A new Binance smart chain-based Cryptocurrency with minimal tax, high reflections in pegged Bitcoin, and two daily calendar draws for either 500$ or a unique NFT is being released at the most delightful time of the year. If you are a diamond holder, which means you have never sold any of your SantaBTC $HOHO tokens, you are eligible to win the grand prize of $5,000 simply by holding them.

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SantaBTC is a meme cryptocurrency. It was released in November 2021, and within the first week, it had established a significant online community. SantaBTC is distinct from other meme coins because of its structure. As long as you possess SantaBTC, you will receive rewards in BTCB (Pegged Bitcoin).

Recognizing that investors are having difficulty deciding which projects to participate in a sea of scams and cheaters, SantaBTC was created as a way of giving back to the community. Humanity’s Santa spirit is empowering the project and donating to those who need it more than we do. SantaBTC becomes a safe place for investors because of its unique features and meaningful origin where the team is honest, open, and pro-community.

SantaBTC is making its way into the Cryptocurrency market, promising BTCB incentives to those who shake his hand. In other words, if you hold the SantaBTC HOHO token, you’ll get Pegged Bitcoin rewards.

The SantaBTC project was inspired by the giving spirit of Christmas, which is all about sharing and giving. It includes fascinating features that guarantee consistent Bitcoin payouts to holders. Santa, being the generous and joyful giver that he is, has chosen to follow a tried and true code that will undoubtedly bring smiles to the faces of all who follow it.

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Core Value


SantaBTC is the next version of the reflection token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC): The Binance Pegged BTC reflection token is designed to maximize user benefits both now and in the future. Users will receive a 4% return in Binance Pegged BTC for each transaction just by holding $HOHO tokens, which will be automatically transferred to the wallet every 60 minutes.


In the bitcoin sector, trust is crucial. This necessitates comprehensive transparency in all elements of community and development activities, as well as security. SantaBTC will successfully finish its security audit. The addition of SantaBTC gives users additional confidence.


SantaBTC is one of the most popular and fastest-growing cryptocurrency communities. They feel that community is important, and SantaBTC works hard to bring people from all around the world together. A dedicated telegram channel for their international community will be introduced soon. Longevity SantaBTC isn’t going anywhere. Long-term ecosystem and foundation development is encouraged and embraced by the decentralized community in order to provide genuine use cases and higher benefits than any passing craze.

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Project Roadmap

2021 – 1st phase

Token Birth

Create SoMe Channels

Create Community

Seed Sale

Private Sale

Website V1 Creation

Sweepwidget contest for whitelist

Community Building

Promotions on token websites

CMS Top Trending

Twitter Crypto Influencers Promotions

Telegram AMAs

Dessert Finance Audit

Public Presale

Ads Banner Promotions on PooCoin

IDO on Pancakeswap

2021 – 2nd phase


Certik Audit

Daily Advent Calendar draws

More Community Shill Raids

More Community Building

CMC listing

CoinGecko listing

More AMAs

2021 – 3rd phase

$2.5M MCAP

Paid Shill Raids & Bots

CMS Top Trending

Dextools Top trending

More Twitter Crypto Influencer Promotions

More AMAs

2021 – 4th phase


Website V2 Update

More Marketing & Youtuber Crypto Influencer Promotions

More Marketing & Twitter Influencer Promotions

More Marketing and Promotions On Crypto Tokens Websites

More Marketing And Promotions On PooCoin

Core Team Public Doxx

First Christmas Charity Project Giveaway

Dextools Top trending

Bigger AMAs In TG and Twitter Spaces Communities

2022 – 5th phase


Bigger AMAs In TG and Twitter Spaces Communities

Project Tokenomics

SantaBTC has a total supply of 250,000,000 $HOHO, of which 2,000,000 $HOHO will be burned every day from December 1 until December 25. They have a total tax of 12%, which is split as follows: 4% Reward System 4% Liquidity is a term used to describe how liquid something is. MarketingWallet makes up 4% of the total.

The main goal of the $HOHO token is to provide BTCB stable-coin to anyone in the crypto market who wants to make a lot of money by simply holding the $HOHO token.

Anti-Whale Protection

Their contract includes a simple, uncomplicated whale discouragement system: no single sale of more than 1% of the whole supply is allowed.

They will set anti-whale procedures interacting with the contract for the first 24 hours of trading from November 30th 7PM (UTC) to December 1st 7PM (UTC). During this time, no sales of more than 0.25% of the entire supply can be made at the same moment.

Only a 2% total association of $HOHO tokens can be used to max out a wallet.

Liquidity Pool

For PancakeSwap, 4% of every transaction is transformed into liquidity. Their smart contract puts 4% of every buy/sell transaction into a liquidity pool as $HOHO and $BNB.

BTCB Reward

Holding your $HOHO earns you automatic Binance pegged BTCB incentives — 4% of every purchase and sell transaction is automatically allocated to all token holders.

Wallet Overview

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The entire supply of $HOHOHO in SantaBTC is 250,000,000. A total of 37.9% of the $HOHO coins will be allocated to the pre-sale and early liquidity. Additionally, 20% of tokens are delivered to the burn address via a daily burn schedule of 2 million tokens every day until the 25th, 2% to the Development Wallet, and 2% to the Partnership Wallet. 3% will be donated to Charity Wallet. Presalers Refund Wallet will receive 3.1% of the proceeds. 5% to the Marketing Wallet, and 5% to the Future Exchange Listing Wallet.

Except for burn and presale refund wallets, all wallets will transmit tokens to their intended uses. However, in order to earn BTCB incentives, the Marketing, Developer, Partnership, and Charity wallets will be unlocked; only BTCB will be used as funds, not tokens. As a result, they will not sell any tokens to fund any of those tokens. As a result, tokens will be locked in the sense that they will never be utilized for anything other than the Future Exchange wallet to provide liquidity for future exchanges.


Start: November 28th, 2021, Sunday, 6:00 PM (UTC)

Hard cap: 150 BNB

Soft cap: 75 BNB

Token: $HOHO

Project protocol: BSC20

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Calendar Draw

From December 1st to December 25th, they will conduct an automatic draw among their holders for a total of over 1,000 $HOHO tokens. Every day, a different winner receives a $500 USDT prize. Everyday winners will be eligible to win the grand prize of $5,000 USDT on Christmas Day. The daily winners must not have sold any of their tokens during the Calendar lottery period to be eligible for that draw.

Rewards and Charity


For Christmas 2021, there will be 35 different SantaBTC NFTs. This will give you the chance to win an extremely remarkable and one-of-a-kind NFT. Each day of the Calendar draw, they will choose one winner at random. (December 1–25).

In addition, ten winners will be chosen from the sweepwidget contest to receive these incredibly rare NFTs. These NFTs will not be available for purchase at a later date, but they will be traded at a later date on the future roadmap.

The daily winners must not have sold any of their $HOHO tokens during the Calendar lottery period to be eligible for that draw.


They’re putting the “giving” back into the holiday season with their Santa TC project. It’s important that their concept makes charitable giving as much about expression as it is about doing good. Their SantaBTC concept democratizes giving and appeals to our current lifestyles while also assisting the community and investors in reconnecting with the season’s giving spirit.

Their goal is to use the SantaBTC initiative to generate a steady stream of revenue for charitable causes that their community deems worthy of support. They will focus on providing a better everyday living for refugees, homeless people, and children at a time when it is normally the most difficult emotionally for them.

Their Charity stage plans:

  • $10,000,000 they will give a $10,000 donation to a given project
  • $100,000,000 they will give another $10,000 donations to ten different projects, $100,000 in total
  • $1,000,000,000 they will give another $100,000 donation to ten different projects, this time submitted by their community and chosen around the world.

Learn More

Website: https://santabtc.com/ 

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/santabtc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/santa_btc 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP5lGvaTNNrrK8J7yOmEByw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SantaBTC-112158251281327

Telegram: https://t.co/EmtHOWY0f6?amp=1

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/SantaBTC_announcement

Coin Hunt: https://coinhunt.cc/coin/1840821945

Coin Sniper: https://coinsniper.net/coin/19534

Gem Finder: https://gemfinder.cc/gem/5142

Hunt Coins: https://huntcoins.info/coin/SantaBTC

Watcher: https://watcher.guru/coin/santabtc

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