Introducing GiraffeMoon, the DeFi project on Binance Smart Chain with autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol. 


They launched $GRFM in order to give its holders cutting-edge tokenomics in the DeFi market. Because of its frictionless yield and liquidity creation mechanism, you can earn passive income without doing anything.

$GRFM charges an 8% transaction fee, which is split in two ways: 5% goes into a locked liquidity pool, and the remaining 3% is distributed to its stakeholders. This is known as a deflationary currency, and it will generate up to 80% annual return, which is far more than any regular savings account.

Project Roadmap

Q1 2021

  • Safe launch (LP BURN) (Done)
  • BURNED 45% of the total supply (Done)
  • Owner transfer (Done)
  • Website launch (Done)

Q2 2021

  • Twitter profile redesign (Done)
  • Launch of the giveaway on Twitter (Done)
  • Smart contract audit (Soon)

Q3 2021

  • Listing on Coingecko (Soon)
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap (Soon)
  • Listing on established exchanges (Soon)

Q4 2021

  • NFT market (Soon)
  • Further ecosystem development (Soon)

Waiver of ownership rights

As previously indicated, the GiraffeMoon’s ownership was passed to the community shortly after its inception. The project is now entirely owned by the community.


Proof of LP BURN project security



Project Tokenomics 

$GRFM is a Safe Moon fork. Holders will be rewarded while liquidity and value increase.

  • When selling, a 5% charge is automatically added to the liquidity pool and is locked in for the foreseeable future.
  • Auto-distribution of a 3% charge to all holders. A lower overall penalty for purchasing and selling should alleviate cross-exchange pricing concerns. 
  • At launch, 45% of the fuel was used. Diamond hands will be rewarded with a severe burn and a 5% LIQ charge.

TOT Supply =


Marketing =

Initial liquidity = 3BNB

Liquidity pool tokens burned at launch.

Contract ownership renounced at launch.

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