Gemini, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has taken legal action against Digital Currency Group (DCG) and its CEO Barry Silbert by filing a lawsuit in a New York court. The lawsuit follows a series of developments that have unfolded over the past few months, involving DCG’s subsidiary, Genesis, and its substantial debt.

The exchange claims that DCG engaged in fraudulent business practices and manipulated financial statements to conceal Genesis’ insolvency. As the deadline for an agreement between the two parties has passed without any action from DCG, Gemini has escalated the situation by resorting to legal measures.


Cameron (L) And Tyler (R) Winklevoss - Founder &Amp; Co-Founder Of Gemini
Cameron (L) and Tyler (R) Winklevoss – Founder & Co-Founder of Gemini

At the beginning of the year, Genesis, a subsidiary of DCG, filed for bankruptcy, leaving behind a significant debt of $3.3 billion with customers, including $1.2 billion owed to customers who utilize Gemini Earn, a lending program offered by Gemini. As the parent company, DCG had committed to repaying Genesis but found itself owing nearly $1.7 billion to the subsidiary.

In May, DCG was expected to make a payment of $630 million, but it failed to meet this obligation. Although creditors granted DCG additional time, there has been no progress in repaying the debt over the past two months.

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Gemini’s Final Offer

In an effort to resolve the situation, Gemini presented a final offer to DCG. The offer proposed a repayment schedule amounting to $1.465 billion over a span of five years, with an upfront payment of $275 million due on July 21, 2023. They issued an ultimatum, stating that if DCG did not accept the offer by July 7, legal action would be pursued, potentially pushing DCG into default.

Best Offer
Cameroon’s Offer to DCG

DCG’s Inaction and Lawsuit Filing

Despite the deadline passing, Barry Silbert has not taken any action or responded to Gemini’s offer. As a result, Gemini has officially filed a lawsuit, escalating the dispute to the legal realm. Gemini’s CEO has accused DCG of engaging in fraudulent activities within their business operations and deliberately falsifying financial statements to conceal Genesis’ insolvency. Therefore, DCG has announced its latest statement as a response:

With the debt situation unresolved and no signs of capital mobilization, DCG may be forced to explore the liquidation of its company assets. This poses a significant risk, particularly for Grayscale, a subsidiary of DCG, which manages over $26 billion in cryptocurrency assets. Any liquidation process could potentially impact the holdings and investors of Grayscale, creating further complications in the cryptocurrency market.


Gemini’s decision to file a lawsuit against DCG and its CEO, Barry Silbert, marks a significant development in the ongoing debt crisis involving DCG’s subsidiary, Genesis. Accusing DCG of fraudulent practices and concealing Genesis’ insolvency, Gemini has chosen to pursue legal action after DCG failed to respond to its final offer. The outcome of this lawsuit will have substantial implications not only for the parties involved but also for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem, particularly for Grayscale and its vast array of digital assets under management.

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