MetaMate’s Free-To-Play Version will be released on 08 March, 2022! 

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Joining the fascinating metaverse world of MetaMate, you will be able to connect with friends around the globe, enjoy finding your date & playing exciting minigames, while being able to earn great rewards! 

Weekly and monthly contests with prizes up to $2000!

A chance to win $1000 by simply joining! 

Earning $Mingle to redeem for tokens!

Commission points for friend referral! 

What is MetaMate? 

MetaMate is a unique social and dating metaverse combining a digital dating platform and an NFT game. Our goal is to build a true metaverse where people around the globe can connect, get to know each other, have fun and earn together.

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Some highlights of MetaMate’s project: 

– The first NFT game with social & dating feature

– The first to initiate a social NFT standard to optimize the efficiency of data analyzing, advertising campaigns, matching mechanism, etc. 

– Focus on free-to-play, invest-to-earn, user-generated features.

– Develop a complete ecosystem with a Web 3.0 product (Mate Plus), a Cross-chain NFT Marketplace product, and an NFT Venture.


Metamate is A Uniques Social and Dating Metaverse with many casual and fun minigames for the players to choose from.

Free-to-play Alpha Version 

In MetaMate’s free-to-play alpha version (ETA: 8th of March, 2022), players will be given free Darlings (avatar) and can be customized freely with various fashionable NFT costumes.

Our free-to-play version provides an exciting daily quest system and the Disco Fever dancing mini-game, in which you can hop on the dance floor, show us your moves, and enjoy great music! There will be a weekly leaderboard with great rewards! 

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While having fun experiencing these features in MetaMate’s free-to-play version, players will also be able to earn Mingle Dollars to redeem for $MTM tokens later, get whitelists for IDO, free NFTs and many more rewards! 

Let’s play our Free-to-play Alpha Version and earn many rewards in MetaMate’s world!

Official Release Version 

In MetaMate’s official release version (ETA: April, 2022), there are 3 different game modes that players with NFT Darlings can play-to-earn:

  • Workplaces Idle Game Mode: Players can farm in various Workplaces to earn Mingle Dollars. 
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  • Single Play Mini-games Mode: Players can play various mini-games to earn in-game items to craft NFT Eggs.
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  • Matching & Dating: Social Features, Co-op Date-to-earn. Players can Date each other, similar to dating apps. Players fill a Love-Meter together by gifting and playing Co-op mini-games to earn higher rarity NFT Eggs.

Besides these game modes, MetaMate will hold regular Special Events, which are limited to a certain period of time. These events are inspired by real life themes like:

Speed Dating, Dancing Contest, Music Festival, Black Friday, Movie Premiere, and many more! 


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Let’s join MetaMate now to lock your chance of winning great prizes and experience the extraordinary world of MetaMate!

MetaMate – A Unique Social and Dating metaverse!

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