Singapore – 28 November 2023 – Giants Planet, a Web3 ecosystem focused on Real-World Asset (RWA), celebrates the unprecedented success of its flagship collection, Genesis by TAP. The 2,000 Genesis Keys had surpassed 100% sold and is expected to exceed demand by threefold by the sales end period.

Genesis by TAP pioneers utility-driven RWA collections, leveraging the renowned market position of The Assembly Place (TAP), an esteemed award-winning co-living operator. Given the concentration of Web2 brands focusing on RWA within the Polygon ecosystem, these 2,000 Genesis Keys were offered for minting on the Polygon blockchain.

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Key Collection Details:

  • Title: Genesis by TAP
  • Supply: 2,000 Genesis Keys
  • Holders Utility: Quarterly Mystery Gift Box airdrops containing exclusive digital assets

The Genesis Keys provide holders with exclusive access to a wealth of opportunities within the evolving crypto landscape. Holders of Genesis Keys are poised to enjoy a thrilling experience of unlocking their Mystery Gift Boxes. Each Mystery Box airdrop is packed with a myriad of surprises, including digital assets like TAP and Giants Planet ecosystem benefits.

As Genesis by TAP skyrockets beyond 100% subscription, the sales frenzy continues to rage on the Giants Planet Marketplace.

Embrace the Future of RWAs, where the community reaps both tangible returns and scalable benefits with the power of Web3!

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Secure Your Genesis Keys on Giants Planet Marketplace!

About Giants Planet

Giants Planet focuses on building a Phygital Ecosystem to empower global brands and communities with real-world value. By seamlessly tying up real-world goods and services with blockchain technology, the Giants community will be empowered to live life on their terms. Giants Planet is a sovereign wealth fund-backed project.

About Giants Planet Marketplace

Giants Planet Marketplace is the dedicated platform for trading and managing digital representations of real-world projects. Digital natives will be able to access phygital products, acquire tokenized goods and engage in their favorite brands and communities. By offering gated access to brands and communities, akin to a passport, community members can benefit from the world’s boundless possibilities in this digital age.

About The Assembly Place

The Assembly Place (TAP) is a homegrown co-living operator founded in 2019 with a single home. At TAP, we work towards providing a comfortable and fuss-free living space that you can call home. We aim to foster a community of like-minded people through meaningful connections where people can come to connect & collaborate.

Since 2019, TAP has grown by leaps and bounds, with strength in placemaking. Today, we have crossed 1700 rooms in more than 120 locations across our different properties – Purpose-built Co-living spaces, Co-living Units, Landed Houses, Shophouses as well as Co-Living Hotels, Hostel, Serviced Apartments and Student Hostel.


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