400 colors costing 0.1 ETH. 

CryptoVoxels is also significantly cheaper than Decentraland. One parcel in Cryptovoxel costs 1.899 ETH (roughly $5,335). This is nearly half of what the cheapest land on Decentraland costs, making the game significantly more accessible.


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Upland is another play-to-earn game that runs on the ESO blockchain and maps the real world into a mind-blowing NFT metaverse. On Upland, players can buy and collect properties modeled from real-world addresses and flip them for extra cash or have visitors pay for every visit.

Uplanders can also take tours around the City, go on treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, and even attend live property auctions. Players use the UPX token to transact, but the token is not tradable outside the Upland’s ecosystem.

Having a property on Upland earns players an annual 17% UPX of the amount spent on minting the property. This can generate a lucrative profit, especially for high-end properties, making the game very enticing. But, be aware that Upland properties are built to have some scarcity, and it is not clear how much the cheapest land costs.

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Blockchain virtual world games are designed to give a parallel reality, and Starlink is among the games that achieve this seamlessly. This space-themed metaverse combines technical tools and real-world observations to create a fluid 3D virtual space that allows players to explore, learn and grow their self-expression.

This virtual world includes various games, from action to adventure and education. Players can connect to multiple missions on the metaverse using portals and fly across the solar systems to complete their missions.

Starlink uses its native token STARL to operationalize its ecosystem. Players make purchases using STARL, and the token is also used as a point of entry for different entries in the metaverse. These include accessing games, clubs, and virtual concerts or modes of travel to different in the metaverse. 

What makes Starlink a stiff Decentraland competitor is its gameplay’s thrilling and versatile nature. Starlinks’ range of missions and experiences in the virtual world are more intense than those offered on Decentraland. This makes the game a worthy alternative to Decentraland.

Genesis World


For players who are big on community, Genesis World is the perfect NFT game to explore. The game’s primary mission is to have its players working together to build a sustainable and long-standing virtual world. 

Genesis World has hundreds of worlds, each created and owned by a community. Players travel to different worlds to complete quests created by other players, each with different player-created environments that have player-created enemies.

To make any purchases in the game, players need GENESIS, the platform’s native token. But, they also need Mining Claims which are NFTs that feature a 3D concept model of a side world that a player wants to use in building their portfolio.

One GENESIS token costs about $0.059 according to Coinmarketcap, compared to Decentraland’s MANA token, which costs about $2.46. These affordable prices give Genesis World a distinct advantage as one of Decentraland’s competitors. 

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NFT Worlds

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Another remarkably detailed play-to-earn game like Decentraland is NFT Worlds. This virtual world built on the Minecraft open-source ecosystem is a massively multiplayer game with limitless worlds to explore. The game comes with everything from geographical attributes to 46 environments that players can customize infinitely, natural resources like oils and gems, and rare features like jungle ruins or mine shafts that vary in rarity.

NFT World players can make some cash by competing in different environments, completing quests, and participating in various competitions. The game uses WRLD tokens to pay rewards and make any in-game purchases. 

Unlike Decentraland, NFT World is built on an already existing world-building game. This makes it a unique offering in terms of cross-platform support, making it an attractive Decentrald alternative.

Matrix World

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Matrix World multiverse is another great play-to-earn game similar to Decentraland. The Matrix World is the first decentralized open virtual world in which users may interact with 3D applications running on various blockchains at the same time. Matrix world comprises virtual lands, which are NFTs that permanently exist on blockchain networks like Ethereum and Flow. The lands here can be traded and transferred across different blockchain networks while ensuring that landowners retain full ownership of what they built in their parcels of lands. 

Matrix World also comes with various features that landowners can use to their advantage. Some of these perks include; the ability to build 3D architecture, create 3D DApps, host virtual meetings, and sell and transfer digital assets like NFTs. Perhaps what sets it apart from other projects is its ability to host different marketplaces by eliminating the blockchain boundaries in the metaverse. 

To get into Matrix World, you can buy land through OpenSea by buying the Matrix World Land Voucher. Although the official launch of Matrix World will be in 2024, it is a project worth checking while still in its early stages. Its native token will be MWT.

Start Exploring NFT Games

So, if you’re looking for an alternative to Decentraland, then one of these seven NFT games might be a perfect fit for you. Each game offers its own unique features and gameplay. We hope one of the projects we have listed will help you get your ideal NFT game that’s similar to Decentraland.

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