Have you ever desired a platform that allows you to indulge in content, games or shopping fully on-chain? Most people in the industry have and DeHub built just that.

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What is DeHub? 

DeHub is a lifestyle and entertainment center featuring real-world blockchain integrations in gaming, streaming, and e-commerce that aim to improve business or customer protection and experience. As a chain agnostic protocol, they are starting with Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon but hope to be on any EVM compatible L1 or 2 chain with enough users to vote via the governance d’app.

A brief history of DeHub

Long before the 2020 bull run, a proven collection of young and ambitious developers, gamers, athletes, and business experts have been working on the technology since the bear market lows. DeHub, which launched in 2021, is one of the very first pioneers to provide the groundwork for NFTs to thrive in recent years. 

They were proudly known as Futurov (FTV) before rebranding as DeHub, with a growing user base on their Web2 streaming app, as well as positive reviews and thousands of users on the Google Play Store.



The team created DeHub with the goal of creating a truly gaming experience that is a self-enhancing and sustaining system, with no dilution or inflation. They’ve created and published a barrier-free, play-to-win arcade consisting of classic and unique games that will complement their more immersive gaming experiences in the next few years.

A play and earn strategy that is purely based on fee creation, requiring no dilution or inflation to incentivize participation, positive feedback loops, and overall growth. This has the additional benefit of incentivizing the staff and community to continually work harder to reach the same objective, as the more users they have, the more revenue they create, the more awards are generated, and the more people the platform can attract.

DeHub provides amusement through games with crucial elements that allow gamers to enjoy the game without worry: 

  • Play without barriers and win to get incomes
  • Tournaments and AAA level games are available in addition to classic arcade mini games. 
  • Stream gaming content with their streaming app. 
  • Create decentralized guilds and e-sports divisions in collaboration with existing pro gamers. 

Whack A Schiff, Petrol Guzzler, andt Blaster are some of the most recently introduced games on DeHub.

Documentaries and Stream

DeHub, as a streaming dApp, provides a user-centric streaming protocol that empowers both creators and consumers. The d’app is unique in that it gives developers complete control over subscriber data. You may now take your company wherever you want and reach your target audience no matter what. 

DeHub uses an articulate on-chain protocol with decentralized moderation mining as well as instant 2 click watch-to-earn, content locking, or PPVs for any coin, which is well understood in the streaming business. As a result, every upload generates an NFT that is stored on IPFS, whereas A.I eliminates illegal content and redirects explicit content to an 18+ zone.

User-generated and protocol-produced content enabled by stakeholder governance are key characteristics of their streaming protocol. 

Take control of your data and subscribers. Take your business with you wherever you go by exporting your followers’ email addresses and wallet addresses at any moment to reward and communicate with them on your own terms. 

Lock content behind any token contract, providing all projects with watch2earn functionality and creators with additional monetisation options. 

With Pay-Per-View and bounty strapping self service protocols, anyone may watch and earn in a sustainable and satisfying manner. 

A collection of the best Web2 and Web3 streaming apps. 

Training and education with interactive content.

On-chain Store and NFT Marketplace

They created a custom upgradable smart contract that incorporated e-commerce logic while remaining flexible to multi-sector product lines, with the goal of eliminating receipt and invoice fraud while establishing a new avenue for user interactions and loyalty compensation.

  • Merchandise
  • Ticketing & events
  • Every day and luxury items
  • NFT Mints & Project Launchpads
  • Provably fair and random on chain raffles
  • Voting protocols that require and burn $DHB
  • B2B & B2C SAAS integrations and partnerships

For the first time in human history, they have the power to record a transaction or message in an immutable and censorship-free manner. In theory, the team constructed something that would stay forever.

Dehub Platform Interface

Upcoming Major Release

DeHub, with the goal of continuing to improve the gaming business, just revealed their future game, which aims to be the most realistic game map on Web 3. The name of the game has not yet been released, but the gaming concept has piqued the interest of players. 

The planned game is advertised as a hyperrealistic multi-chain programmable gaming island that will host the world’s first MMA combat royale. A gory free for all in which the winner takes all. The game will be set on a tropical island paradise that has been under construction on EU5 for the past year and has previously been hinted at in the community.

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Learn More

Website: https://dehub.net/web/home

Twitter: https://twitter.com/dehub_official

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dehub_official/

Telegram: https://t.me/Dehubofficial

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/2T8a3x5UuB

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvodbWOpxBpgp0Brtxzlshg  


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